giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Sweet Christmas!

I made some marzipan chocolates...I just adore dark chocolate...

...I'm addicted...

...different moulds for different shapes...

...home-printed wrapping papers...

...cardstock cones and labels...

...for you all a sweet Christmas!

Buon Natale!

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Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Dear Vale, I also wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! Be happy and enjoy your days!

Many hugs! Ingrid

All Seasons ha detto...

Hello dear Vale,

This chocolates, it smells good..

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Enjoy this wonderful days with the people you love..

manon 21 ha detto...


Kiss of France.


Myszka ha detto...

Merry Christmas Vale!!!

Mariette ha detto...

Dearest Valentina,

Just packed up my heart, rose and angel shaped home-made chocolates in bitter sweet with orange flavor! Yours looks yummy and the home printed wrapping papers look great. What paper did you use for it? Here in the USA one is very strict on what can and cannot get in touch with food...
Anyway, you always look so talented in whatever you produce!
Enjoy your time leading to the FINALE!

Mariette's Back to Basics

LENNU ha detto...

Merry Christmas Vale!
Hugs, Lennu

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

...and a special sweet Christmas to you too! They all look yummy to this chocoholic! :)

Nat la fée angevine ha detto...

Hi vale
Merry Christmas to you
Your post and your chocolates are both so sweet

Stina ha detto...

hey, hou van witte chocola maar op brood vindt ik puur lekkerder.

Fijne avond liefs Stina

lavendel mio ha detto...

Dear Vale
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year, love Hanne

Lynda ha detto...

Hi there Vale, long time no see!!!! Just in time to wish you and your loved ones a very merry christmas! Days filled with love!!!


It's me ha detto...

Merry christmas darling.......

Fijne kerstdagen !!!....geniet .....liefs van mij........dikke kerstknuffel......


Love Ria.....

Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Vale,I wish you and all your family Merry Christmas!!!
Have a very nice Christmas time!!!
Big hugs
With love

BELLE BLANC ha detto...

Dear Vale, I wish you a merry and bright christmas xoxo Mira!

desde my ventana ha detto...

Hello Vale,
This looks so delicious !!!
Buon Natale


Stella Pesci ha detto...

It all looks fabulous!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Big hugs,
Stella xx

Giulia ha detto...

Aahhh che acquolina!!
Buon Natale Valentina!

Weerspiegeling ha detto...

mmmmmmmmmm, dark chocolate, I love it!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year - ENJOY!

xx Anita

Corinne. ha detto...

Un Joyeux Noël pour toi et ta petite famille

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Hello dear Vale..

It looks wonderfull..and i am sure it taste delicous also..

i wish you a marry christmas..

Hugs Kerstin

Margie ha detto...

Merry Christmas Vale, may all your wishes come true. Big hugs, Margie.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones, dear Vale! Have a wonderful Christmas celebration!
Your chocolates look very yummy :-)!!!
Christmas hugs,

BELDECOR by Bine ha detto...

Dear Vale,
wishing you and your family wonderful christmas days
Warm hugs, Bine

Bonjade ha detto...

Oh Vale this looks delicious to me.......
Wishing you fine Christmas days.

Suzanne ha detto...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Vale!

delphcotecuisine ha detto...

Dear Val, I wish you a merry christmas ans sweet holidays.
Bises from France


pat ha detto...

tanti e poi tanti cari auguri di buone festivita' mia cara, ti auguro che questo Natale sia il piu' sereno possibile
ciao Pat

Johanna, St Raphael, Var ha detto...

Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ •。★Christmas★ 。* 。*
° 。 ° ˚* _Π_____*。*˚★ 。* 。*。 • ˚ ˚ •。★
˚ ˛ •˛•*/______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛★ 。* 。*★ 。* 。*
˚ ˛ •˛• | 田田|門|

irma ha detto...

Me too (dark chocolate).
Bises et joyeux Noël.

carreco ha detto...

Non seulement c'est une merveille pour les yeux mais en plus ça réveille les papilles
Bisous et Joyeux Noël
or can be :
Not only is it a wonder for the eyes but it also awakens the taste buds.
Merry Christmas. Co

vosges paris ha detto...

Allora passata un altro anno, spero che questo Natale ti senti gia meglio come ti avevo promessa
Buon Natale Vale x

Draffin Bears ha detto...

Dear Vale,

Just popped by to wish you and your family the best and happiest Christmas. I hope it is filled with the sweetest of blessings.
I am so grateful for your beautiful friendship.

Christmas hugs

C De-sign ha detto...

Dear Vale
After e long time full of hard work... I am back to more pleasent days.... and for sure you have a soulmate in me...I too love dark cocolate.......... I want to wish you very nice fine holiday days! A big warm hug from me and a very cold and snowy landscape! C

Herman Grans ♥ ha detto...

Yum! Looks good :D Hope you have a great christmas :) Regards Grete

Ele ha detto...

Lovely Christmas decoration as every time and so nice sweets.
Have merry Christmas time Vale

hugs Gabriele

Karin ha detto...

Dear Vale,
Enjoy the last days of the year, it's always a special time.

Laeriss ha detto...

Joyeuses Fêtes ! Bises de Provence.

pat ha detto...

ti auguro di terminare bene quest'anno ma di iniziare quello nuovo ancora meglio e che possa esaudire tutti i tuoi desideri
ciao Pat