lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Vosges Paris Concept Page

Ciao everybody!!!!
It's a so long time I have not been blogging that I quite forget how to do it! But today I received a message from Desiree I'm!
When I started blogging, she has been my first friend and she gave me some suggestions about what blogging is and what to do to keep in touch with's seems I forgot her lesson lately! Sorry Desiree!!! Anyway I'm fine...I still make my little decorative projects but not as often as before...and I'm probably a bit shy in posting again!
I thought it was a nice idea trying again and mentioning Desiree's new blog....

...every week you can win fantastic are a sort of Mamma Natale, Desiree!!!

Thanks for all your nice messages during these months...I haven't forgotten you!!!
I'll probably be back here...sometimes... I need time to restart!!!
Big hugs to you all!