venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Postcards from Capri

Have a nice week end!

venerdì 1 giugno 2012

Diamond jubilee picnic

I read on the newspapers that during this week end England celebrates the queen's diamond jubilee with lots of events, street parties and picnics...
...this is my way to join my british readers showing you my last little project... picnic basket made from an old willow case belonged to my grandmother...
...just some hemp and ribbons...plates, glasses and wooden cutlery...
...and a paper union jack bunting! Happy week end!

venerdì 4 maggio 2012

Homemade cheese..

I've tried to make homemade cheese...

I've fun and enjoyed to be a farmer for a while! Have a nice week end!

sabato 28 aprile 2012

Spring garden

What a sunny day!
We had a very bad weather lately...
...but I finally can enjoy the warmth of the sun...
...the garden flowers...
...and the first roses...
Have a sunny week end!

martedì 24 aprile 2012

My apple tree

A dwarf apple tree for a "dwarf" garden!

I surely won't eat its apples...but I can enjoy the scented white flowers!

My pc has been broken for weeks...I'm posting from my daughter's one...but it's difficult to have it from a teen! Thanks for your messages!

domenica 8 aprile 2012

venerdì 16 marzo 2012

Children of Cambodia 1

Cambodia is a very poor country....Cambodia is magic and rich of artistic and naturalistic treasures...more than 53% of the population are children under 14...that's the true treasure...the future!

giovedì 9 febbraio 2012


This old suitcase belonged to an old uncle of my mother...

...the original old labels are worn...

...he loved travelling and surely it was more unusual than nowadays at the beginning of the last century...

's time for me to pack my luggage! I'm leaving to Cambodia and I'm so thrilled!
See you in two weeks!

giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

Pumpkin muffins

A new camera and nothing new to photograph...

...this morning a friend gave me a big pumpkin from her vegetable garden and that's what I made today...pumpkin muffins with goat cheese! Easy and delicious for the aperitive!

400gr pumpkin
parmesean cheese
70 gr goat cheese (french chevre)
70 gr ricotta cheese
70 gr flour
1 egg
almond flakes

Cut the pumpkin, boil it in milk and mash it with a fork.
Add salt, pepper, flour, almond flakes, 3 tsp of parmesan cheese, the ricotta cheese, the chopped goat cheese and the yolk. Stir the egg white beated until stiff. You can add diced ham or bacon too. Bake ar 180° for 45 minutes.

Yes I know... I'm late for Halloween but I still have a big amount of pumpkin and I'll find something more to do with it! I already have an idea...

domenica 25 dicembre 2011

New year

2011 is has been an intense year...busy, tiring, full of emotions...

...positive and negative...surely it has been less creative than others...

...little projects made in the free time...moments to share...

..and dreams to realize in 2012!

Buon anno
Happy new year
Bonne année
Feliz año nuevo
Ein gutes neues Jahr
Gott Nytt År

sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

It's Christmas!

I've had a very busy time lately and I've almost forgotten that Xmas was arriving!

But here it is! And here I am!

I hope you all are enjoying this magic time with your beloved ones and I wish you all a faboulous, serene, joyful and happy Christmas!!!

Buon Natale
Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noel
Feliz Navidad
Vrolijk Kerstfeest
God Jul
Froehliche Weihnachten

lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Vosges Paris Concept Page

Ciao everybody!!!!
It's a so long time I have not been blogging that I quite forget how to do it! But today I received a message from Desiree I'm!
When I started blogging, she has been my first friend and she gave me some suggestions about what blogging is and what to do to keep in touch with's seems I forgot her lesson lately! Sorry Desiree!!! Anyway I'm fine...I still make my little decorative projects but not as often as before...and I'm probably a bit shy in posting again!
I thought it was a nice idea trying again and mentioning Desiree's new blog....

...every week you can win fantastic are a sort of Mamma Natale, Desiree!!!

Thanks for all your nice messages during these months...I haven't forgotten you!!!
I'll probably be back here...sometimes... I need time to restart!!!
Big hugs to you all!

venerdì 29 aprile 2011

domenica 24 aprile 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all!

Enjoy a nice and joyful time wherever you are!

martedì 29 marzo 2011

Good morning Spring!

Sunny and warm days...

 blossoms and new lives...


...beautiful white flowers and fruits soon...

...a candid cloud on the green lawn...

...that's what I see from the windows when I'm at work...just to remind me that nature is awakening...and just to tell you all "hello" and thanks for your comments!
I'll be back as soon as my batteries are charged again!
Enjoy Spring days!