lunedì 26 gennaio 2009

Shopping at Cath Kidston!

Finally I could visit one of the Cath Kidson's shop in London! In Marylebone High Street! It's lovely! All the items are so pretty and joyful!

I made some purchases...fabrics, an ironing board cover (I hate ironing! May be now It will be less boring!), a shopping bag for my daughter, some labels and a milk jug. Now I've to "study" what to sew with the fabric, to buy some roses for the jug...and make something to which attach the tags! Something colourful to think about!

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MiaMaria ha detto...


Congratulations to your award!
And thanks for giving me one....i´m smiling....

I can see you been shopping in London...nice!

Have a nice week!

jeanette ha detto...

you have also a award from hanne? me too. i like cath kisdston, beautiful fabric and colours!

have a nice week!
hug, jeanette

Anonimo ha detto...

Lucky you, beeing in Caths store. I have bougth med some stuff from her store on the internet. Looking forward to my new bag with roses :D

Lovely inspiration on your blogg


malle de peggy ha detto...

i love all.....


Sandra... ha detto...

ohhh, wonderful things Vale!! The bag for your daughter is so beautiful♥♥
Now... think... and then.. work!! :-)
Hugs my friend!

G-style ha detto...

hello Vale,
you,re doing good I see, you,ve bought such nice stuff in that shop it must make you happy!!
see you !!!!
warm greetings from Gea

Lilla Blanka ha detto...


Oh London? I love London, there are so much to see and possibly buy :)
Cath Kidson´s store looks great!

zinkbaljan ha detto...

Hello my friend!
Yes cabinet cost 25 kronor, I thought it is not itself first. Fun!
You have an award to get with me! I like your blog! You know that in the right-hand column on my blog so you can press the translate if you want!

Have a nice evening my friend!

Två systrar ha detto...

Lovely things from Cath K! I guess you´ll like ironing a little better from now... hugs / C&M

Welkom ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

Nice happy colours at Cath Kidston!
So much fun to make someting with nice fabric, don't forget to show us what you made.
Lucky you!
And concrats on your award!

Hugs Anita

Anonimo ha detto...

Hallo Vale,
I understand you had a wonderful "shopping" trip to London. You were lucky to buy such beautiful stuff from Cath Kidston. And isn't it wonderful that the joy over your purchases will go on for a long time.....while sewing, while putting flowers in the jug and so on :)
Groetjes, Janneke.

Margie ha detto...

Hi Vale, so glad you went to CK shopping, I just love that shop. I could live there. Your purchases are divine. Again thank you for the award, I am saving it for my next post. I put up jugs this time. Hugs Margie.

Millas hem ha detto...


Thank you so much for your comment at my blog!
I haven´t been to London for several years...but I like to go again sometime! It´s not hard finding things to shop there! :)

Have a nice weekend you too!


Flower Power ha detto...


Thank you for you`re lovely komments lately on my blog. It is so nice to hear from you:)
Åhhhh, lovely pictures from Cath Kidson.....very nice patterns and colours, my favorite.
Nice to read about what you are addicted to.....

Have a very nice weekend:))

Sandra... ha detto...

Hello Vale!! You can copy my candle!! It´s very easy to do!
Have a very nice weekend! Hugs♥♥

Something White ha detto...

All those lovely colours and flower-prints look very cheerful. Do you know already what to create with the fabrics? I just love them laying together and admire their beauty! When I was 18 years old I lived 1 year near London (Chingford) to learn English and I liked very much London-town. Happy memories to me :)
Have a good weekend, Vale!

Something White ha detto...
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Bertina ha detto...

Hello Vale,
You bought some beautiful things in London! And the Cath Kidston shop, oh I would love to look overthere. Can't wait to see what you are going to make of those beautiful fabrics!
Have a nice weekend!

Ele ha detto...

Lucky Vale,

an award and such beautiful things of the Cath Kidston store...
What will you create with the lovely fabrics, do you have an idea?

Have a nice weekend


Lockas lilla längtan ha detto...

Cath Kidston is for us ladies ;o) as candy is for kids! I like the fabrics a lot!

Hugs Veronica

rosabeer ha detto...

The colours and design of Cath Kidston gives me a happy feeling. So I hope ironing wil be less boring for you. I hate ironing too maybe I have to buy one too.
have a nice weekend.

Herzblatt ha detto...

How lovely...your pictures of Cath Kidston.....what was the weather like??? Typical English????

Tone ha detto...

every time I see your creative photos...I think of all the fabrics I have - ready to make something. Please give me the TIME to do it!!

Ice cold winter evening here in Norway now - they have promised lovely weather tomorrow - hopefully we can go for a walk in the forest with our dog for the first time.

Have a nice weekend! Love from Tone and her glass of red wine...

English style ha detto...

Hello Vale,

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog !
what a nice things you bought at Cath Kidston store
ironing would be fun now :-)
Warm greetings from Holland
(love your blog and Photo's !)
Yvonne (sorry my Englisch is not so good.. :-(