lunedì 14 giugno 2010

My neighbour's garden

I'm finally brave and I decide to show you some photos from my neighbor's garden....

 may even look charming in such a way, but believe me that's a true disaster!

..everywhere signs of neglect and desolation...


 you like the pruning of these two trees??? Poor lonely branch!!!
I'd like to have the possibility to clean and decorate this part of the garden! I've tried to tell the owner...but as I already told you...she is a very strange lady and she refused!!!!
A nice new week to you!

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Hello, its a very nice and romantical place - but I couldnt understand the reaction from the lady.
Thank you for this pictures - best regards from cold germany send

Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima ha detto...

Ciao Vale!
Bè, mettiamola così:è proprio uno di quelle ambientazioni che piacevano tanto a poeti e pitturi del movimento Romantico.
Vegetazione spontanea, rovine di vecchie costruzioni, decisamente uno spirito decadente...per certi versi anche affascinante direi!
Certo che con il tuo buon gusto potresti sistemarlo molto bene ma che vuoi? Tante teste, tante idee!!
Buona giornata,

Pierelantijntjes ha detto...

It's such a shame your neighbour is not doing any gardening. I can imagine you want to clean up and redecorate this piece of garden. I hope some day you got permission to make this garden look, like it should look.
Hugs Ester

Maria fra Idekroken ha detto...

I can see why you are getting frustrated. I am also like this, I get this feeling, when I see something has to be done. It could have been a nice place.

Nice week to you too ;)

cat ha detto...

what a big difference between your and this neighbours' garden!!!
It's a shame to let it down !!
She would be very strang the owner !! ??? but she doesn't know you and your so beautiful garden !!
Oh!! Vale thanks for your marvellous words !!
Have a good week too !!

Lili ha detto...

Tellement de charme dans ce jardin abandonné. I am sure that you can make a so beautiful secret garden .

Tracey ha detto...

Hi Vale! It does have a certain old world appeal, but I can see why you wouldn't want it right next door to you!! You're a good neighbor to try and help out, even if she refused.

Lovely week to you ~


:) T

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
unfortunately, you will have no other way to watch out continually, rejoice - you in your beautiful garden and the sun and the fragrant flowers - try to forget the stupid woman - maybe you make a beautiful decoration in front, so that you can no longer see it - the Woman is obviously not accessible - this is very sad - but I still wish you a wonderful time in your home and garden -
hugs - Ruth

keiko ha detto...


it is a pity that the lady-owner refused your offer.
but, your garden can look like a paradiso for that hellish garden, no?

anyway, happy new week, vale!


Lynda ha detto...

Hi Vale!!! what a shame!! I see, like you, lots of potential!!!!!Maybe you have to invite your neighbour to your garden to have a look???;)
Sun is shining over here Vale,do you think summer is finally coming??? Lets hope so!!!


La Dolce Vita ha detto...

oh dear, what a shame, such a great space to play with!

Modern Country ha detto...

Hi friend, I hope you had a nice weekend! Without rain..unfortunately we had some..

You know, even neglected I think this garden is magical. Just picturing old furnitures, some textiles, zinc cans and lovely china, it would be heavenly. But I do agree, those trees needs to go. Your side of the garden however looks fantastic. I thought I had seen everything, but the shade path, I love it!! So rustic and beautiful with terra cotta pots and old bird case. You do it so well,

I see a lot of high trees, do you have the chance taking a sunbath ?

Have a new great week Vale!

Giulia ha detto...

Caspita!!! Sembrano rovine in mezzo alla giungla!
Mi ricordano i resti del tempio nel cartone di Walt Disney "Il libro della giungla" che guardo spesso coi miei figli!

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Yes, the tree with the lonely branch is just as I remember it last fact I am remembering you pretending to be that branch...:) What fun we had!
In any case, contrast makes life interesting and your split garden with your side so charming and inviting and her side so neglected and overgrown....well, it is artist in a sense and unique in its differences...embrace it!
I love that you are sharing it here! Have a great week!
:) Ciao!

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

It could be the most beautiful garden if only the owner could appreciate it.. And saying no to you, shows that she`s a grumpy lady ;)
She should be so happy if you would take care of her garden.. it`s a pity...

Hugs, Kari

Val ha detto...

I'm sur that you could make magic with this place!

Sweet Old Vintage ha detto...

Oh my gosh... it could be ever so lovely....

It's me ha detto...

Hi Vale.......What a disaster !!! that garden..........Of your neighbors, you only have.........................teribble !!!

But your garden is sooooo pretty !!!

Have a nice sunny week my darling...hugs from me.......

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Pictures of the of your neighbor? We cann't call this a garden, it's a disaster area! I hope that she'll ever give you a chance :)!

Fortunately you have a beautiful garden Vale!! Many hugs, Ingrid

makyloua ha detto...

dommage il y a un beau potentiel !!
drôle d'endroit un peu friches Grec
tes photos sont très bien bonne soirée

red ticking ha detto...

it is truly amazing how some people take pride in their homes... and others could care less. they are sad people... and we need to pray for them... xx

Johanna ha detto...

C'est superbe cet endroit...propice au calme et au repos.
je t'embrasse Vale.
A bientôt.

Calou ha detto...

Arrrrrrgn !!!! What a shame !!! She's mad , isn't she ?????????!!!!!!

Rosor och Spetsar ha detto...

What a pity, to do so to a garden. It could be a paradise if someone took care of it.
Strange that the lady dont want you to take care of it.
Take care

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Hello Vale, Your neighbors yard just needs some T.L.C. maybe some day she will have a change in mind and will let someone help her. Right now it has an anchient look to it which makes it look mysterious to mo. Have a great day...........Julian

Karin ha detto...

I guess she doesn't read your blog :) What a shame :(

MARY PERNULA ha detto...

So sorry this neighbor will not let you use your talent on this piece of property............inspite of this have a great day. XO MARY

Anonimo ha detto...

OMG!!! it could have been the must beautiful garden if she had cared.. just a little bit!!

don´t you have a communitycenter were you can send a formel complain to ?

I think I had send theese photos to the local newspaper !! why not?? she deserve it!!

have a nice day Vale.. hugs from me:)

ParisMaddy ha detto...

quel désordre! Maybe there is a secret garden hidden within the tangles and weeds. A beautiful, luxurious, scented garden! One can dream of that jardin parfumé.

à l'imagination...

liven ha detto...

Hi !!
Your garden is so beautiful but this one.......???
I hope you can decorate a little bit here Vale !!
Best wishes :o)

Happy week :o)

English style ha detto...

Hi Vale,

what a pity, that she is so stubborn
i hope she will change her opinion, and give you a free hand to make something beautiful of her garden!!
Good luck !!
hugs Yvonne

Fågel Blå ha detto...

Hello Dear Vale!
I think your garden can be very nice!
Whith little help!
Some furnitures and pots whith flower!
And little cleaning!
Yor forgive me my English, its not so good!
Have a nice day!

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

What a pity! I think it would be lovely if you had her permission to decorate her "garden"...

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hi Vale, there must be a way fore you to take over the joint custody. to not alowde here to go out there... sutch a shame.... I can see way you are frustrated!!!
Hugs from Jeanette

Noche de verano ha detto...

Oh your story reminds me of one beautiful but very neglected patio in Barcelona that one of my friends tried to decorate and take care of for free, but the owner just say no...It was located in a painter´s studio in a very nice area of the city...what a shame...

Have a lovely Tuesday!!

Desde my ventana ha detto...

Hi Vale,
The marvel that your hands might do there!! But it looks very romantic,

Burlap Luxe ha detto...

You are a dear one to LOVE!
Your beauty over here is breath taking.
Inspiring something out of nothing.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

What a shame that this lady can't be convinced. This could be such a lovely garden.
Have a great evening, Vale!

Betsy ha detto...

Showing her your garden should give her an incentive. I would be ashamed to have mine look like that. She has a good and thoughtful neighbor in you and she should be really happy about that.

:) ha detto...

What a shame, it looks like it could become a really nice place. The walls in the background looks really nice ;)

Zinkmink ha detto...

Hi vale!

oh my! such a view! Terrible! It's a shame your neighbour dont want to do anything about it. Cant she take a look att your side of the garden, and understand how much better it could look=)

'Gerilla garden' her side!!!

I can understand you getting tired of it.

A lot of greetings from me!

@nne ha detto...

Poor you! You seem as unlucky with your neighbour as we are with ours! He even calls the police because my bougeainvillier disturbs him! Hugs, @nne

Cheri ha detto...

You're welcome to come prune my garden:)
I love this blog. It's beautiful, and inspiring, and I'm glad I'm not the only person that sneaks around taking pictures of their neighbors' houses and posts them on the internet. Too funny.
thanks for the gorgeous blog!
Cheri (

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

HI Vale
it is sad to see the garden neglected... although your photos are lovely.. it's looks quite romantic.. in a neglected way.. haha

Well if I had a garden I would gladly have you tend to it.... how did you get the photos??? did you sneak in??? hehehe

Sorry i haven't been visiting lately... missed a week or two with blogging and now trying to catch up... hope you are well.. xxx Julie

solène ha detto...

c'est vrai que ce jardin est dans un triste état - il y a beaucoup de travail à y faire mais vos photos sont si belles qu'elles l'ont rendu plein de charme et de mystère ! c'est absolument divin -
j'aimerais m'y promener et peut-être rencontrer des fées qui se cachent ..
douce journée Vale !

Boxwood Cottage ha detto...

Oh my now I see what you mean Vale, that's such a shame really, that woman must be quite sick in her head, or should I better say totally crazy, when she does not allow you to make this garden beautiful *shakes head*
I feel for you!
xoxo~ Carola

maría cecilia ha detto...

I would insist with that lady!!!