mercoledì 2 settembre 2009

Week end events in Lucca

Two nice events this week end in Lucca...Murabilia which is a wide exhibition and market of plants and flowers which takes place on the ancient walls around the town...

...the second hand market where everybody can sell old stuff or handmade crafts...LC will have a stall for the first time...we're excited!

September is a special month in Lucca...lots of events to celebrate the "Settembre Lucchese" and the "Holy Face"...but I'll tell more about this tradition in one on my next posts...I'll have a special surprise this year....

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Anonimo ha detto...

Sounds like an exciting place to be in September. I am sure your stall will be a great success. Have fun.

Something White ha detto...

Hello Vale,
that ´Settembre Lucchese´ sounds very interesting with its fleamarket. I hope you´ll have a great day with your own stand and that many visitors will come and buy! :D
Have a good afternoon, hugs,

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Avec l'automne qui approche, nous avons envie de redonner le sourire à nos jardins !
Je suis sûre que tu vas offrir des merveilles au tien !

sara på hedepipan ha detto...

Fun, i wisch i have more of that things to lock for. Have a nice time.
huggs sara

manon 21 ha detto...

profites de tout cela !
et tu vas nous faire envie...



Laura ha detto...

September certainly sounds like the time of year to be in Lucca...
:) Laura

Suzy's Vintage Attic ha detto...

Hello Vale

I look forward to your next post telling us all about it!
Take care
Isabelle x

Barbara ha detto...

Bellissimo il tuo blog Valentina!
Raffinato, delicato e molto accogliente!
In bocca al lupo x il mercatino anche se, sono certa, andrà benissimo!

Un abbraccio

Fabulously french ha detto...

Sounds fabulous, wish that I could come. I will try and make it next year :-)

I am sure that your stall will be fabulous.

Leeann x

anita ha detto...

You must have a good time this week end with your stand,many people and sun, and enjoy!!
Have a nice week end!

LillaFlisan ha detto...

Good Luck on the market!

I'm sure You'll be a success!



Millas hem ha detto...

It´s so fun with traditions like that!


bikim ha detto...

It's sounds great fun, dear Vale!! Wish i could be there! Take care and can't wait for photos,

Kerstin ha detto...


It`s sounds very excting to be in Luca in september...
I look forward to se pictures..
Hugs Kerstin

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

September in your town sounds like an Fantastic place to be. I Know you vil make succses. I vaiting fore the suprise. Hawe a huge time of laughf and fun. Love Jeanette

Anonimo ha detto...

Ciao Vale, in bocca al lupo per il mercatino.

Regina ha detto...

Hi Vale,

good luck on the market!!!!!


B E L D E C O R ha detto...

Dear Vale,
I am sure that you will have a great day one the market. A own stall sounds really exciting...
Have fun
Hugs Bine

guja ha detto...

Che bella iniziativa!!!Lucca è ho un dolce ricordo!!!

~~♥ Mamma Millan ♥~~ ha detto...

You seem to have a lovly time in Luca..whit all markets...enjoy it!

Kram Millan♥

liven ha detto...

Have a nice day om the market!!!!

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Bella,
it must be great to be in Lucca in autumn.....not too hot..How was your second hand year I`ll come and bring all my old many meters is your stall long??? 4o metres??? No, I need more!!!...:-))
Have a nice weekend

Modern Country ha detto...


Have a fabulous time this weekend! I am a bit jealous I have to say, the thought about nice weather and market sound too tempting!

I am looking forward to hear more about the tradition in Luca, you know how much I love the Italian culture.

Many thanks Vale for all your messages, you are the sweetest, hugs