giovedì 16 ottobre 2008

Bathroom corner!

Here they are two pictures of the bathroom in my mother's home. Her house is now a mass...all my things have to move there so we have to change the furnitures' positions and create new settings! In one way it's enjoyable, but also a bit tiring! I can't wait for some relaxing days!

Have a nice week end!!!

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Tone ha detto...

Hi Vale!
So nice to hear that you are settling down in your mothers house, - wishing you a calm month now... :-)
I`m not calm, but better days will come - as we all know.
I`m responsible for a big fundraising this Sunday, national - its for kids living in homes where drugs and alcohol makes parents unable to take proper care of their kids. This is an annual happening, with different subjects all the time. Last year we had "Medicins sans frontiers" - doctors travelling to war areas etc - we have had trafficing problems, education for kids in Africa... - normally it brings about 150.000 million Norw kroners.

And sunday my dad got a new kidney, so I travel between home, hospital, work...
BUT yesterday I came home to a really tidy and superclean house, I have hired a lady to clean my house - luxury, yes...but when no one is at home to do it - what can you do...
Have a nice day!
Hugs from a stressed Tone

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

Hi Vale!
It must be a lot of furniture at your mothers house! I hope she has a large apartment or house, so you dont have to jump over tables and so on...
The little corner you show on the picture looks lovely!

OLIVEAUX ha detto...

Hi Vale, I hope that you now have a very relaxing weekend after moving. Amanda x

Ele ha detto...

My dear Vale - how are you now?

The bathroon in your mother's house looks lovely, such nice colours there...

Hoping you will be glad there
all my best for you!


cara ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

Oh, le immagini sono belle. è la scatola?! in modo da sogno, e il mosaico sullo sfondo mi ricorda il male della nostra vacanza in Toscana, sono bei ricordi.

tu non è buono, posso verderlo!
ti auguro di cuore a pochi giorni di relax e prendersi cura di te.

Buon fine settimana e baci,baci


Madeleine ha detto...

Hi! I like your mothers bathroom, nice colours. And candles, well its my favorite. Take care! /Madeleine

casa nostra ha detto...

hi! i hope your time of relaxing will be there soon. take care.

Anne-Mette ha detto...

Dear Vale.
So good to hear from your again. I send you my best wishes for the time coming and wish you a nice and relaxing Weekend.
Take care,

Dottie ha detto...

Cara Vale,
Io non parlo l'italiano molto bene, ma prendo l'occasione di scriverti in italiano per migliorare le mie conoscenze..
Mille grazie per le tue gentile parole sul mio blog!!Anche tu hai un blog meraviglioso!! È un gusto vedere tutte le belle fotografie! Ti auguro intensamente: *In bocca al lupo!*

Saluti, Dottie

nel ha detto...

I hope the move is going well and not too stressful for you! Love the soft colors in your mother's bathroom!

I can only imagine how exhausting it must all be, I hope you get time to enjoy and relax in your new home and have some fun with organising all your things.

Take care, Nel x

BROCANTE ha detto...

Ciao cara!
I have ready your last two or three last publications. It seems that you have gained a lot of energy and are in a much better mood now. Like I said before - it all depends on you. You decide how you want your life to be, then you go for it! You will have a wonderful life! Say hello to your mother for me. Her house looks wonderful, so I am sure that you two will find a good way to live together. Ti auguro una fantastica fina settimana! Ingrid (Brocante)

vosgesparis ha detto...

ti mando i mieie pensieri... spero che tu e tua mama avranno un po di di tranquilita insieme.

Amber ha detto...

I love the bathroom tile! Looks great with your items!

me and alice ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Looks like a beautiful bathroom... Please show us more!!
Have a nice week! /susanne

a.o. ha detto...

Inutile dirlo, il mosaico in bagno ha sempre il suo intramontabile fascino. Molto fine questa variazione in grigio e rosa. Complimenti alla mamma.

p.s. già fatto un rilassante, vaporizzante, bagno caldo?

Sandra... ha detto...

Congrats for your mother... her decorations is beautiful!
I love the colors of this badroom♥
Have a nice day Vale!

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