venerdì 27 giugno 2008

Happy birthday Vale!!!

On Sunday it's my birthday! This is the new plant my collegues gave me today! It's so hot now that my poor sweet pea died! I needed a new plant for my terrace!
Have a nive week-end!

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Kerstin ha detto...


Congratulation!!!! Wonderful plant you got:=)

Hug from Kerstin

vosgesparis ha detto...

tanti auguri a te.. tanti auguri a te... tanti auguri dear Vale..... Bella pianta e mia occhio vede delle sedine troppo belle ... Vedo pure!!! che hai fatte molto amice su i blog.... hai visto ;))

la la Lovely ha detto...

Happy Birthday. What a gorgeous view you have from balcony- wow!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back soon!

M.Kate ha detto...

Happy birthday!!

have a great weekend :)

Les cerises bleues ha detto...

!!!!!! BON ANNIVERSAIRE !!!!!!

Vaniljdrömmar ha detto...

Happy birthday!
Have a nice weekend!


Gårdsromantik ha detto...

Happy Birthday!
Could you please send some sunshine to Sweden!

Hughs Maud

Magny ha detto...

-happy birthday to tou....
-ok that I link you???
-sweet pictures in your blog...
-have a nice week end!!~~~
hugs, magny

hautemommy ha detto...

Yes of course you can link to my blog!! I love yours as well, so Ill put your link on my page also!! And happy birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! xoxoxo!

Min verden ha detto...

Happy birthday Vale! This plant was fantastic! Have a nice week. Hanne

Living by Milla ha detto...

Congratulations and celibrations... Happy birthday,Vale !! I hope you a beautiful birthday today. Lovely plant !! Of course can you put me on your linklist, I be happy !!
I`ve change my blogname..

Lots of hugs
Camilla (Millas mirakel)

Herzblatt ha detto...

I hope you have a marvellous birthday today and I wish you all the best, a lot of health, lovely friends and much luck!!
Yesterday my daughter had birthday, too.

Madeleine ha detto...

Hi! Nice to hear from you again. Yes yes yes, ofcourse, link me=) I hope its ok that I put you on my list? Happy birthday!!!! Did you have a nice day? Nice plant you got.Your balcony look so nice. I wish mine was just like yours. Take care! /Madeleine

Herzblatt ha detto...

Vale, me again,
I have got a birthday present on my blog for you, go and have a look!!

Amber ha detto...

Happy Birthday! Or should I say, Buon Compleanno! What a beautiful, thoughtful gift! There is nothing I'd rather receive than flowers, music, books, art... gifts for the soul!

nel ha detto...

What a beautiful blog you have here. So lovely to drop by and see all your beautiful photos. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely time.

Sandra... ha detto...

Ohhhhh!!!! Happy birthday to you... Congratulations my friend!!♥
The plant is really beautiful!
Have a nice week!!! Hugs...

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Vale
You can copy the Award and show it in your blog. Look in my blog, there it is on the left side.
buona semani

tinemor ha detto...

So lovely that you loocked at my blogg. I´m not so good in englich ore Italien, but I love your photo´s!
What a lovely plant your collegues gave you!

Flower Power ha detto...

Happy birthday from Norway!
Nice plant:)

In few days we are heading for Italy,i can`t vait! Have a nice summer.

Something White ha detto...

All my best wishes for your birthday, Vale! I wish you a long and happy life with many good moments! :D
My little son is in hospital for the moment and I haven't much time to visit blogland, but I don't forget you. I just want to say hello and wish you also a good summertime.
See you soon, Marjolijn

Ann-Catrin / finthemma ha detto...

Congratulation Vale!
So bestiful the plant is!
Love A-C

latara ha detto...

Hola amiga!

I know I´m a few days late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Did you have a nice day? How sweet of your collegues to give you the plant, it´s beautiful. I hope it will survive in the summer heat.

Hope to hear from you again soon!

Big hug :-)


lamaisondecampagne ha detto...

Hello !!

Thank you very mutch, for your loverly words about my blogg!!

Yours is very nice, i hope that we can keep the contact.


Marianne ha detto...

Happy birthday to you! Lovely flowers by the way : )