giovedì 25 settembre 2008


These are some of my cloches! I like them so, willow, metal... I love putting everything inside them!
Have a sunny week end!!!

giovedì 18 settembre 2008

Thank you!!!

I want to thank you my friends for all your encouraging words!!! I think that with all your wishes my life may only be fantastic!!! I'm sure you'll bring me luck!!! It's so nice for me to have found so many blogfriends!!!
Have a sunny week end!!!

martedì 9 settembre 2008

Kitchen corner!

I'll have to move from my home...that's very sad because I spent all my energies, passion, love, time and money to decor it! May be I made a wrong investment, but I don't think so...I have enjoied both my home and terrace for three years and I haven't regrets...nothing is for ever and when a door closes...may be a gate will open! I'm going to move to my mother's's a wonderful and big house but it isn't mine and the cohabitation with her scares me! What I really want is a my own home for me and my children, my freedom and my independence...nothing in my life has been more disappointing than living with a man! So now I've found an aim in my life...having a house and making it my home!!! I don't know if or when I'll be able to do it, but... dreaming is free! So I show some corners of my home before I dismantle it! This is a corner of my kitchen...I bought the garde-manger in Antibes with my friend Paola and I repainted it...the white and green tea-cups are ancient and from England, while the bowls are from a flea market in Stockholm. The cream cups are from Norway and the cake stand comes from Antibes too. They are lovely souvenirs because they remind me happy moments of my life!
Tanti baci!!!

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

My life is changing...

My life is isn't the first time I must restart my life...every time it's difficult, stressing and tiring but I think that we can learn from every situation...we may lose something but surely we may gain something else... what it's really difficult for me it's "resetting" my mind..but I'm sure I'll make it!

I want to give this nice award Magny ( gave me, to some blog friends...I really love their blogs...they are a source of inspiration for me and they all are very nice and creative persons!

to Marja Kristina (
to Pirre (
to Janneke (
and to Lisbeth (

A warm "ciao" to all of you!!!