venerdì 6 giugno 2008

Buon fine settimana!

Have a nice week end!

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vosgesparis ha detto...

anche a te.... sei pronto per un picnic vedo ;) bela photo

MiaMaria ha detto...


Of course we can link each other!!!

Nice picture....summer!!!!!

HAve a nice weekend to!!!!!!

My Lovely Things ha detto...


thank you for visiting my blog!!
What a beutiful blog end lovely pictures you have!!
Have a nice day/Anna

Anonimo ha detto...

Hey, thank you very much for your visit. I can understand english very much, but I speak not so good. You have a very, very nice blog. I come soon and visit you.
Have a nice week Barbara

Lilla Blanka ha detto...


Very nice photo..! It looks like you live in a cosy place :)


Flávia ha detto...

Salve ragazze!
Ho scoperto il suo blog via un commento scritto nel blog di Regiane Ivanski.
Sono brasiliana, ho vissuto in Italia per due anni e mi piace tantissimo vedere che l´amore per il decòr non ha confine geografico.
Anch´io ho un blog e mi piacerebbe tantissimo ricevere una visita d´Italia;-)
Saluti cari,

Lilla Blanka ha detto...

Hi again!

Of course you can link me! *thanks*
I link you too :)
// Mia

Sandra... ha detto...

What a beautiful picture!!
Have a nice week!!

Marja Kristiina ha detto...

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving such a nice comment! I really appreciate it.

I'm going to take my time now to browse through your lovely pictures. There's so much to see and to enjoy here!

Take care!

Carol ha detto...

Lovely picture Vale! The background looks spectacular!
Have a nice week!
Carola xox

Min verden ha detto...

I really like your view from the balkony. Have a nice week. Hanne

Min verden ha detto...

I almost have to puke - when you say that you only can have violets during winter ;) Sometimes I think that we appreciate the summer more than others. From strong/dark winters to bright/warm summers. I love this spring/early summer time.

Estercity ha detto...

Gracias por la visita
Tu blog es bello

Inredningstokig själ ha detto...

Thank you very much!!

You have so wonderful pictures!!!

Have a nice day!

Anonimo ha detto...

Nice picture again....i would love to see more from the buildings behind ! It looks like you live in a beautiful place.
Greetings from the Netherlands,

matilda ha detto...

hello! thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
you have a very cosy blog too and really nice pictures!
I´m sure I´ll visit you again :)

vosgesparis ha detto...

ahh la partita, ne ho visto solo pezzetini... ma e vero che dopo trente anni abbiamo vinti da i azzuri.. Pero per dirti la veritaa, se vinci l'italia mi va bene lo stesso.. I miei ragazzi sono per l''italia lo stesso ;))

Hjortgården ha detto...


Thanks for your nice comments.
The reseller i use to by zink from is "Madame stoltz" from denmark.

Regards Maud

Hjortgården ha detto...

I forgot to say that you also have a lovely blog!

Regards Maud

Something White ha detto...

Hi, yes, everything is very well here and I'm ok! :D
How are you doing over there in Italy? By the way: you asked me about the paint I use for my cupboards. It's a grey chalkpaint and I used a first layer of white chalkpaint and I covered it in a light way with the grey one. So it gives a little old look to the furniture. Have a good day, hope to read soon more about you and your nice passions!
Greetings, Marjolijn

Ann-Catrin / finthemma ha detto...

Good evening!!
How are you today?
Thank you for your wonderful pictures..
It s so fun to look in your blog... what a beatiful fabrics you show..

You dont understand what i am writing in my blog but i wrote today that my home is in the paper tomorrow.. i am so exited!

Love A-C

Joy Zaczyk ha detto...

Gorgeous photos and lovely blog! :) Thanks for your visit to mine....


Kari & Kijsa ha detto...

Love your many incredible photographs!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa