giovedì 11 febbraio 2010

Hanging twine holder

Back to metal! I'm dreaming to come back gardening...

...I try to take garden inside filling my home with bulbs...

...metal labels...

...and my last chickenwire project...hanging twine holder...this's a you think it's a good idea for LC shop???

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Kristin ha detto...

So nice flowers! Reminds me of spring which I really look forward to! You have a beautiful blog!!

xoxo, Kristin

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Yes, it could be a very good idea! I like your creations!

Sleep well!!

Lovely greetings, Ingrid

Rummet för välbefinnande ha detto...

Ohhh, it´s a great idea! You are so creative!
And I really like the bulbs, especially in white!!!!
Wish you a nice week-end. Take care!

Desde mi ventana ha detto...

Wonderful, I like so much, and the flowers illuminate us this long and cold winter.
Good friday Vale,

nat la fée angevine ha detto...

Good idea for sure Vale, this is really nice
Your pictures are telling us that spring is not so far!! Even it's hard to think it at that time !!
Your white muscaris are wonderful. I do like this flower, the light blue ones also.
Have a nice weekend

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Lovely Vale... oh Ye... I`m dreaming about the summer and gardening too...
this weekend it is a day for all the mothers... do you have a day like that?

Wish you a wonderful weekend..
*Hugs Kerstin

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Hello the favourite Vale,
with you the spring is so nice quite properly drawn....
I have a question to your last great post.
Do you also sell the little bags of perfume?????
If interest had in it.
Completely lots of love,

manon 21 ha detto...

Très envie de voir ces petits bulbes fleurir chez moi aussi.

Bon weekend ,neigeux ici.


LENNU ha detto...

Hi Vale!
A very nice!
It could be fantastic idea for LC shop, positively!

Lovely day to you Vale!
Warm greetings, Lennu

FEDERICA ha detto...

Bellissimi i fiori!!
Ti auguro un dolce weekend :-)
P.s.Non perderti il giveaway oggi!

Trädgårdsmakaren ha detto...

Lovely bulbs of course,
and your little signs are really the best:-))

Bon weekend

cat ha detto...

What a beautiful idea for your shop!! it's so charming!!
I would like to go to the garden too but the weather is horrible at this moment...
For waiting, I'm creating...and finally the time is so quick!!!
Have a good day my Vale!

Modern Country ha detto...

Oh the Lavender pillows are gorgeous Vale!! The smell of Lavender is wonderful, and I can`t wait to the season of blooming again. So relaxing and fresh. A couple of pots filled with bulbs are so inviting, today I will too decorate with some greenergy. I guess the spring is already arrived where you live??

Happy weekend Vale, have fun!!
Hug, Aina

BROCANTE ha detto...

Yes - I think the chicken wire basket is very nice! My only concern is that it may loose the shape as the chicken wire is not very strong.... Maybe if you have a thicker wire around the edges....???

Butterfly ha detto...

Beautiful spring images, makes me want to do some of my own - and tidy up my poor unkempt Wintery garden x

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Pas encore prêtes à fleurir chez moi, alors j'admire chez toi !
C'est délicieux ...
Bisous du coeur.

It's me ha detto...

Hello Valentina

I found your blog ! and oooo i like it verry much!!

What a nice pictuers.........beautiful !!

I come back very soon have a nice weekend,..........and i put you in my followers list !

Please come back and visit my blog ! your welcome

Greetz Ria

Passé Présent Recomposé ha detto...

C'est beau!!! à bientôt Vale !!!! Bizou. Johanna

Renate ha detto...

Så kreativt og nydelig!! Du har virkelig grønne fingre og skaper vårstemning...

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
I also think your idea beautifully - your white grape hyacinth are great
- best wishes - Ruth

Marge ha detto...

Absolutely, it is wonderful idea to LC shop!!! Very beautiful!! I like it!

Oh, your pictures are full of spring time, so beautiful bulbs!:)

Have a wonderful Valentine day to you, my dear friend!!!:))

Hugs, Marge

daniela rota nodari ha detto...

Ciao,che piacere conoscerti!!!
hai un blog fantastico...le tue Creazioni e le tue foto sono deliziose....
Il tuo Arturo è un amore!!!
Ora divento subito tua sostenitrice!!!
Kisses :)
Daniela da Milano

daniela rota nodari ha detto...

Ciao,che piacere conoscerti!!!
hai un blog fantastico...le tue Creazioni e le tue foto sono deliziose....
Il tuo Arturo è un amore!!!
Ora divento subito tua sostenitrice!!!
Kisses :)
Daniela da Milano

Chrissy ha detto...

Oh man do you have talent!!!!! So lovely,Chrissy

Gaia ha detto...

Ciao !
Avrò , forse da chiederti un consiglio sulla rete! Sto pensando di rifare un mobile e...cmq
appena l'avrò sistemato ti faròà sapere!
Buon weekend!

Gaia ha detto...

Allora ti prendo in parola ! ti consulterò!
Buon weekend!

red ticking ha detto...

darling twine holder and those grape hyacinths are my favorite... so smart to start them inside... i am going to do that! just love your blog... xx pam

kt ha detto...

just to say hello to my lovely friend, vale!

i love white grape hyacinth, too.
they are looking like dreaming,
aren't they?

have a romatic weekend!


Espresso ha detto...

I love spring flowers :D

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Hi Vale
I love this little basket creation with it's cute metal nameplate!! I think it could be used for a myriad of ideas... inside or out! Have a great weekend xx Julie

Fågel Blå ha detto...

Hello ohhh så lovely pictures, I love them!
J hope you a very nice weekend!
Many hugs to you!

@nne ha detto...

Really springtime in your house. Nice weekend, @nne

LENNU ha detto...

Happy Valentine day to you Vale!
Big Hugs, Lennu!

beige & blanc ha detto...

I really love your propotype, I'm sure it's a goo idea for your shop.
Have a nice week end.

Ps : I do speak a little chinese.

seasons of my house ha detto...

Thanks for your kind words and your warm hugs. It means a lot to me.
Love, Karin

Amanda ha detto...

Hi Vale
Your pots of bulbs are so lovely. Makes me think I really should get myself organised next spring!
I found your blog via Leeann's as she gave us both her 'happy' award.

Anonimo ha detto...

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Anonimo ha detto...

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