lunedì 9 marzo 2009

Old kitchen tools!

Some old aluminium pots and tools I found in a flea market...I like to play giving them another use than usual as a plant cache-pot or a candle holder...

Have a nice week end!!!

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Something White ha detto...

Nice pictures! I have outside also these aluminium pots with flowers in it. It looks so charming. Have a good day, Vale!

Federica ha detto...

Quante belle foto da cui trarre ispirazione! Sempre magnifico il tuo blog!
Buona giornata!

Naija ha detto...

I like the cakethings and that meatthing..grown up with these...

Moderncountry ha detto...

The old ones are the most beautiful ones!! And often they also work better. I find your world so charming :)

Have a wonderful new day!
Hugs Aina

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Hallo, very nice found from flea market.Beautiful things with a lovely charming.Love greetings and a nice day,Elke.

Sandra... ha detto...

Wonderful founds have you made in the market Vale!!! I ♥ this decoration, is so "cozy"!!
Thank you very much for your beautiful words on my blog♥♥
Have a great weekend my friend!

G-style ha detto...

Heej Vale ,
you gave that old aluminium pots and the other tools another reason to "live" for !!
I think you did a great job and the plants you used are beautiful ,you're soooo creative ,I always like your idea's.
Wish you a great weekend
big hug from Gea

Welkom ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

What a good idea of yours, to put plants in it!
I realy like the little cake forms!

Hugs Anita

lamaisondecampagne ha detto...

Hello Val !

Soo nice yours pictures, like always !!!


English style ha detto...

Heej Val,

How nice your pots and plants :-)
I like it very much !!
and as usually, you make some beaytifull pictures of it !
have a nice weekend !
Hug Yvon

annashusidingtuna ha detto...

Flowers look god in anyting it just takes the mind to figure out what to use!
Hug Anna

Welkom ha detto...

Me again, i think i resovled the problem of my blog update!
Now you can ectualy see that i posted a new message!
Thanks for telling me Vale.

Big Hugs Anita

MiaMaria ha detto...

Hello Vale!

Nice pots and tools....

I whish you a lovely weekend!

My Lovely Things ha detto...

Helo Vale.Thank you for your kindly comments in my blog..

You have very beutiful flowers in nice pots

Have a nice weekend!
hugs Anna

Ali ~ Betty & Violet ha detto...

Your blog is beautiful! I love all your photographs of your vintage 'finds'. I was lucky enough to visit Lucca many years ago ~ one of my favourite places in the world to visit is Tuscany...

LillaFlisan ha detto...

You give me such a springfever! Lovely pics!

Here in sweden we are so fed up with the snow and cold weather!
This morning it snowed yet again and I just wanted to scream!!!!


Have a nice weekend!



piitis ha detto...

Hello Vale!
I just love your blog. Beautiful photos and great inspiration:))
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs Piitis

mieletcannelle ha detto...

Coucou Vale,

quelle imagination débordante et surtout de très jolies façons de réutiliser de vieux ustensiles de cuisine !
Je te remercie de tes gentils commentaires et passe un superbe week end !
Plein de gros bisous et à bientôt...

Maria Gabriela Costa ha detto...

Que bella decoración, buen fin de semana, besos

casa nostra ha detto...

the pots and plants are very nice, it's a great idea! have a nice weekend.

PINK DAYS decohic de Karina M ha detto...

hermoso blog te felIcito¡

lamaisondecampagne ha detto...

haha thank you vale for your words !!

Have a nice WK


Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hello Vale,I love to put flowers in different things.Very nice and diffrent.
Many hugs to you/Ingela from Sweden.

livetpåfyran ha detto...

Nice things you have bought!! I like your pictures.

Have a nice week, hugs Pia

Catherine ha detto...

Just found your blog~It's fabulous! Filled with beautiful images, inspiration & lots of eye~candy! I love what you did with the old aluminum pots~I too love to use vintage items for something other than what they were originally made for!
It's been fun perusing your site, I will be back for more!:)