lunedì 9 marzo 2009

Lemons harvest!

Sunny day and lemons harvest! A friend of mine has this gorgeous plant...more than a plant... it's a tree!

Now I've to make some candies dipped in dark chocolate!
Have a sweet week!

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Tone ha detto...

Ah!!! I had to show my husband the lemons....and when you write candies dipped in dark chocolate I almost fainted...haha!!

Have had an evening meeting - from 19 - 22, and I have a headache - typically me...

Sleep well!

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

A lemontree...
What a dream ;) Here it`s too cold to grow lemons....
Such beautiful pictures :))
Enjoy your candies ;)

Hugs, Kari

Linea Verde 2 ha detto...

ciao vale,

bella e deliziosa e la Mimose uno splendido edificio.
per noi è freddo e maltempo.

bacci e abbraccio

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Hallo, i find such lemon shrubs really entchanting.But i do not stand on sour i separate dear sweet.The third photo looks superfirst class.See you soon,Elke.

Naija ha detto...

i would like to have my own lemon hubby loves

Federica ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
ma che meraviglia questa pianta di limoni! Complimenti per le foto! Hai dei trucchi da suggerirmi per farle belle così?

Welkom ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

Ooo you are so lucky, it's so much warmer in your country. I remember (when i still lived in Milano) that we would go up to Bolzano for the weekend and it would be nice and warm (sometimes you could where a t-shirt) there!
I loveeee the pictures!!

Hugs Anita

Hilde Iren ha detto...

Oh! so beautiful! Its almost so I can smell the lemons. Lucky you :)
Have a fabolus day!
Hilsen Hilde

LillaFlisan ha detto...

Oh, my Lord!!!

What a tree!!!!

For us Swedes a lemon-tree is just so lovely and exotic!!!!



Sandra... ha detto...

Your friend has a beautiful tree♥♥
Your photos are so wonderful, congrats!!
Hava a nice day♥

mieletcannelle ha detto...

Belle semaine à toi chère Vale, qu'elle soit douce et pleine de joie !
Je suis en admiration devant ce gigantesque citronnier .... malheureusement pour moi, il ne pourrait pas aussi bien pousser sous mon ciel breton : dommage pour moi !
Gros bisous et à bientôt.

Anonimo ha detto...


Holy smoke... What a lemon tree! Stupendo! And the harvest! Lovely photo, as usual. I'm off for Stockholm this week - SNOW! We have wonderful weather here, though a bit cold. A presto... Bacione, Ingrid

white-vintage ha detto...


this is absolut amazing...this is really Spring Time..wunderful..i really feel better now..Hhmm-citrus..

Big hugs Tine

Heidi ha detto...

Sounds SO good *nam*

Basket arrived today! Thank you so much it was like it should be!

Take care

Vackra Magnolia Och Bland Mina Busiga Barn ha detto...

Hello my wonderful friend!
What fun you looked in to my blog, I hope you feel good? you have also an astonishing blog! I will definitely follow your blog! Have a continued nice Tuesday evening Kam Tina

amaryllis ha detto...

WOW... lucky you,....
I have a small one which I have in my allotment house and I hope it will survive the winter, but not sure, it has been a cold winter down to -11c.
Have a nice week

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hello,Is it true, hhat wonderful lemon tree, so nice to pick a lemon from his own trees.
Have a nice week, hug/Ingela.

milly Garden ha detto...

Hi, thanks for visit me! Now i find your blog! So wonderfull lemontree! I can feel the amazing smell of fresh lemon!

Hugs Marina

casa nostra ha detto...

a lemon-tree reminds me to Italy, when we stayed there, we saw a lot of little lemon-trees and i really love these plants/trees. it's a pity that we cannot have them here.

vosges paris ha detto...

wow che meraviglia quel ultimo fot!

villa extra ha detto...

I have never seen a lemon tree!! it is gorgeous...and those colours are just perfect!! I think those lemons even smell delicious!!

Anneli ha detto...

That lemontree is amazing...and I really like those colors...yellow and fresh!!
I just took a look at your pictures from your trip to countryside...and realised again that i should live somewhere else...I´m a bit tired in this cold and snow...;)


Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

What a wonderful tree!
We have a small one,(it`s inside the house during the winter) but it hasn`t given any lemons yet... I hope it will, some day... But it´s not so big as this one, so I guess I´ll have to wait a few years.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest ha detto...

Hi Vale, How are you? That lemon tree is spectacular. Just yesterday I got a recipe off of another blogger's post for lemon sauce for gingerbread. I will buy some lemons tomorrow to make the sauce. Too bad I can't pick them from your friend's beautiful tree. :) Lynn

Tone ha detto...

Weather forecast for today:
Incredible blue sky - sun - birds singing - ....snow mealting (thank god...).!!

Camilla at home ha detto...

Sounds real good with the lemoncandy! Have a great day:)

Linea Verde 2 ha detto...

ciao vale,

grazie mille per il vostro amore desidero invitare. Vorrei prima vedere se vi è stata adottata.

una bella serata.
bacci e abbraccio

Hemma på Landet ha detto...

Oh..I will come and take one.;-) Hugs Stina

Gårdsromantik ha detto...

Ciao Bella!

Such a lovely lemontree!

Church town is beiing visited by 7 journalists from Italy one of them is writing for a report about Lapland that is planned for Donna Moderna - please let me know if you read it - I will ask them to tell me when its publiched.

Hughs Maud

mayeul and co ha detto...

Un bien joli rayon de soleil qui illumine notre cœur !

Something White ha detto...

Ah, this really gives Summer-feelings! I wonder if a lemontree would grow in our cold Belgium... :)