mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

My life is changing...

My life is isn't the first time I must restart my life...every time it's difficult, stressing and tiring but I think that we can learn from every situation...we may lose something but surely we may gain something else... what it's really difficult for me it's "resetting" my mind..but I'm sure I'll make it!

I want to give this nice award Magny ( gave me, to some blog friends...I really love their blogs...they are a source of inspiration for me and they all are very nice and creative persons!

to Marja Kristina (
to Pirre (
to Janneke (
and to Lisbeth (

A warm "ciao" to all of you!!!

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Ele ha detto...

Dear Vale,
why do you want to change your life...I don't know, but I like your wonderful kitchen!

Have a good time of change and my heartwarming greetings


Sandra... ha detto...

Life is changing all the time!
Sometimes it´s not so easy for us, to make this changes, but you must be sure, that they will be positive for your life♥♥
Hugs my friend!!!!

cara ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

Ho capito molto bene, ritengo che sia così. ma c'è un titolo: "Chi combatte può perdere, che non lotta ha già perso!"
I lotta per 3 anni e sono disperati e talvolta troppo stanchi di combattere, ma mi creda, è certamente creare!!
Io sono con voi pensieri.

Baci, baci

Marja Kristiina ha detto...

Oh Vale... I'm speechless! Thank you ever so much for passing this lovely award on to yours truly!!!

About change; that's right, it happens all the time whether we want it or not. It's not easy, though; 'resetting' your mind as you put it is laborious. It gets easier, however, as you go along in the new direction. What I've also noticed is that you're rarely able to get something new into your life unless you make room for it by giving something old up. But it IS hard to let go.

Many warm wishes to you and the best of luck in any which way you choose to take now!


Galleri Hönshuset ha detto...

Hi Vale. Thank you so much for the award. It makes my day ;)I hope that your restart will make your life better and that you will live as a happy Vale ;) Hundreds of hugs to you from me. Pirre

Tone ha detto...

Good morning Vale!
I am sure you`ll get strenght to restart your life! -
Isn`t it strange how many challenges life gives us...and why?, - I wonder....
But anyway, new challenges - old memories - thats whats make us who we are as persons.
Wishing you a nice day!
Hugs from Tone

E. ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
ci sono momenti di transizione molto duri, posso capirti. Può sembrarti un luogo comune ora, ma è proprio vero che quando si chiude una porta si apre un portone... è solo una questione di tempo!
Un abbraccio,

Bertina ha detto...

I hope all the changes will turn out well for you. I wish you the best of luck.
Greetings and have a nice weekend.

Tone ha detto...

,,,forgot to tell you - but your white cupboard is absolutely lovely!!

Amber ha detto...

Change is not easy! But I am sending you many warm and loving vibes from the desert in Arizona, USA...May the end of the year bring you a fresh start and much hope for happiness, love and truth!

Stämningsfullt ha detto...

I hope you are feeling good and that things are going well for you:)
Sometimes life takes a turn and you may make the most of it.
I wish you every success and believe that it will be a good thing:)

Sandra... ha detto...

Have a nice weekend Val, hugs!!♥

Anonimo ha detto...

Dear Vale,
Finally i can get back to you: our computer broke down about 1 week ago !!!! I missed the blogging so much but then today the computer was back and i looked at my blog... what a SURPRISE !! I got an award from you ! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I feel very proud that i can make you and other people happy when they visit my blog. I feel very honoured.
I hope i can give some of my happines back to you :)
So the award will work double then.
Despite of everything i wish you a good weekend.
Hugs from Janneke.

Les cerises bleues ha detto...

J'ai découvert de très beaux blogs grâce aux liens que tu mets... Merci beaucoup !!!

Tone ha detto...

Hi Vale
How are you today?`
Do you have to move out of Lucca? Have you found a new place to stay?
Hope things calm down for you soon.
Have a nice Sunday.
A little angel is waiting for you on my blog.

Kari ha detto...

Restart your life is sure difficult.
But you wil by stronger after it.
I wish you well.
Hugs Karin.

MiaMaria ha detto...

Congratulations to your Award!

Have a nice week!
Greetings from Sweden!

BROCANTE ha detto...

Ciao cara. I don't know what has happened to you and why you have to change your life. I do know that changes sometimes are for the best. You just have to make the best of it and be strong. Changes can hurt for a short period, but after some time you find yourself again and can start building up a new and better life! I will stop by and see how you are doing.

Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese ha detto...

Cara Vale,

Mi dispiace! I had a feeling you were sending us this message in your first blog post after the summer. Hopefully you are changing your life into sth better. I experienced many changes in life - all of them for the better. Give yourself time and reflection and you will clearly see the good sides. Take care! Bacione, Ingrid

BROCANTE ha detto...

Ciao - Sono Io di nuovo... The same thing happened to me about 10 years ago. Now I have a new life and I have never been happier than I am now. When it happened I thought I would die, but when I look back I am happy it happended. Be open and positive and you will see that you will have a wonderful life when your wounds have healed. It all depends on YOU!