giovedì 10 luglio 2008

Plants shopping by bike!

I love my bike! It's so old...and it has 2 very big baskets! I live in the pedestrian area, so I always use it to go to work, to do shopping, to visit bike is a part of me!!! I've bought some new plants for the has been very hot during the past days and some of the old plants died!

I want to give this award which Iris gave me, to other three blogs I like so much! It has been a very difficult choice, because I really love all your blogs!
The first one I give to Desireé ( She was the first who helped me when I start blogging. Her blog is charming and sophisticated, a source of inspiration!
The second is for Marjolijn ( Her blog is charming and romantic and she is one of the first persons I met blogging!
I give the third award to Ann-Catrin ( I like the brightness and the joy of life of her blog!!!

I didn't understand what a blog was and how many friends it could give the chance to meet! Now I know! Thank you all!

Have a nice week-end!

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Kerstin ha detto...

Wow, so beutiful bike!! I love it. Congratulation with your Award!!
Have a wonderful day:=)
Hug form Kerstin

LISBETH---<-@ ha detto...

Hello my friend! Love your bike, I have just bought a new bike and I am so proud of it. Anyway I will show photos of it when I get the time, but I can tell you that it is white and have that old fashion look.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Living by Milla ha detto...

Hi, Vale!

Your bike is beutiful! It looks a bit like mine but my bike is brand new.

Congratulations to your award!

Have a nice weekend!
Lots of hugs

Sandra... ha detto...

Ohh! Your bike is so beautiful, with these "flower baskets"!
Have a nice weekend... hugs!♥♥

me and alice ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Your bike is beautiful! I wish i had something similar to put plants on permanently...
Congrats to your award!
Hugs from Susanne

Annas Vita Hjärtan ha detto...


What a nice site you have. Its my first time here so I have to look around a bit.

Hugs from Anna

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest ha detto...

Hi Vale, I too love your old bicycle. I wish I could bike ride to places but I live too too far away from anything and with the gas prices so high I try to not take the car anywhere either. I would love a good lasagna al pesto recipe if you have one. Send it via email. I plan on making some more basil pesto this weekend. Have a great weekend! Lynn

Millas hem ha detto...


Thank you for leaving a very nice comment on my page.
Nice bike you have...and you describe your "relationship" with your bike in a lovely way! Nice flowers too!
Hugs Camilla

vosgesparis ha detto...

sei comme un vero Olandese con quella bici che ci presenta ;) Anche io faccio tutto in bicicletta ;) sempre meglio e piu veloce che i autobus o da noi i tram ;P
Grazie anche per il award che mi hai datto Sono contenta che potteva aiutatarti a trovare le strade su i blog, e mi fa piaccere che ti ha fatta contenta ;) Grazie mille !

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Vale,
You could live in the Netherlands with your bike :))
People also cycle a lot overhere.
Though i also like your bike decorated with flowers haha! Wish you also a lovely summer and till next time...

Galleri Hönshuset ha detto...

Hi Vale. Your bike is beautiful, and with the flowers it´s a romantic bike ;). I wrote in my blog that i´m off to Finland tomorrow, to visit my relatives and just have a nice, relaxed time with my family. My parents has a cottage in Finland (-they also live in Sweden-)and they are also there, so I think we will have a nice week. (I´m writing to you couse you said that you don´t speak any swedish....;).)Have a nice next week. Pirre

Annas Vita Hjärtan ha detto...

Hi again!

Thank you for your nice comment on my page! Ofcource you can link to me, I´d be honored. I will link to yours too.

Hugs Anna

Something White ha detto...

What a beautiful decoration you made on your bike!! That one surely may be shown to everyone. Thanks so much for this nice award: the stars are falling on me :)
I go quite often to this lovely 'Vosges Paris'-place, but I don't know yet that third blog. I'll go and visit as well. Have a good day, Vale!

Magny ha detto...

yes, you have a lovely bike...
enjoy it~~~

Min verden ha detto...

Congratulation with your award! Love your bike and thank you for your greatings on my blog. Have a nice day tomorrow :) Hanne

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

I love your bike it is fabulous... such style and character!

nel ha detto...

Congratulations on your award, and to those you have forwarded it onto, will be sure to drop by their blogs and have a peek :)

And I must say I love your bike with those gorgeous baskets full of flowers. Makes me want to get out in the sunshine and go for a ride.

CONNIE ha detto...

Ciao, Vale! Oh, that bike is sooo gorgeous... such a great idea! I just love coming back here. YOu really know how to turn simple items into stunning ones.


Katherines Dream ha detto...

I love your bike too! that is just the sort of bike I would love to buy for myself...

lille-bille ha detto...

Hello Vale,
thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment and gett-well wishes. I feel a bit better, the panic attacks are gone but the cough still lingers! Love your bike picture! It is so nice with all the flowers. My parents are in croatia in their house on vacation at the moment and they are also talking about the very hot days. Hope you will get some cooler air (not too cool of course)... hearty greetings, Mira p.s. I added you to my "great-blogs-to-visit-list"....

Eli ha detto...

Hei thanks for your comment on my blogg,it was so funny that some from italia find me,nice bike you have.Have a nice day.
Hilsen Eli

Marja Kristiina ha detto...

Ciao Vale and thanks so much!!

But most of all, congats on the lovely and well-deserved award. Your blog is a constant source for inspiration and delight!

Hulda ha detto...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. :) You have a lot of pretty things too. I enjoyed it! The birdhouse looks lovely!

I will make a translate button at my blog, then you can read it in english or in your own language. :)

Romantiska Hem ha detto...

OHhh, so beutiful bike, I love it. And congratulation with your Award!! I can see that you ern it!
Have a nice day!
Hug /Petra

Charlotte ha detto...

thanx for the nice comment on my blog today :) It´s the first time I see your blog, I really like it, and I added it to my bloglist also :) Love your bike, its really old fashion style, that I like very much. Have a nice summer, and take care for your new pretty flowers.

Charlotte :)

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
You see, a lot of people love your great blog and even your bike is able to give you so many comments....Tomorrow I`ll take my old bike out of the garage and then I try to get so many wonderful comments as you have.....
I am sure, nobody is really interested!!!
All the best

linnea-maria ha detto...

And the best thing with the bike is that you will keep yourself and the environment healty. I love that wiev from your balcony. Best regards /linnea-maria (sweden)

Marja Kristiina ha detto...

Absolutely OK, I'd LOVE to be included in your list of links! And I'll add you to mine, too.

Take care!

Millas hem ha detto...

Just me, looking here again!

Eikkala ha detto...

What a lovely bike and congratulations to your award. It´s my first time here on your nice page, I hope you don´t mind that I look around.
Hugs from Sari

Sirkka ha detto...

Ciao Vale

Tank You for wisiting my blog and for your comments. We visited your city
Lucca last summer. And I must say that it vas amasing. We also visited Pisa and chinqueterra and steyed at Viareggio.

I also like Youe blog wery much and the bike too. I also have a white bike. It is Peugeot Paris.

Best regards Sirkka

Vägen till Drömhuset ha detto...

hello! thanks for your comment!

what a beautiful bike you have, lovely with flowers in the baskets :)

lots og hugs Sara

Vita ljuva tankar ha detto...

Hi Vale!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a cute comment at my blog!
You have a very nice blog and a very, very, very nice bike! :-)

Take care!


CIELO ha detto...

You have a beautiful blog.... I'm glad you found me so that now I could find YOU! :)

it's so nice meeting you


pinkstilettos ha detto...

congratulations- you have a very cute blog! Now where are you from? I am sure you have it on here someplace but you were talking about riding your bike just about everywhere and I was just wondering if this was common where you live? Daisy~

hautemommy ha detto...

Oh I just love how you ride your bike everywhere... I wish I could do that, too!!! I live about an hour away from school alone, so someday maybe I will be able to bike to work haha! xoxox!

Esprit Classique ha detto...

Grazie !
O ricivuto il tuo messagio con molto piacere !
O scoperto il tuo blog, e bellissimo !
Tornero !
A presto.

Carol ha detto...

Well written article.