sabato 28 agosto 2010

Votive candles

We still have Summer hot days, but autumn is near now...

...I've been very lazy in these two creative projects and not much time for blogging...

's time to start being a little bit more active now...

...back to work and back making some little decorations...

...some votive candles decorated with holy images to enlighten dark evening...

...simple hard it's starting again!!!
I hope to have back a little bit of creativity!

Have a nice week end and a good start of the week!

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Tone ha detto...

Dear vale!
How are you!!
I am back blogging. Have been in the mountain all summer - and we do not have internet.
I will try to catch up with you all in a couple of days...but I realize it can be a challenge...hehe.
Hope your summer has been nice -
have a nice day!

Irma ha detto...

Hello Vale,

your decorations are so beautiful i love those candels, have a nice weekend,greeting Irmaxxx

Val ha detto...

it was necessary to be lazy for all of us !So now we can start blogging again and being creative again!Lovely canddles!

Passione Helena ha detto...

Hello Vale, looks like your creativity or listen to it?! Wonderful creations you have made. Where the autumn feeling surely can not be good for ;-)
These beautiful candles give warmth and coziness, towards the short evenings.

Dear greetings, Helena

Karin ha detto...

It will come Vale, don't worry. Can you sent a little bit of summer to us....please!!!!


wow - absolut wunderfull - a very nice idea - best regards from a cold and rainy germany

ale ha detto...

hola vale!!!!!!!!its good to be summer ! time to be outdoors,hollidays,nature,long days... time to be ready for creation and inspiration!!l love this kind of lazyness!!! your candles with your touches are adorable!!!lots of kisses and a happy and beautifull weekend vale!!besosss!!!

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Hi Vale,
These images on the candles look lovely and your arrangements and photos are beautiful. I am glad that you had a good summer and a change of pace. There will be plenty of time to be creative...and with all your talent it won't take you long to come up with lots of inspiration! Take care,

LindyLouMac ha detto...

Love the arrangements and photographs, the last one is actually my favourite of the group.

BROCANTE ha detto...

Hello dear Vale
Yes - summer has passed for me too without too much creativity. My job is mainly seasonal - with tourism so I do not have time for creativity at all. Good to have autumn and winter to do these things.

Rostrose ha detto...

Ciao dearest Vale - I am sure your creativity will be back sooooooon! Your votive-candles (and the photos of them) look so pretty, and I think I can smell the herbs!
Warm hugs, Traude

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Hi Vale, It has been hot over also. The voltives are lovely with the rosemary around them. Have a nice evening...Julian

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Bella,
comme stai??? A minute ago I adored your summer dinners.....what wonderful atmospere you show in your pictures!!! In my next life I want to be born and live in Italy ...that`s much better than having an Italian grand-grandfather, who went to Germany....Che peccato!
Desideri una buona fine settimana

It's me ha detto...

Hi darling Vale.....lovely post !! i am so glad you are here today !!!...did you get my mail??? please let me know.....happy evening...enjoy your summmer...let autumm wait and hugs Ria...

Bonjade ha detto...

I see lots of creativity here....
Did you also made the candles with the pictures yourself....?
Love them.
Fine weekend

Rummet för välbefinnande ha detto...

Ohhh my gosh - now you´re back....
These candles are lovely.
I´m about to try to decorate candles and I hope that it will work out the way I´ve planned to do it.
I really got inspired now - thank you.
Wish you a nice sunday!
Many hugs Mia

La Dolce Vita ha detto...

I cannot believe that sumer is over! I am not ready for cold weather! your candles are stunning! grazie!!

Princesa Nadie ha detto...

Candles are always lovely and dainty, together to Rosemary plants the result it's perfect

manon 21 ha detto...

Ton retour est éblouissant magnifique Vale.

Bonne semaine


desde my ventana ha detto...

Hello Vale,
So nice to see you aai. I hope that you have had a very good summer. Again your post fills of beautiful and creative ideas as these candles, I love it,
I hope that you spend a good Sunday of still summer,

makyloua ha detto...

les vacances sont là pour nous ressourcer et on repart dans la création avec encore plus de vigueur alors à très bientôt ps c'est toujours un plaisir pour moi de passer sur ton blog

anita ha detto...

I love candles too,lovely pictures!I haven't time to blogging; work in my new house and in the garden too!!have a good new week too!

C De-sign ha detto...

Hi Vale well I can smell that it is autum in the air.....I am back working and now life is back to "normal" again after the hollidays.... Hugs from C

Magui ha detto...

qué bueno tenerte de vuelta!!! te extrañé por mi blog... esas velas quedaron soñadas!!! y me mata la tarteleta de candelero... Buen comienzo de semana!!!
Provecho para invitarte a la fiesta azul, sumate... te espero... besos

Sharka ha detto...

Dear Vale,
I always enjoy all of your new projects so a lot of inspiration and good ideas to you! Have a nice end of summer:-)

Pierelantijntjes ha detto...

Hello Vale,
I think your candles are beautiful.
Hugs Ester

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Hello Vale..

wonderul photoes...

The autumn is here i west of Norway... but the sun i shining theese days..

Wish you a lovely week..

hugs Kerstin

Calou ha detto...

It's wonderful !!

Nat la fée angevine ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Hope you're doing well. Lovely post as usual !
Wish you that all your creativy will be back soon
Enjoy your monday

Debbie ha detto...



Hege ha detto...

Dear Vale!
It`s been a whilesince you have heard from me: Looong story , but my old blog is deleted...:-(
Here you have the adress to my new one:
Have a nice evening,
biig hug Hege.

liven ha detto...

Så beautiful!!!!

happy week for you Vale :o)

Silvia ha detto...

Ciao Vale!
Che piacere ritornare a trovarti, queste tue candele sono una meraviglia. Ovviamente il tuo tocco chic non poteva mancare!
A presto,

maría cecilia ha detto...

Dear Vale, I don´t think your inspiration is gone, you are doing beautiful creations again, just start over and show us your beauties!!!!!
maria cecilia

Anne Marie ha detto...

I'm so glad you had a lovely summer - and you are always an inspiration!

Anne Marie

beige & blanc ha detto...

your candles are just lovely with theses images.
Have a nice day.

Lockas lilla längtan ha detto...

Hi Vale!

I´m back bloging again, and
I see that you are just creative as usual. I love your votive candles but I guess it´s too difficult for me to make them. ;)

Hugs Veronica

cat ha detto...

what a beautiful project with lot of charm !!
Vale , I hope your summer was wonderful and I'm so happy to become and discover your new creats !!It'a always a pleasure!
I don't find my words today but I think you understand me!! lol !!
Have a good end of this day
Big hugs

Pia ha detto...

Your pictures are full of harmony! You don´t have to do much or anything specially, you just juse your magic wand...


rosenresli ha detto...

Dear Vale,

not far away the time is coming for candles, plaids, reading books and warm clothes. We will miss the summer. Here is it cold in the night but the days are sunny.
Last weekend I made a fabulous find at the fleamarket and today I saw an old and beautiful garden fence. These are so happy moments for me.
Have a warm and sunny weekend,


Sandy ha detto...

So beautiful!



Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

"Een sneller kloppend hart ♥" ha detto...

And more wonderful pictures!
I love this candle with the flowers...a great job of creativity!

Very nice to see your pictures again...I'm trying to get updated with blogging after the summervacation ;)

Huggs, Veronique ha detto...

Você é criativa demais. Suas velas são lindas.Nossa Senhora deve abençoar muito você...Eu gostaria de adquirir esses decalques aqui no Brasil não tem Abraços Lilli Nagel