mercoledì 17 dicembre 2008

Christmas trees!

This year I've made two Christmas tree...a big and traditional one, as my daughter required, and a little one with the decorations I made for my web-shop. The big one, in the sitting room, will host all the Christmas gifts of my family...the little one, decorates another sitting room in "my area" of my mother's home.

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Kerstin ha detto...

Lovely christmas treesO=)

Hug Kersin

Tone ha detto...

So nice!
I see that all of you my foreign blogfriends already have decorated your tree for xmas. Here in Norway we decorate it the 22 or 23rd of December. We have bought the tree, it is in the garage, waiting...
We have been out on a restaurant today, with Lars` parents and sister with family. It was a present from us for their birthdays this autumn.
Today I have had a lady cleaning my house (as I use to have every second wednsday) - so tomorrow Ill start decorate for xmas.
all the snow has rained away, very funny,.....I am so mad.
I want this xmas feeling!!

Have a nice day (well, now its night...)

MiaMaria ha detto...


Lovely christmas tree...

Congratulations to your Kreativ Blogger Award!!!!!

Have a nice day tomorrow....

a.o. ha detto...

Mi piacciono tutti e due!!!
un bacio

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

The first christmas tree looks like a real Disney-tree! The one where Donald Duck´s dog chases the squirrels! You know which one I mean?
The other christmas tree is a completely different style... Your style! And its wonderful as well!

Vaniljdrömmar ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Very beautiful chrismastree!

Have a nice weekend!
Hug from Helene

Lockas lilla längtan ha detto...


I really like your pretty christmas trees. The hearts on your last picture.....they are so sweet!
You have a lovely blog and a cute cat too!


Min verden ha detto...

They are so beautiful. I have to make a little tree at my frontdoor I think. Hopefully I kan find one outside at the farm. Merry Christmas Vale. Hanne

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

O Christmas tree O Christmas tree how lovely are your branches!

kt ha detto...

what a lovely and chic christmas tree! i love little things! ktxxx

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
Come stai?? Your Christmas trees both look marvellous.....
have a wonderful last weekend before Christmas

vosgesparis ha detto...

Vale Auguri per un buon Nartale et un felice anno nuovo !

living fairy ha detto...

You also have a nice christmas and a great 2009!!!

greetings Marit