venerdì 27 giugno 2008

Happy birthday Vale!!!

On Sunday it's my birthday! This is the new plant my collegues gave me today! It's so hot now that my poor sweet pea died! I needed a new plant for my terrace!
Have a nive week-end!

giovedì 19 giugno 2008 the balcony!

After a very busy week a relaxing time taking care of my balcony!
I'll have many guests in the next days, so everything must be ready!
Have a relaxing week-end!

mercoledì 11 giugno 2008


Lucca  from my balcony!
Some of you asked me for a clearer image of  the background of my photos!
The dome and  the bell-tower you see in front is S. Giovanni e Reparata, now used as auditorium. It was built in XII century on the remains of a Roman Domus from the 1st century B.C., on the remains of Roman thermal baths, on the remains of an Early Christian basilica from the 4th-5th centuries A.D., on those of the Baptistry and the crypt from the 9th century A.D.
Behind you can see the San Martino Cathedral with its Romanesque marmoreous façade and beautiful portico and by the 13th century bell tower embellished with merlons.