venerdì 7 agosto 2009

La vie en rose

I'm not ver fond of colours...I often wear black clothes, I prefer natural shades at home and I adore white flowers...

...I'd like to give some colours to my life...

...a Cath Kidston tablecloth for the garden and pink candles for the new glass jar lanterns I made for LC

Wish you all to see "la vie en rose"!

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Anonimo ha detto...

foto belle e romantiche ...


buon fine settimana:Manka

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hi Vale,
oh I love those nice rosecandles.. how pretty. Hope you have a nice wecation. Jeanette

LillaFlisan ha detto...

Hello Vale!

I agree!

However, Pink is not a colour..... It's a mood!




fräulein klein ha detto...

I love the fabrics of cath kidston so much! And pink is a beautiful colour!!!
Have a nice weekend!

manon 21 ha detto...

parfait Vale!!


B E L D E C O R ha detto...

Dear Miss Pinky....
pretty tablecloth from Cath Kidston, sometimes it must be a little bit of color...
Have a great weekend!
Hugs Bine

Anonimo ha detto...

It is really wonderful to see your lovely glas jar lanternas vith a pink flower in, soo pretty!

Sometimes we need a little colour and Cat Kidstone is one of my favorites too.

I will be off for vacation now so I'll hope you have a nice time until we hear from each other again

Warm hug

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Quelle est belle chez toi la vie ... en rose chère Vale !
Bisous du coeur.

Laura ha detto...

Hi Valentina!
I hope you are feeling better and really enjoying your holiday now! Your pink candles in the etched glass jars are both cheerful and romantic!....I think that is just like you!

Petit Coterie ha detto...

Hi Vale,

I to love to wear black and beige, but everyonce in awhile it is so nice to add color. Your candles and tablecloth are adorable.
Have a great weekend.
xx, Michelle

Bonjade ha detto...

Oh I love it when you put colour to your life........
My favorite colour......I love your jars so much.....
Nice weekend

Hilde Iren ha detto...

Oh! as you know: I love roses! The candles are adorable - perfect pink!
Have a great weekend and many hugs from me :)

Marge ha detto...

Hello Vale!

Oih, I love Cath Kidston`s colours, but unfortunately theirs prices in Finland is too expencive.
I like harmonic colours, but sometimes I want a little "old pink" colour, too ;)
Your pics are allways so beautiful and sensitive, I love them!!:)
And many thanks for your allways so sweet comments! It´s so lovely, that I have a friend in Italy, too!!:))
Many hugs, Marge

vosges paris ha detto...

come te sono quasi sempre vestita in nero bianccha o grigio... un po di colore vuol dire que stiamo bene penso! ;)

Kerstin ha detto...

Beautiful.... romantic...and pink roses is lovely...
Enjoy your holiday and your garden...


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse ha detto...

I too love things white and neutral but you're right every now and then nothing but color will do. It's hard not to love when nature is full of all colors.
Enjoy your vacation!

Lilla Blanka ha detto...

Ciao Vale!

Lovely photos! I really like the tablecloth and the roses ♥


Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
great....marvellous!!!!I love those colours!!!
By the way most of the time I also wear black clothes and love white blossoms like you can see in my last post....
We have a lot in common!!!
Do you like cocktails????...*lol*...
Have a nice weekend
I am still Italian....:-))

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Dear Vale,
the glasses with the pinken candles looks so summery fresh. Am enthusiastically.:o))
The favourite greetings and a nice evening wishes you completely warmly,

piitis ha detto...

Dear Vale!
Pink is a beautiful color.
Romantic....lovely..your photos are allways so wonderful!!! I love it:))

Have a nice weekend!!

Hugs to you:)

lottens vita och gröna ha detto...

hallo dear friend! woooow so beutiful, i am i a colouful period too, the white must have contrasts...i love blck clothes too, hihi!
warmhug lotten

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

AAA so romantic, beautiful, sometimes whe need some color in the interior also.
Have a nice veekend.

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

LOVE those little roses... FAB!
Bon week-end!

Rostrose ha detto...

Ciao Vale, that's a very romantic blog today - and I can smell the roses ;-)
Thanks for your nice visit and your compliments! Incidentally me and my family also spent some holidays in YOUR pretty country - and we have visited Lucca twice (a very lovely city!).
If you want to see pictures of another journey or if you are up for less colour / more white again you may visit my new posting - it is about "white impressions" while our Portugal-trip (May 2009).
Best wishes, Traude

Tiril ha detto...

Your pictures are really romantic and summerly fresh.
Hope you´re enjoying your summer. Wish I was in Italy right now.

Best wishes Tiril

Mamma Millan ha detto...

Lovely candel!!

Kramelikram Millan ♥ Hugs

Suzy's Vintage Attic ha detto...

Hello Vale
What a beautiful combination, such delicate colours. I love that Cath Kidston paisley fabric!
Hope you are enjoying the summer holidays!
Take care
Isabelle x

Magdalena ha detto...

Little bit of colour and you can change anything! Lovely post!
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Magdalena ha detto...

I mean everything!

Margie ha detto...

Hi Vale, I love CK fabric but I absolutely adore LC glass wear. You did a fabulous job on those candle holders. Very inspiring and so creative. Big Hugs, Margie.

Chrissy ha detto...

I am not a huge colour fan either,but this post is stunning!! Lovely indeed,all the best,Chrissy

Patricia ha detto...

That beautiful your decoration!! I like rose ... it is very feminine... Good week Val!!

Living by Milla ha detto...

Hello Vale!
So nice things, I love pink. It`s one of my favorite colours.

Have a nice week!
Hugs Camilla

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

Sometimes we have to put a little colour to our lives... When some days are very grey tthese colours lighten up a bit!

Bertina ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
How lovely all those jars you have etched. It is just wonderful how you change those ordinary bottles and jars into fantastic new items. And those colours, I love it very much! Greetings and have a nice week!

beige&blanc ha detto...

Very nice candles in this lovely pot.