lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

Saint Therese of Lisieux

I'm posting from my office...still internet problems at home...I show you the last find at the flea market...

...I was already disappointed I didn't find anything to buy....

...when I found a little statue of St. Therese...

...she's a bit chipped but Therese was the name of my beloved grandmother and I simply adored the little statue is in my bedroom!

LC received a nice giveaway last week...

...from my dear friend Marge...
Thank you Marge! I truly don't deserve it...I've been so absent during these weeks...I'm sorry but the good season and now the internet's so difficult for me finding the way of blogging!
Anyway I'd like to give it to you all...thanks for your friendship!
Have a nice new week!

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Tone ha detto...

Good morning Vale!
Sitting here with a cup of tea, reading blogs...
Fantastic weather here in Norway now - and all the leafes falling to the ground from the trees. Yellow and orange and super-red all over, sun i shining and now it is minus two degrees outside.

Well, you know how I feel about madonnas...and noe I have said to a couple of family members that I would really like one for xmas!

Have a fantastic day!

liven ha detto...

So beautiful!!

Wish you a happy new week Vale :o)

BELDECOR by Bine ha detto...

Hi Vale,
oh, this is a wonderful statue, I love the chipped and used look.... Enjoy your days... and congrats to your arward!
x Bine

Ölandstok ha detto...

She's just absolutely adorable!
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs from Öland (Sweden)♥

Marie-Ange ha detto...

J'ai une Sainte Thérèse depuis presque 30 ans sur ma cheminée.
Trouvée sur un vide-greniers de Provence par hasard, je lui voue une grande confiance.
En Normandie j'ai eu le bonheur de visiter la Basilique qui lui est dévouée.
C'était une des saintes patronnes de ma grand-mère adorée.
C'est pourquoi ta page me parle si fort.
Bisous du coeur

Nat la fée angevine ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Nice Sainte Thérèse.
She is very nice.
Congratulations for your award
and hope your home connection will be working again shortly
Enjoy your day and your week

justwendy ha detto...

Hi Vale,

It has been a while since I left a coment with you. It dit not forget You, but during the summer a have been blogging les. But I summer is over so I will be hier more.

I hope every thing is allright with You.
I love your new little statue of St. Therese. She is beautiful.

Have a nice week.

Lots off love Wendy

It's me ha detto...

Hi darling.....nice to hear from you......your Therese is wonderful !! i really like it !!.....we have also new madonna's in the shop....owww they all look very great even a small one from 7 cm !....happy new week you...Ria...

La Dolce Vita ha detto...

she is fabulous and chips make her even better!! love her! great find!!

desde my ventana ha detto...

Hello Vale,
It's a charming and lovely find,I like it so much
Happy new week my friend,

Ozma of Odds ha detto...

...chipped = loved!
~ and no doubt you will adore her even more. She's lovely.
xo, Rosemary

vosges paris ha detto...

Hello ;)

Verramente bellisima.. questi qui me piacce di piu!
E da tanto que mi sono fatto un giro qui.. molte cose da fare, sai come e selle volte.. perro non ti ho dimenticato mia cara amica x

Johanna ha detto...

Superbe trouvaille ancienne!!!
Très belle semaine à toi.

Villa König ha detto...

Oh Vale, the little birdcage and the madonna are so beautiful! Love them! Hugs Yvonne

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Hi Vale, That is very pretty. I also went shopping this weekend and did not find a treasure also. But there isalso next weekend for treasure hunting also. Have a good week....Julian

anita ha detto...

very nice treasure!and the birdcage is lovely too!!
I have many problems with internet too, and anytime for blogging!

Jeanette ha detto...

Ohh..your little Therese is so beautiful vale. Beautiful pictures...
I like it....

Have a nice week Vale,
Big hug Jeanette

Herman Grans ♥ ha detto...

Looks good :)
Nice pictures too :)
Have a nice week! Regards Grete

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse ha detto...

Sorry it's been so long since my last visit. I feel so bad for you with no can be so frustrating with no contact. What did we ever do before the internet?

cecilia ha detto...

Qualora tu non avessi letto il commento, anch'io ti ho dato un premio! Guarda sul mio blog!

Salutoni Cecilia

jose ha detto...

What a lovely statue. She is the Lady with the roses, isn't it.?

Saluti Jose

Rummet för välbefinnande ha detto...

Ohhhh, I just love it!
Understand your happiness....
I´m working, working and working so I just wanted to say a quick hallo....
Take care!

Antonia ha detto...

I'm sorry to hear you still have internet problems at home. Here we have problems too with leaving comments. I love your Saint Therese, she was meant for you! Have a nice week, hug Antonia

Calou ha detto...

She is so beautiful .... I love her colors ....

Rosor och Spetsar ha detto...

She is really lovely St:Therese,
a really nice find. And I like your birdcage.
Love your garden, you have arranged it so nice in autumnstyle.

Fågel Blå ha detto...

Oh so beautiful this madonna!!!!!
I love!!!!
And so nice with this AWARD!!!!!
Have a nice day!

Bleudelavande ha detto...

Ciao Vale che meraviglia questa santa Teresa! Sai che è anche il nome della mia nonna materna a cui ero molto legata ed è anche il mio nome!!!
Un abbraccio e spero tu risolva presto i problemi con internet
(sono davvero odiosi, lo so, è capitato più volte anche a me!!!)

solene ha detto...

Quelle beauté cette Ste Thérèse ! c'est une jolie idée de l'avoir posée délicatement dans cette petite cage comme un abri précieux!
Merveilleuse mise en scène !
Bonne soirée Vale
A bientôt

cat ha detto...

hey Vale
This Ste thérèse is really beautiful charming !!
And if she remembers your grand mother's better !!
she is so pretty !! and in this cage ...with this flowers : I like that !!Wonderful like usually !
Have a good WE
Big hugs

Hege ha detto...

Just stopping by Vale!,
- hope you are well:-)
Have a nice weekend,
hugs Hege.

3 sous un parapluie ha detto...

so beautiful and "délicate" Ste Thérèse... j'aime cette mise en scène... Samantha

Anonimo ha detto...

I really love the Theresa figure, but
I think that she would feel better outside the cage!
I'm atheist, but this is quite shocking, like something that came from Silent Hill.
So free Theresa!
I really appreciate the fact that the figure is a memento of your Grandma.