domenica 27 dicembre 2009

Gifts and projects

The iron lantern and the high mercury glass one are the gifts my children gave me for Christmas...

's been a long time I'd like to reproduce mercury glass by myself...finally I found some suggestions on the web and I tried...

....silver leaves and special glue...I made also two fabric pom pom...

...simple projects for festive days!

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maría cecilia ha detto...

Vale, wow!!! your children do know their mother preferences, those are great gifts!!!!
Mercury glass... is it a very thin and delicate glass, like the old christmas balls?
Hope you had a wonderful christmas.
Maria Cecilia

Laura ha detto...

Hi Vale!
Beautiful gifts from your children! I love the lantern especially! You have so much energy and talent...I can't believe all that you do! Are you going to celebrate the New Year someplace special? I hope you have fun whatever you do!
:) Laura

Barbara Jean ha detto...

these are beautiful

barbara jean

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Hi Vale,
your children have a wonderful taste - i love silver -
hugs Ruth

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

You've got beautiful gifts from your children!

I wish you a nice sunday...!

Lovely greetings from me!! Ingrid

beige & blanc ha detto...

what a beautiful gift from your children, I love the mise en scene with your home made ponpon.
Have a nice sunday.

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Ravissants présents qui mettent la maison en joie et en lumière !
Bisous de beau dimanche.

liven ha detto...

Beautiful gifts!!
I have also a lantern like this....from my trip to Copenhagen :o)
Have a nice day Vale :o)

Sharka ha detto...

Hello Vale,
you´ve got very nice gifts from your children! But really I admire your wonderful Christmas atmosphere. You beautifully wrapped gifts and Christmas table is served too perfectly and is so huge! I hope that you enjoyed the Christmas holidays and I wish you Happy New Year, and a lot of inspiration and ideas for your always beautiful arrangements:-). See you, Sharka.

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Lovely lanterns you have... Hope you enjoyed the christmas and the days after... Here ithas come alot of is so beautiful..

Wish you a nice day...

Hugs Kerstin

Home and garden ha detto...

Very nice !
I like mercury glass and yours are wonderful !

Passé Présent Recomposé ha detto...

Bonjour Val,toutes ces petites lanternes sont ravissantes, goûts exquis, comme d'habitude... Bon dimanche. A très bientôt. Johanna

essemia ha detto...

Beautiful. Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

BELDECOR by Bine ha detto...

Dear Vale,
I hope you spent wonderful Christmas with your familiy, wonderful gifts you receive from your children.
Best wishes for the next year. I'm looking forward to see your wonderful creative projects, they are always so inspiring.
Warm hugs

Iris Barcelos ha detto...

Feliz ano novo.....beijos.

Irma ha detto...

Hello Vale,

I've enjoyed your blog.
I hope many more of your beautiful posts.
I wish you and your family all the good things of the world for the new year.

Dear greetings from Irma

Tone ha detto...

Really liked your iron lantern!
Haven`t seen anything like it before!
What do you eat for xmas dinner??
We have pork rib, and all that stuff I`m sure you know all about.

Even more snow has come...and my husband are outside trying to get rid of some of it... - I am happy we have a big garage for both the cars so we dont have to dig them out of the snow everytime we are going away...

Have a nice day - this three days we work between 10 - 14, lovely!!

Tone ha detto... the way . lovely table you made !!

Patricia ha detto...

Very very nice Vale !!!!
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!
Blesings and hugs....

Gaia ha detto...

You are the best!
Even Mercury Glass!??

Love everything you make...but I've already told you!

Rostrose ha detto...

Your "simple projects" look great, dearest Vale!!!
Hugs, Traude

Magny ha detto... you understand norwegian??

Silvia ha detto...

Ciao Vale!
Sei troppo gentile con i tuoi commenti al mio blog. Grazie, mi fanno sempre troppo piacere. Per me è sempre un onore ricevere una tua visita. Complimenti,le tue foto sono stupende, anche il tuo albero, che dire delle tue confezioni regalo? Una meraviglia totale!!!

Magny ha detto...

Ok, I understand...
was just wondering, you know...
christmasgreetings magny

LENNU ha detto...

Hi Vale!

Beautiful laterns you have. Your children have a wonderful taste.
Best wishes for the next year.

I´ve enjoyed your blog.

Warm greetings, Lennu from Finland

Ele ha detto...

Dear Vale,

you and yyour familiy a wonderful and happy New Year full of love and inspiration!

Hugs and kisses

lavendel mio ha detto...

So beautiful gifts,they really know what you like:)
Hug Hanne

anita ha detto...

lovely table for Christmas Vale!!!
and your gifts from your children are very georgous!!
good evening!

Nyanser av vitt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
Thank you so much.
What lovely pictures you are showing.
No not a sun trip, only a little one to a Butterflyhouse here with tropical climat inside.
Take care

Ainosofia ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Ainosofia ha detto...

Dear Vale,

Beautiful candles of light.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I also hope for you my friend of blogland very happy new year.
We´ll see again :)

Ainosofia (Fin)

Tracey ha detto...

Seriously WOW!!! You made your own mercury glass??!! I'm sooooo's my favorite! You rock my friend!!! :)

:) T

koralee ha detto...

Everything looks so so lovely...I adore mercury glass...I would of never thought to make it myself. Hope your Christmas moments where filled with many blessings.

Anonimo ha detto...

Dear Vale,
thank you so much for your comment. I like your blog very, very much but I have many problems with my english. I understand it very good, but when i must write it, it is very bad!!!!
I wish you a wonderful new year!!!!
Hugs Barbara

Ulla-Kristiina ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Your blog is so intresting, that I join your reader.
Your gifts are wonderful from your children.
I wish you a happy new year!!!

Hugs / Ulla-Kristiina

zinkbaljan ha detto...

Hello my friend!!!
; =)

Hope it's good with you! I also wish you a Happy New Year!


Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Vale, your photos is very beautiful!!! I wish you and all your family a wonderful and happy new year 2010!!!

Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

Happy New year to you too Vale. It was such a long time since I saw your blog so I had to spend sometime here :) What a surprise with snow. You saw that we have a lot more now and -20 :)))) I do like you - long for the spring. I will never forget when we was outside Milano (Lecco - Lago di Como) - and the spring came the weekend we spend there. It was fabulos. Everyone was happy and out in the streets. Hope we go to Italy next summer. "See you soon". H.

A home far away ha detto...

I wish you a Happy New Year!
Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

Älskar sött/ Unik kollektion ha detto...


And I wish you the most wonderful happy new year ever!! =)

Love your pictures and your crafting!! =)

Take care..lots of love Malin xoxo

Anonimo ha detto...

Cara Vale,

Adorable - as always. Ti augoro un Buon Anno, cara! Hope to see you in person next year. Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

Ulla-Kristiina ha detto...

Thank you for visiting in my blog.

I wish you a Wonderful New Year!!!