giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

Sweet moments!

Today I've spent my free time making something and lavander sugars...I can use them for my afternoon tea or for making cakes or biscuits....

...lemon and orange candied peels dipped in black chocolate! They are delicious especially when I can find the wonderful lemons and oranges from the South of Italy! It's a bit unusual for me! This is the first time I post something "edible"! I can be clever enough in making food, but I prefer other manual activities! May be I'm changing...

I wish you all, my sweet friends, a very sweet week end!!!

lunedì 26 gennaio 2009

Shopping at Cath Kidston!

Finally I could visit one of the Cath Kidson's shop in London! In Marylebone High Street! It's lovely! All the items are so pretty and joyful!

I made some purchases...fabrics, an ironing board cover (I hate ironing! May be now It will be less boring!), a shopping bag for my daughter, some labels and a milk jug. Now I've to "study" what to sew with the fabric, to buy some roses for the jug...and make something to which attach the tags! Something colourful to think about!


Thank you Hanne from for the nice award you gave me! It's been a lovely surprise for me to find it when I came back from London yesterday! You're a sweet woman and your blog is very nice!

Now I want to give it to five blogfriends...It's so difficult for me to choose! I'd like to give it to you all! But the rules are rules and I must make a choice!

I give it to a new friend...Gea from . I love her blog and style! She has a gorgeous home!
The second one I give to my Irish friend Margie of She's a champion in knitting and I admire her because I cannot do it!
I want to give the third one to Mia of Her blog is so inspiring....
The fourth one to my friend Anna of She's right! She has lots of lovely things!
The fifth one I want to give to Mia Maria.
Her blog is so lovely! I like her fantastic and charming atmospheres!

The rules are like this:
1. Put a link on your blog from whom you got it.
2. Give it to 5 new blogs (which in their turn have to give it to 5 new blogs).
3. Put a link on your blog to those blogs you give it to.
4. Give the blogs you give the award to a note that you have given them this.
5. Write 5 things you are addicted to.

The five thing I'm addicted to are: my family, creativity, my friends, France and travelling!
Have a nice day!

domenica 25 gennaio 2009

Postcards from London!

I've just come back from London! It was fantastic, but...3 days aren't enough! I like travelling so much and... when I come back I'm always a bit nervous! We enjoyed and spent a very amusing week end!

Thank you my friends for your nice comments!
I'll answer you soon!

mercoledì 21 gennaio 2009

An exciting day!

My American friend Fifi of made a painting from the photo of my web-shop home page! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to have the painting hanging on my wall!!! Fifi makes so lovely pictures...I like her style and I'm sure you'll appreciate it too!
Thank you Fifi!!!

I'm also very excited because toworrow I'll go to London for the week end! It'll be a family trip and aboveall a "female" trip! Three generations of my family, my daughter, my sister, my mother and I, for a week end of shopping, freedom and "lightness"! And that's actually what I mostly desire!

I want to give you all some flowers...spring is near even if the weather is still "grey"!
Wish you all a great week end!

domenica 18 gennaio 2009

Metal and linen heart

Today I made something new for my web-shop (! This metal and linen hanging heart can be used as a decorative object to display photos or other images with a wooden peg!
Surely it isn't useful, but I think that often useless thigs are the most meaningful! A detail sometimes can make the difference!

I wish you all a great week!

giovedì 15 gennaio 2009

Labels, tags, etiquettes and paper bags!

I decided to make something for the packagings of my web-shop! So I made lots of tags in different shapes and decorations! I cut them by they aren't perfect! But I don't like perfection! Then I've decorated the paper bag too! Now all our customers may have a better package!

I want to thank my friend Rebecca of for the nice award she gave to all the links of her fantastic blog!

Have a nice week end!

martedì 13 gennaio 2009

Lavender salt

I love lavender! I like the flower and the parfume...the lavender salt is perfect for a relaxing and tonifying bath or foot bath after a long day! Lavender is also useful to calm sore skin...

Wish you all a relaxing day!!!

giovedì 8 gennaio 2009


I've spent my free time making some cushions in the last days. New items for my web-shop . It has been difficult to find grey linen, so I finally decided to colour some ecrù linen I bought in France...I like the result! Then I've stenciled them!

The last cushions I made for my sofa... I bought the fabric in Nice and I've two chairs upholstered with the same fabric in my sitting-room...

Wish you all a great week end!

sabato 3 gennaio 2009

New year new items!

After days of parties and dinners it's time to make something new for my web-site! I'll come back to work on Jan 7, so I've time to dedicate to my hobbies!Today I've made some paper cornets filled with dried lavander from Provence...

The little candles are wrapped in old music paper and decorated with a metal ribbon...

The cushions are of toile de Jouy fabric with volants...

I've repainted this old trunk...I'm going to storage some of my fabric inside!

Have a nice week end!