domenica 8 novembre 2009

Bulbs and moss

First bulbs of the season...I bought the vase at the last antique market and I etched it...I'll show you the decorations in a better photo...

...moss for a heart...little flowers from the garden...

...I've stenciled this wooden tablet for our stand at the next markets!

A very exciting Saturday for LC...we bought lots of old stuff from the heirs of an old lady....old linen, grain saks, enamelware.....I'll show you in the next posts!!!

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Laura ha detto...

I can't wait! You are teasing me! I want to see it all now!!
I just bought some bulbs which I will prepare to time for Christmas photographs....yours are very pretty and once again your etched glass is beautiful! I will be watching anxiously for your next posts!
Take care,

junkdreams ha detto...

I love your sign and the vase looks gorgeous....would love to see a close up. I think you do great with your pictures. I have learned that the secret to great photography is taking lots and lots of pictures.
Happy day.

maría cecilia ha detto...

Love your sign, Vale, simple and chic!!! Love jacintos too!!! I never could manage to make them bloom in water, just leaves...
I can´t wait to see those enamelware you bought!!!!!! I adore enamelware!!!!
Muchos cariños and hugs
María Cecilia

English style ha detto...

Hi Vale,

Love the sign, beautiful !
these bulbs are also very nice, my mother in law, gave these on my birthday (Oct 28)
the vase is also a beauty !!
I'm very curious to see all the old stuff what you have bouhgt :-))
Have a nice new week !
Hugs Yvonne

Diana Strinati Baur ha detto...

Everything is gorgeous!! :) Reminds me to get busy with some bulb forcing! Happy Sunday,,, and a big hug...

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Hi Vale!

When I see bulbs, I long to the spring!

I like your creations, especially your wooden tablet! You can use it very well for your stand at the next markets!

Wish you a nice sunday!

With love, Ingrid

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Hi Vale,
i love your vase from antique market - you etched it? wow - and i like the heart of moss - your wooden tablet is great -
oh i love old linen and grain saks - its beautiful romantic -
all the best for you - Ruth

Anonimo ha detto...

Good morning Vale.. I have a great smile on my lips now:o)) so many beautiful things you have made.. The cushion in linnen was great!!!! and I just loved the old towel from your grandfather.. lucky U!!!! and now you gave my an idea with the pampilles:o)))

Hope your exhibition went well..
Take care my friend.. hugs from me:o)

Heidi-anitha ha detto...


Wish you the best! Christmas time is here soon, and these flowers are so cute.. I have also some in my kitchen now. And its smells so good!

Warm hugs from me


Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Hello my friend..
Your moss heart is so beautyful... Flowers smell wonderful... I want too bye some too...
have i nice sunday..*Husg Kerstin

seasons of my house ha detto...

Looks very pretty. I love the smell of hyacints, but my husband doesn't. He says it stinks, so I rarely buy them. I can't wait to see your next post. Don't keep us waiting to long! Have a nice day. Karin

liven ha detto...

I look forward to see the things you bought!!!
Nice pictures Vale!!
Maybe I will try to find some green moss today....

hope you have a nice sunday :o)

Margie ha detto...

Vale, you have done it again, made the most beautiful items, the bulb is perfect in your lovely etched glass and you did a wonderful job on the new sign. I am looking forward to the next post to see what you found. Hugs, Margie.

Bonjade ha detto...

I almost smell this lovely flowers.
And I am looking forward to the next post.
Nice day

Anonimo ha detto...

Beautiful pictures !
We have planted some bulb, we're waiting they grow up.
Have a nice Sunday !

anita ha detto...

Hey Vale!
your pictures are just lovely!!
I love all of it!!It Christmas time??
I'd like old linen too:
good sunday!!

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Ces délicats bulbes sur lit de mousse sont délicieusement mis en valeur dans leur écrin de verre et de porcelaine !
Ils présagent la douce attente du si joli temps de l'Avent !
Bisous d'amitié.

Magdalena ha detto...

lovely sign!!
i´m waiting forward to next post,
have a wonderful sunday
magdalena/Color Sepia

Gypsy Purple ha detto...

Lovely...and looking forward to that next post!!

lamaisondecampagne ha detto...

Thank you very mutch vale !!!! You are soo kind for your lovely words about my decoration. And your blogg is lovely with many idees.


Patricia ha detto...

Hello Val!! I like much your heart with moss ... that good is to be going to walk and buy old things in the street markets ... that you have good week... Hugs for you...

Lilla kullan ha detto...

A BIG hug to you.;-) Stina

Shabbycharm ha detto...

So beautiful flower decorations you show.
hugs bella

Gypsy Purple ha detto...

Please visit my blog, where I mentioned you in a post on burlap...Chamara

mimmuli ha detto... many beautiful things you have made <3 Have a nice day!

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Oh, Vale, You make me so.... curious... the stencild is woodvork is so beautiful... I´vish that I could come to yor market.... Byt then I will end up broke... smiling... I´ve to by everything... have a good start of the week. Hugs from Jeanette