martedì 13 gennaio 2009

Lavender salt

I love lavender! I like the flower and the parfume...the lavender salt is perfect for a relaxing and tonifying bath or foot bath after a long day! Lavender is also useful to calm sore skin...

Wish you all a relaxing day!!!

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lamaisondecampagne ha detto...

Oh lovely !! I need that just for too day, It's raining her in France.


Welkom ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

Me too!!! I just love everything lavender. Always takes my mind back to our family vacations in France. aah the memory's. ;-)

Hugs Anita

llooka ha detto...

Hi Vale!
I love visit your blog. In july I was in Lucca with my family.
Beautiful lawender salt!
Have a nice day!

revesdargile.canalblog ha detto...

C'est superbe !!

bravo à vous

A bientôt et bonne année 2009


me and alice ha detto...

Ciao Vale!
I also love lavender!!! Thanks for the idea of making your own footsalt!! My tired vinterfeets really need that tonight...
/ Susanne♥

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com ha detto...

Grazie Vale ~ Your comment on my blog is so sweet! I will connect your blog on my list of blogs if that's ok with you and you can connect me to your blog list if you like. Please try Nonna Rita's recipe and you can think of me. Also, on facebook there is a Shabby Chic in Italy Group you might want to join to help it grow and flourish. Hope to see you there soon! Con affetto, Rita

latara ha detto...


When the children take a lavender bath in the evening they fall asleep easier, it´s like magic! Do you make your own lavender salt?

The little jar on the picture is so cute, I love it!

Where in Italy is Lucca?

Have a nice evening!


Anonimo ha detto...


agree with the others. there is nothin like the scent of lavender. What a relief from the synthetic sprays from the supermarket. Lovely photo! Bacione, Ingrid

mammka ha detto...

You prepared it the lavender salt? I like the lavender, more very much I have a bush in my garden.

jeanette ha detto...

hmm...i like lavender too, ik have lavender in the garden, so nice perfume...

Ele ha detto...

Dear Vale,

thank for your nice comment and the whishes!
I visited your webshop, I like it and tre products are beautiful, be succsessful with it!

Have a good time and take care


Tone ha detto...

Looks lovely Vale!!
REmember I told you about doing the same with sugar? - you have to give the sugar some "air" during the drying process - and stir around every day while waiting.

- can you just imagine the smell in your house when you bake an apple and cinnamon pie with this sugar....?

Have a nice day - here sun shines and makes me in a spring mood!

hugs from Tone

Marianne ha detto...

I can almost feel the scent! Your latest posts are very inspiering : )
Hugs from Marianne

belle-blanc ha detto...

mmmmhhh, Lavender has the perfect sent! I love your cushions! Really great, how you made the stencil?
hearty greetings, Mira!

Rebecca ha detto...

Hi Vale,
no, the award is for you and all the great links in my list!! :-)


Hemma på Landet ha detto...

Oh...your pillows are so beautiful.
Have to look inside your shop. Hugs Stina

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