domenica 1 giugno 2008

Un vecchio baule pieno di novità!

An old trunk with new fabrics!

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vosgesparis ha detto...

verramente un bello baule (non conosco quela parola) mi piacce tanto.. buona domenica ;)

Evelinas hus ha detto...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog :)
Your blog is very nice! You are free to link my site, it makes me very proud.
Have a nice day.

vosgesparis ha detto...

mi va piaccere che hai trovate delle nuove amice ;)
PS. Il padre dei miei figli e Italiano per quello so parlare un po d'italiano ;P

Hannas form ha detto...


Your blog is very nice...

Villa Humlebo ha detto...

What a beutiful old trunk!
Nice blog you have!
Some day I will learn to speak italian... ;o)


Lantlivs Anna ha detto...

What cute fabrics you got there! Sunny greetings from a very warm Stockholm!

Anonimo ha detto...

I found your blog through another dutch blog and it is so nice to meet nwe bloggers, isn't ? I love the picture with the trunk with beautiful fabric.
Greetings from the Netherlands.

Sandra... ha detto...

Te agradezco tu visita a mi blog, siempre serás bienvenida!
Tu blog es adorable, todo lo que nos mostrás es hermoso!! te felicito!!
Prometo venir a visitarte seguido... besos!!

Regiane Ivanski ha detto...

Thanks for the comment! What a beutiful blog you have! Lovely things!
Yes, you can link to my blog :)

Can I link your blog?? You can link my blog, if you like.

Obrigada pelo comentário.Que lindo blog você tem!
Vou linkar seu blog no meu.

São Paulo

Sanctuary ha detto...

Thank you for leaving a lovely comment, so that I now found your beautiful blog! I have a soft spot for Italy, and definitely want to get on a course to learn your lovely language! What a treasure trove of gorgeous fabric you have there!

Carol ha detto...

Hi again Vale :)
Of course we can link eachother and thank you very much for the offer about having a coffee together wehn I pass by Lucca in September, I'll let you know!
Hugs Carola

Espita Gorgorita ha detto...

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations, great blog!

jeanette ha detto...

hello, thank you for visiting my blog! your english is very good, you have also a beautiful blog! you can link to my blog and i link to your blog...hmmm do you onderstand?? lots of love from holland, jeanette

MiaMaria ha detto...


Thank you for your kind words!!!!!

What a lovely blog you have!

Have a nice week!


Min verden ha detto...

It is lovely fabrics and my mother in law would love it! I'm not that into fabric as she is. Your picture on the balcony is MY kind of things and inspiration. It's really beautiful.... and do I have to say that I love Italy. Have a nice week - we have Italian wether here in Norway at the time. Hanne

me and alice ha detto...

What a beautiful blog you have and a nice webshop too!!!
Found your blog On Hannas Form!
/Susanne from Sweden!!

me and alice ha detto...

Hello again!
I link to you right away!!!
//Susanne :0)

Something White ha detto...

Thank you very much, Vale, for your visit and nice words. Nice to meet you and to discover the beauty of your blog! I love old and new fabrics and linen; the picture of the trunk here is very charming. I'll be back here to read your history and adventures from the beginning. Warm and sunny greetings from Belgium, Marjolijn

Sandra... ha detto...

Hello! Today I will link your blog in my blog (I tell: "blogs amigos" it means "blogs friends")
Hugs from Argentina...

vosgesparis ha detto...

sei verramente tropo gentile Ma gli amiche ne hai perche gli hai lasciamto un messagio carino penso ;)) Pero sono tornato per chiedere se conosci anche il libro di Jeanne d'arc Se ti piacce il Vakre questo libro deve essere un paradiso anche per te.!

Cathy Louise ha detto...

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog...You have a lovely blog...
Take care Cathy

Min verden ha detto...

Of course you can link me up - I linked you :) It's nice to find new friends. I long for Italy and I understand your husband who chosed to go from Bergen to Lucca :) ... and he got you too! Well, there isn't rain all the time here in the east of Norway. Bergen is something else... ;) Say hello to him from me. Have a great weekend. Hanne

Lilla Blanka ha detto...


Thank you so much for your sweet words in my blog!!!

I like your blog too! And Italy is one of my absolute favorite countries!

I like the old trunk with the fabrics, looks cosy!

Big hug

Sandra... ha detto...

Thank you for the link!! Have a nice weekend!

Reflection Through The Seasons ha detto...

I found your blog by way of Carol @ Boxwood Cottage. I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures you have posted, also your creative web site. Marion