giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

Sweet moments!

Today I've spent my free time making something and lavander sugars...I can use them for my afternoon tea or for making cakes or biscuits....

...lemon and orange candied peels dipped in black chocolate! They are delicious especially when I can find the wonderful lemons and oranges from the South of Italy! It's a bit unusual for me! This is the first time I post something "edible"! I can be clever enough in making food, but I prefer other manual activities! May be I'm changing...

I wish you all, my sweet friends, a very sweet week end!!!

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livetpåfyran ha detto...

I just found your blog and I will come back!! I whish you a wonderful creative weekend, /Pia

Something White ha detto...

At what time do you expect us for tea??? I´ll be there!! Your chocolate-creations look very delicious and my stomach begins to make some noise now :D
Is that label with your name on it self-made? It´s really beautiful and chique!
Have a good weekend; greetings, Marjolijn

G-style ha detto...

Vale ,it all looks very sweet and just like marjolein from something white i will be there fot tea with something sweet and delicious, just say the time !! hahaha..ofcourse this cannot be but i wish we could......
have a nice weekend en see you next time
hugs Gea

belle-blanc ha detto...

dear vale,
so wonderful, the sugar and the candide fruites with chocolate! I am also working on my own shop! I hope it will be ready this autumn.
Hearty Greetings, Mira!

Ele ha detto...

I am coming Vale!!!!
Miam miam sweets and candies, will you expect us for tea or coffee?
They look great and I think the are delocious....

Have a nice weekend

Carre ha detto...

Hey! I´ve been watching you´r blog and comment´s at Pirres blog for a while now and thought that tonight I have to write something. Your chocolate, orange, lemon sweets look delicious. / Carre

casa nostra ha detto...

you're label is very beautiful and the chocolate-sweets look delicious.

Diana Strinati Baur ha detto...

Hi Vale,

I just found you through Be-House and my first reaction was OH. I wish you were here a few hours further north in Piemonte. :)

I will enjoy looking at your on line shop and all of your pretty ideas. The rooms in my small b&b are decorated with pieces from not only here but also from Northern Europe -- with older and newer linens, etc. My heart raced a bit when reading your profile. Your type of creativity is no*so*easy*to*find here :)

Happy to have found you.

FLOMI ha detto...

Sooooooo good !

Tone ha detto...

Please add the recepie for the orange peels on your blog!!

Love from Candywoman...

Margie ha detto...

Vale, they look delicious, my mouth is watering looking at the photos. Hope your weekend was a success. hugs Margie.

Galleri Hönshuset ha detto...

Hallo my friend. How are you?

Chocolate and orange tastes great together...
About the pillow you asked about...I didn´t print the pillow myself, I bought the pillow from a wonderful store called "Ställ o Såsser på hörnet". Those who manufacture the pillow is "AU Maison"... I have the store on my link list if you want to see how their store looks like. =)

Have a great sundayevening. Kram Pirre =)

Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

I'm sorry Vale, I was in a hurry that they. I was about my girlsnight. Nothing interesting really :) Love your candy, yumm. My next text you can understand. Have a nice week. Hugs. Hanne

cara ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

lungo, non ho potuto venire, ma ora sto di nuovo lì.

lecker, lecker vostro cioccolato arancio bastoni, che vorrei ora anche ben fatto. Amo questi dolci.
Vi auguro un bel tempo

abbraccio e bacio


My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

Hi :)
Thank you so much for your comment on my blogg :)
I`m so happy to see you are visiting me :)
Beautiful pictures you are showing us today and I would likt to taste your candy ;)

Wishing you a wonderful week :)

manon ha detto...

cela me fait très envie!!


amaryllis ha detto...


mmmmmmmm... they looks delicious and the orange and lemon sugar for the tea have to try that too

Have a nice day

Madeleine ha detto...

Hi! Oh Cath Kidson, lovely, really nice things you got. I went to London last year but I forgot to visit that store. Well, what to do?! Take care! /madeleine

Anonimo ha detto...


I wish I had some of your talent. Congrats! You seem to be full of energy. Your blog is in full bloom! Bacione, Ingrid

envilsenloppa ha detto...

They look very yummie those candide fruites !
I´ve been one of those who loved to create marvelous things in the kitchen , but sorry to say , now I do it if I must .
I see that your cushions are far more good loking than mine !
Have a good time now !

envilsenloppa ha detto...

They look very yummie those candide fruites !
I´ve been one of those who loved to create marvelous things in the kitchen , but sorry to say , now I do it if I must .
I see that your cushions are far more good loking than mine !
Have a good time now !

Welkom ha detto...

That looks so tasty, what a good idea, must make it myself!! yum
Hugs Vale, have a nice week

mayeul and co ha detto...

"Savoir profiter du moment présent, savoir vivre pleinement chacun instant et ne pas uniquement penser aux jours à venir, voilà un défi à relever dès maintenant ! Cueillez, cueillez dès aujourd'hui…" ALORS CUEILLONS... Ces douces photos, j'adore les étiquettes !

mieletcannelle ha detto...

Des petites douceurs joliment mises en scène ... et de sublimes étiquettes !
A bientôt et très belle journée !

Rose Petals & Blooms ha detto...

Sweet Greetings Vale! Or should I say chocolate, orange, lemon sweets Greetings Vale!!! lol.. They look scrumptious! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I was so happy to see you!

Have a wonderful week, filled with oodles of lovelies~

Big hugs,