lunedì 14 settembre 2009


As I told you this has been a very special week end! Laura came to Italy and to visit me and Paola! It's been wonderful to meet her and her family! It's the first time I meet a blogfriend and it could't be better! Laura is a sweet and so nice girl and it'is a pity she lives so far...also her husband, sister and brother-in-law are so kind and pleasant...we never see each other but I feel like I've known them for a long time!

...they gave me and Paola some faboulous gifts...and so nicely wrapped...

...a lovely notebook, scented soaps, an elephant charm...

...these fantastic postcards with so gorgeous colours and illustrations...and the nice American magazine Where Women Create...I didn't know I've to study!!! But surely Laura &Co have been the best gift!!!
Thank you Laura! We're very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you!

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liven ha detto...

Spero che lei ë felice con la mia interpretazione :o)
Always nice to meet blogfriends!!


Suzy's Vintage Attic ha detto...

Hello Vale
So pleased that you all had such a good time. It is so nice when you feel that you connect with someone you have never met before. Laura does come across as being very nice. The gifts that they brought over are lovely, lucky girl!
Take care
Isabelle x

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Les rencontres de bloggueuses sont des moments rares à déguster sans modération.
Bisous de belle soirée.

Hilde Iren ha detto...

Good (new) friends are worth their weight in gold :)
- love the cards you got!
Have a happy week!
Hugs Hilde :)

Magny ha detto...

lovely to meet friends...
nive pictures...


Magny ha detto...

la ringrazio per sempe bello salut!!!

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

I understand youhad a wonderful time with your blogfriend. And its sometimes like that... that you really know each other.
And what wonderful gifts they gave to you!

Nyanser av vitt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
Thank you for being in my competition.
So lovely gifts you have got from your blogfriend.
Take good care!
Best regards

Rostrose ha detto...

Hi Vale, I am so happy that you had such a wonderful time with Laura & Family!!! And so nice gifts!
Love, Traude

liven ha detto...

Have you heard about google translate?? :o)

anita ha detto...

Oh very lovely gifts you have!!!You are so lucky,you meet a blogfriend!!
Have a great evening!

Magdalena ha detto...

How wonderful that you had a great time durng visit of Laura.
Lovely gifts!
Wish you creative week,
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse ha detto...

I never doubted that you'd love Laura. She's a doll! Beautiful thoughtful gifts. You are going to love that's full of inspiring ideas and fabulously talented women. The Cavelini Papers of birds are wonderful too as all their products...funny enough they come from Italy!

~~♥ Mamma Millan ♥~~ ha detto...

Hello vale!!! Soo nice!!
I wisch you a happy week!!

Hugs Millan♥

white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale,


what for sweet presents. i think, it's a great idea, to meet people from the blog...
i will do it all the time, but i have no time in the moment. but someday ,o)

heartly hugs tine

Kerstin ha detto...

Wonderful...i`been reed about your meeting on her blog.. so exciting to meet other bloggers in live..
i wish you a wonderful week...
hugs Kerstin

beige & blanc ha detto...

you had a lovely time with your blog friend and I m happy for you. All the gifts are so nice.

G-style ha detto...

Hello Vale ,

so nice you had such a wonderfull weekend !
It seems to me very exciting to meet blogfriends in real ..............
Have a nice week
big hug from Gea

Anita ha detto...

How nice and exciting to meet a blogfriend.And what a nice time you've had.You must be special too, to be given such nice presents!
Cherish this friendship, it's special!
Greetings Anita.

Tone ha detto...

Hi Vale!
So nice to hear that a meeting with a blogfriend turned out nice!!
This is my experience too!!

Autumn is coming up here in Norway.
I am off work for a while now... - and hope the sun will shine and give me energy some months this autumn.

Wishing you a nice week!
Love from Tone

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hello Vale,so happy you can be who met a friend for life, and what beautiful things they had with them.
Hugs to you/Ingela.

Liliana Lucki ha detto...

Bellisimo tu blg.


Rita ha detto...

Ciao, finalmente il mio primo blog in Italia! Looks great
Mammabellarte dalla California

vomFeental ha detto...

Fabulous things you show here, I like them very much!
Best wishes

Anonimo ha detto...


Val ha detto...

Ces cartes postales sont vraiment magnifiques,je suis certaine que ton bon gout va savoir les mettre en valeur dans ta maison!