giovedì 12 febbraio 2009

St. Valentine's hearts!

Some hearts to celebrate the more romantic day of the year! That's always been a special day for me because it's my onamastic! I've received gifts for this reason from my family since I was a I feel it more an anniversary than a romantic event!

I wish you all a sweet week end to be spent with special persons...children, family, friends, husbands, boyfriends and warm wishes to all the included!

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My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

I love your pictures :))
I`m a heart lover you know ;)

Wishing you a wonderful day.
Hugs, kari

me and alice ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Beautiful hearts you´ve made...
I wish you a happy valentinesday!!!!
With love from Susanne

white-vintage ha detto...

Good Morning,

ohhhh-i like the pictures so much. so much ;O)

The second image is so sweet, the blue and the white heart...fantastic.

Thank you for you're kind words..;=)

Wish you a nice day...a nice Friday !!! It's weekend yipieeeee

Heartly Hugs Christine

cara ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

Il vostro bel cuore*********

Vorrei anche un meraviglioso San Valentino con tanto amore e calore.

baci e abbracci


Sandra... ha detto...

Valeee, your ♥ are so nice!! I love them!
Tomorrow Valentine´s day and your honomastic?? Congratulations my friend.. I wish you a wonderful day with your family and friends!!
Have a nice weekend!! Kisses♥♥

Welkom ha detto...

Hai vale,

Well congrats than to you :-)
I realy like the hearts with the crown and letters!!
All hand made so nice!
Enjoy your day tommorow!

Hugs Anita

villa extra ha detto...

thank you for your comments on my blog!!!..and wishing you a happy valentines day with all the ones you love!!Your hearts are beautiful!!

villa extra ha detto...

thank you for your comments on my blog!!!..and wishing you a happy valentines day with all the ones you love!!Your hearts are beautiful!!

vosgesparis ha detto...

e cosi finalmente ho trovato una vera Valentina ;) Vai.... Vai.... in cantina a cercare dei tessori!!!! La gabbia nella foto e gia un tessoro lo stesso!! bellina verramente.

Lief Leuk & Anders ha detto...

Vale, wishing you a happy Vale(entine)-day. Your hearts are lovely.
Have nice weekend!

Greetings from a cold Holland,

Tone ha detto...

Ciao Vale!
Wishing you a happy Valentine day!!
Hugs from tone

casa nostra ha detto...

very nice your hearts! i wish you a happy valentine day

lottens vita och gröna ha detto...

hallo vale!
ohhhh i love the heats you´ve made, lovely!
have a the nicest valentin! hugs from lotten

Bertina ha detto...

Hello Vale,
Thanks for you nice words on my blog, I hope you had a nice valentine day. However, your hearts are just lovely!
Greetings from Holland!

livetpåfyran ha detto...

I wish you a happy valentines day!

Lovely hearts you´ve made...

bye bye, Pia

MiaMaria ha detto...

Helo Vale!

I hope you had a lovely Valentine day....

Nice harts...lovely pictures...

Have a nice sunday!

Millas hem ha detto...

Cute hearts! :)

Have a nice day!


zinkbaljan ha detto...

Hey, my friend!
Thanks for the comment!
I wish you a belated such Valentine days greeting!!
We will be out in the sun now! Sweet!
Bye Bye

Marianne ha detto...

Beautiful hearts! Yes we are planing to go to Florence, but dont know when ; ) But I can travel in the books. I love your country and have visit several times, but not yet Florence.
Hope you live well.
Hugs from Marianne

Gårdsromantik ha detto...

So beutiful hearts!

Is it also Valentin where you live!

Hughs Maud

Ann-Catrin ha detto...

Hi Vale!!

i hope you had a wonderful valentine day yesterday..
i really like your sweet hearts..

Have a pleasent week my friend

G-style ha detto...

Hello Vale ,nice pictures you've made off those hearts , I hope you had a wonderful valentine'sday with much nice and loving gifts
hugs Gea

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

PRETTY post... I hope you ENJOYED your Valentines weekend!

Madeleine ha detto...

Hey you! I hope your weekend was romantic. Nice pictures you have got as always. Have a nice day! Hugs Madeleine