martedì 21 aprile 2009


Les Cotrions has received 2 awards in the last days and I'm very happy!!!
I'd like to thank my new friend Dolly of for the nice award she gave me before I've to tell you 7 things which make me smile...

1. Seeing my teen daughter preparing herself for a party
2. Seeing my 18 years old son happy to meet a new girlfriend
3. Meeting my friends every Saturday morning for a coffe
4. Buying new items for my web-shop together with my "business partner" Paola
5. Selling our items at the French flea markets
6. Joking with my friends
7. Making new creative projects

...and I'd like to thank my friend Isabelle of for this nice award she gave to Les Cotrions!

Well, now the more difficult part of the story...I've to give the first award to 7 blog friends and the second one to 8...It's a very difficult I've decided to give both of them to all of you, my friends! You're an important part of my life and it's a pleasure for me to read your posts and comments every day!

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white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale,


Isn't Renee sweet ??

and the other one is so funny...a little monkey..where make all these awards?? Did you now it??

Wish you all the best ;o)

Heartly Hugs tine

Bonnie ha detto...

Congratulations with your awards.
You deserved them really.
Nice evening

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Dear Vale,
my congratulation for the two "Awards".
Lots of love,

Welkom ha detto...

Vale, your blog is becoming one big award,.....and you diserve them!!
Hugs Anita

Sandra... ha detto...

Wowww, thank you very much and congratulations for your awards!!!
Good night my friend♥♥

lottens vita och gröna ha detto...

hallo vale, comgratulations to your awards, i agree your blog i special, lovely and sooo inspirating!
warmhug lotten

June ha detto...

This is the first time visiting your lovely blog. Your pictures are stunning. I love reading about your beautiful Italy. So different from the USA.

Fabiola ha detto...

Ohhhhh vale !! your lovely blog special congratulations for your awards!!! kisess my friend ...faby..

Living by Milla ha detto...

Congratulations to your awards! You really deserve them - your blog is fantastic.

Lots of hugs Camilla

English style ha detto...

Congratulations to this wonderful award !
greets Yvonne