martedì 15 dicembre 2009

LC's loft!

This is the reason why I could't have time for blogging in the week end! they are some photos of our Christmas sale...

..the loft belongs to my friend and "business partner" Paola...

...we set it as a showroom for LC...

...we welcome friends and costumers all day long on Sunday...

...showing and selling our products...

...drinking tea and eating handmade cakes...

...chatting and wrapping Xmas gifts...

...we'd like to have all you here...but we know that most of you live too far!

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beige & blanc ha detto...

I'd loved to be with you, so lovely things.
hope eveythings have been sold !!
Have a nice day.

@nne ha detto...

Unfortunately you are a little bit too far away to drop by. Your X-mas fair is lovely. Have a nice day!@nne

La Flotte ha detto...

What a lovely things you made, it all looks so great!
I hope you sold a lot!

I hope you recieve today your package!
Have a nice day.


Marie-Ange ha detto...

Tu exposes des merveilles !
Je te souhaite beaucoup de succès.
Bisous du coeur.

sara på hedepipan ha detto...

Wow, the cristmas tree its so wondwerful, and the lamps decoration. Ita fun that even its 200 miles so are the decoration like.
I like tha blanket in the closet.
You have a good feelings for christmas decoration. You meke me to wane make more dekoration here at home.
I havent realy understand weare you living?
Here its snowing and the tractor are taking it away trom the roads.
Hope the snow stay too christmas, we havent have a white christmas at ten yeas. I dont now if the climate are making this.
I have a dream too make the home white but my man dont like too make complete white. And i have some inherit piece of furniture i like.
A old piano my father got when he was fous years and he its siste seven now.
I cant play but the children like to have fun with it.
I haved try to make surroundings so laigh as poseble.
Just now i have too wrap in the gifts and they gone get with a old feelings.
I am sick listed for a year so i have taime to make me feels good to make my home to a comfortable place. My mentality need that. I have a fragile personality. My feelings are not like i want too have it. but i am on terapi so its like i life againe.
2008 wosent i home them a wose in hospital, but this yeare i am home so its gone be a good week.
I work at a teacher and like my job.
Iam merried to a man and have two children, tree and four years old.
Live in a city, in a hosuse from 1977.
i am 30 years old.

that was a litel about me
Hope yue have a nice week.
huggs sara

BELDECOR by Bine ha detto...

Dear Vale,
oh, I'm sooo amazed from your wonderful Christmas Fair.... So sad that we live so far away... Hope you have had a lot of fun...
xxx Bine

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Hi Vale
How I'd love to be there also. To see your fine wares, spend time with new friends and of course.. just to return to Ialia!! Un altro giorno!! Ciao xx Julie

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Vale, die Sachen sind so wunderbar....da könnte ich mich gar nicht entscheiden. Ganz toll eine schöne Woche wünsche ich dir. Ganz liebe Grüße Tanja

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Ooh.. I was dreaming of Italia so much I forgot to tell you how much I love that little Christmas Tree... back to dreaming...

Corinne. ha detto...

Dommage que tu sois si loin ton expo est magnifique et tu fais de si jolies choses, je suis sur que j'aurais trouvé mon bonheur parmis toutes tes merveilles !

irma ha detto...

Jolis sacs avec pochoirs!

Nyanser av vitt ha detto...

Oh I would have loved to be there Vale.
Please be welcome to my lottery. A nice Christmas neckless with belonging ear rings

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

I wish too, that I could come and visit you!
A lot of wonderful things on the pictures!

liven ha detto...

I think I would like to be there!!!!
Lovel y pictures of your beautiful things!!
Hugs :o)

Bonjade ha detto...

Wish I could come to that lovely weekend once..... It looks so great. I hope you met a lot of nice new people.
I am sure this was a great succes.
Nice day

Laura ha detto...

Good morning Vale,
When I visited in September, Paola's loft space was so beautiful...light and airy...but now you girls have transformed it into a magical Christmas wonderland! I will close my eyes and click my heels together, make a wish and be there with you girls in just a second....
...hmmm... well, have a little cake for me!
...and have a wonderful day!
Lots of love, Laura

Anonimo ha detto...

ohh i would like to be there. too bad it is too far away. beautiful pictures.

Stella Pesci ha detto...

What a special place...everyone who came to visit and shop must have been so happy to be there! All of your creations look so beautiful, and filled with your spirit... The quality and care you put into each piece is very evident, and it all looks so inviting!
I wish I was there...thank you for sharing the day!
Buone Feste!
Stella xxx

Federica ha detto...

Oh my God! It's a dream or reality?
I see sooo many beautiful things there!
I could buy everything!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

perchè nel tuo blog non c'è la possiilità di inserire la traduzione in italiano???
è tutto così bello, ma anche così complicato da capire... non ti dico gli anni di studio della lingua inglese ... ma i miei risultati sono disastrosi ...
ciao Claudia

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

I'm very happy for you it was a great success. Your stuff is beautiful!!

Nice day!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

You had so many lovely items for sale, Vale! I wish I would had been able to come by!


seasons of my house ha detto...

Much too far indeed :-( But what a beautifull things I see in the pictures, took some time to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing. Now it's as if I've been there (a little..)

Stora och små drömmar ha detto...

Hi All things on you photos look so lovely I wish that you diden`t live so far away I hope you will have a great day hugs jessica

Anonimo ha detto...

I`ll be there!!! (in my dreams:o))
Good luck!!!

Hugs from me..

Tone ha detto...

You KNOW I would like to be there with you Vale! -
I stay up late every night now - cleaning, baking cakes, - normal xmas traditoins every day. Kids schoolplays - singing, St.Lucia, ... - you know......
Midnight coming up here... "oh holy night" on the cd-player, candles burning down - and one exhausted mother (me...) - but soon it will look like xmas in my house as well.
good night... Tone

Tone ha detto...

hi again...
I was just describing the hurry and all the things to do in decembre before xmas.... - some thoughts about why we struggle and clean houses, baking, making, schoolstuff etc....kind of a big circus actually.... -

elmundodetrapito ha detto...

hola valentina que bueno lo del mercado tantas cosas bellas aca en argentina hay muchos negocios de antiguedades entro siempre y me acuerdo de vos si vieras las cosas que hay te dejo cariño y muy feliz navidad para toda tu familia y vos

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...


I wish i could be there Vale.. very much... lovely photoes...

Take care..

Hugs kerstin

Stora och små drömmar ha detto...

Merry X mas and happy new year hugs jessica

Nat la fée angevine ha detto...

How wonderful it was ? I do love everything mainly the Christmas trees with all the decorations !! Congratulations for your weekend of sales. Sure you did have many people. Sad to be so far from there !! Speak to you soon in a next post. Nathalie

~~♥ Mamma Millan ♥~~ ha detto...

Hello Vale!!
Thanks för youre nice regards!!!

So lovly christmas sale!!! So many beautifuk things!!
Lovly lanterns to!!!


Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...

Absolutely stunning, such beautiful items for sale. Oh I would love to see it one day..!

Lilla Blanka ha detto...

Hi Vale!

Mamma Mia, everything is gorgeous!!!
I wish I could go to Italy right away :)

And the paper lanterns..what a wonderfu idea, I love them!!!

Have a wonderful week

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hi, yes, what if I lived closer to you or at least in the same country .where I had visited you directly. Such beautiful things you have done and so much. Hope you could sell a lot.Many Hugs to you / Ingela.

Suzy's Vintage Attic ha detto...

Hello Vale

Waht wonderful things for sale! I spotted several things that I would love to have bought had I been there.
It looks like it was a perfect event!

Warm wishes
Isabelle x

Anne Marie ha detto...

yes, I live too far! too bad....
thanks for such a sweet comment at the farm are so nice.

anita ha detto...

oh georgous this show room!!!I'd like be there, everythink is beautiful!
This evening we have feel snow !!!
many hugs

Rita ha detto...

Bellissimo,love your peeks. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

*Ulrike* ha detto...

Such a nice shop for visiting even if it is through your blog! So many nice things offered.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Gaia ha detto...

Ma dov'è questo posto da sognO!
Meraviglioso il postoperfetto dove fare acquisti in vista della mia casina...!