giovedì 18 settembre 2008

Thank you!!!

I want to thank you my friends for all your encouraging words!!! I think that with all your wishes my life may only be fantastic!!! I'm sure you'll bring me luck!!! It's so nice for me to have found so many blogfriends!!!
Have a sunny week end!!!

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Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese ha detto...


So happy you seem to be more at ease now, looking ahead. Brava ragazza!
What a lovely terrace, overlooking Lucca (?. Exactely the atmosphere needed for winding down - regaining energy. A presto! Bacione, Ingrid

cara ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

anche se nessun momento nel tempo, devo let's si preme con fermezza.

Spero che presto meglio, e troverete la vostra felicità.

Per me non è migliore, ma la lotta continua, e spero che egli mi prende un buon fine.
buon fine settimana.

Tanti Saluti e baci

nel ha detto...

I am so glad you are feeling better and have been encouraged. Stay positive and keep remembering that you're not alone. Nel x

casa nostra ha detto...

i think you´re very positive, and that´s one of the best things you can have. good luck with everything.

Tone ha detto...

Ciao Vale!
The view from the balcony is absolutely romantic - but I know this: there are a lot of other balconys with another view - just waiting for you some other place.
Maybe the next "view" really pleases your life!
Going to the mountains to our cottage tomorrow. My father in law celebrating 70th birthday - and a lot of people are coming up there.
I know that the lovely autumncolours have "started" in the mountain - and I`m SO SO tired after all my evening meetings for my job - that the VIEW over the mountains, a glas of red wine in front of the fireplace - thats medicine for me just now.
Have a lovely weekend! Take care!
Love from Tone

Tidsmästarinnan ha detto...

Dear Vale,
lots of warm hugs from me aswell!

I am sure things will work out great!

So nice to see your beautiful little cabinet with the lovely porcelain. Have you been many times to Stockholm (you mentioned there was a flea market purchase from Stockholm)?

All my best!

Ele ha detto...

My dear friend,
thank YOU for your wonderful heartwarming words of friendship and understanding.
Have a good time of changing and a nice weekend.

All the best for you
from Gabriele

Sandra... ha detto...

Ohhh Vale!
I´m so happy to "see" you happy again! You´re a nice person♥
I wish you a wonderful weekend my friend, hugs!!

Sandra... ha detto...

Hello Vale!
I saw your comment in my blog and perhaps the correct word isn´t "happy", but I can read you "positive" and it will be good for you!
You must think that your life will change soon and for better my friend!!
Hugs Vale♥

Anonimo ha detto...

Hey Vale, your blog and fotos are very nice. You have a beautiful home, I´ll like it very much.
Have a nice weekend, hugs Barbara

Les cerises bleues ha detto...

Ohhh je me reposerais bien sûr cette magnifique terrasse...
Bon week-end !!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Vale,
How nice all your blogfriends can help you just a little bit now...i am happy you feel a bit more positiv now, it's one of the first steps to a new future !!
On your picture it looks like you still have beautiful weather......well we can't complain here as well: dry and sunshine, a great start into the automn :)
Hugs, Janneke.

Bertina ha detto...

On your beautiful picture I can see that the sun is shining, I hope the sun will shine also for you in your new future. Wish you all the best and it is good that blogfriends can help you a little bit in this difficult period.
I wish you a sunny sunday!

Amber ha detto...

Cara, what a nice photo and comment to read on Sunday here w/ my coffee. :-)

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
sorry for not looking in your blog so often the last weeks but I had a lot of things to do because of the wedding.
I am so sorry to read about all your problems in your last posts....but I suppose that you feel a bit better now. I absolutely understand that you are unhappy to leave your lovely flat and to go back to your mother, but I think you are right to say, that when you close a door a gate will be opened....and it is very important to have a dream and you have a dream, haven`t you !!
I wish you all the best and that you become happy and satisfied again together with your children.
And that your dream comes true one day!!!
All the best,

Marja Kristiina ha detto...

Thank YOU, Vale! How are you doing now?

vosgesparis ha detto...

vale mi sa que l'ultima volta nonj ho letto bene le tue novelle.. se capisco tornerai da tua mama per continuare con i tuoi figli... Vedrai se la cosa non era bene diventerai molto piu felice senze l'uomo Ti mando un abraccio!

Min verden ha detto...

Hope you are alright! It's difficult to move s.o. Hope you manage. Yes, try those cakes. Did you understand the recipie? Hope so. Hugs. H.

Tone ha detto...

Hi Vale!
How is life at the moment?
Living in boxes and bags?
Hope you cope with everything.
Has been at the cottage this weekend- lovely fresh air, celebrating a birthday, lovely autumn colours.
I have been off work for a couple of days,not feeling well-but I have to go there tomorrow.
Have a nice week!

Florence ha detto...

sempre bellissimo tuo blog ! ciao i bacci