giovedì 9 aprile 2009

Happy Easter!!!

I'm going to go to French Riviera during Easter holidays...a short break to recharge
low batteries! I hope for sunny days, flea markets and some shopping!

I wish you my friends and your families a nice and relaxing time for Easter!
See you next week!

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Bonnie ha detto...

Oh what a lovely pictures you made.
Did you painted the pink eggs yourselves????
They are such a beauty's......
How sweet in my favorite colour.
So enjoy your vacation and when you will be back your batteries will be full of we will enjoy again.
Happy easter

Kerstin ha detto...

Hello O=)

Wow so beautiful pictures... I wonder if you paint the pink eggs yourselves??
I love roses...
Enjoy your easter holidday... relax and have fun O=)
Hugs Kerstin

rosabeer ha detto...

Enjoy your vacation, have a good rest, a lot of nice flea market finds and a lot of sun.
Beautiful pictures. The pink eggs are lovely. My favourite color.
happy easter holiday.
ps. its good to hear from you afther the earthquakes in your country.

Lilla Blanka ha detto...

Ciao Vale!

Ohhh the Frech Riviera? I was sooo close to going there this weekend too, to Marseille, but something came up and I couln´t go :(

I hope you have a lovely time there, and that the weather is sunny and you find lots of fleamarketfinds!!!

Big hug and happy easter!

Ps lovely lovely eggs!

Welkom ha detto...

O you are so lucky to go to French, you are going to have such a good time!
Enjoy and take a good rest and bring home some beautiful pictures please!!
I also love the pink eggs, they are gorgeous!
Big hugs Anita

Federica ha detto...

Ciao Vale! Che fortunata che sei! Io per Pasqua non mi muovo da Bologna... :-(
Mi raccomando fai tante belle foto e tanto shopping in quei mercatini meravigliosi...
A presto!

dollystar ha detto...

Ciao Vale, Auguro a te e famiglia una Buona Pasqua e giorni felici in Costa Azurra
Un abbracio Dolly

white-vintage ha detto...

Dear Vale...

i wish you a wonderful weekend and sunny days for you're holidays...French Rivera was one of my most places in the world...i wish you really wonderful days ;o)

Heartly Hugs and Happy Easter


Naija ha detto...


lovely eggs have great journey dont forget to bring home beautiful photos of your journey :)
happy easter

Elins tittskåp ha detto...

Lovely pictures, so full of springtime och expectation. Wish you a very nice trip to France och a happy easter.

By the way, is there any good fleamarkets near Lucca or in the surrondings? We are going to stay in Camaiore.

Hugs Birgitta

Suzy's Vintage Attic ha detto...

Lucky Girl, have a lovely break! Look forward to finding out where you have been when you return. I lived 10 years down there and have good memories.
Hope you come back feeling relaxed and recharged.
Happy Easter!
Isabelle x

Heidi-anitha ha detto...

Happy Easter time..Wish you the best for this lovely days..

Beautyfull eggs you have made..Always so much inspiration in here. You are so clever...

Big big hugs White vintage

Vackra Magnolia Och Bland Mina Busiga Barn ha detto...

Hello my friend!

Just want to wish you a lovely Easter weekend lots of hugs Tina

manon 21 ha detto...

bienvenue en France!
et bonne chance pour les brocantes.


~ ♥ LISBETH ♥~ ha detto...

Happy Eater. I wish you a wonderful weekend at the French Riviera!

zinkbaljan ha detto...

Hello my wonderful friend. I wanted to wish you a happy-Easter. I hope it will be great! Hugs to you my friend!

Anonimo ha detto...

thank you for a nice comment too, and for your visit,good easter and have a good holidays!Ciao

me, myself, I ha detto...

Superbe post - beautiful photos... The pink eggs are sublime...
Happy Easter!
Enjoy your visit - don't miss L'isle sur la Sorgue brocante at Easter w/end - it's the best :)

Karin i Villa Grå ha detto...


How nice to go to the French riviera! I hope you´re having a great time!

Love your pictures and the sweet comments you write. Have a happy easter!


LillaFlisan ha detto...

I'll wish you a really happy easter!



Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you Vale... an A Happy Eastern to you and your family as well:o)) Enjoy the Riviera:o)))

I love your decorations!!beautiful!!!

Hugs from Bea

Heaven and Earth ha detto...

Hi Vale!!

Such lovely photos you share with us today!!
I just adore the eggs with red paintings on them!!! Mmmmm...

I wish you a Happy Easter at the riviera!! Sounds lovely!!!
Lots of sun, good Food and Family!!
I´m sure it will recharge your batteries!!

Big Easter Hug!!!

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

I also wish you a nice restful Easter party.Would go immediately with you on the flea market.If it allows to see us please which treasures you gets hold has.
Warm hugs,

Anonimo ha detto...

Buona Pasqua anche a te! Lucky you to recharge batteries on the riviera! Enjoy and come back with new energy! Bacione, Ingrid

dollystar ha detto...

Ciao Vale
Dal mio blog c' é premio per te. Mi raccomando solo che devi ripassare a altri piu 7 che ti sono piu apprezzati e rispondere 7 cose che ti fanno sorridere.
Un abbraccio Dolly

Laura ha detto...

Oh my...the French Riviera....sounds wonderful! Happy Holidays! Happy Easter! I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful time.
Be well, Laura

casa nostra ha detto...

happy easter to you and have a good time in France.

Lockas lilla längtan ha detto...

Hi Vale!

A happy easter to you and your loved ones! The French riviera.. ohh lucky you! Love all your pretty eggs did you paint them???

Hugs Veronica

jeanette ha detto...

oohh..wauw you are going loading your batteries in france! can i go with you? i wish you a very nice easter holiday!
hug jeanette...

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Vale!

Your Easter basket is one of the most wonderful I've seen. It makes me happy :D

Hope you have a lovely time in the French Riviera.

Big Easter hug!

Camilla Fedrigotti Curti ha detto...

Ciao! Avete un blog bellissimo! L'ho scoperto per caso. Tra qualche settimana desidero ristrutturare il mio, ma se nel frattempo volete venirmi a trovare...un caro saluto, Camilla

Gårdsromantik ha detto...

Wonderful things you are showing!

Happy Easter Holiday in France - wish I was there.

Hughs Maud

Madeleine ha detto...

Lucky you, can you take me with you. Please ;) Have a lovely weekend in France. Lovely pictures as usual. =) Take care! Hugs Madeleine

Heidi ha detto...

Tsau my dear <3

Also for you relaxing easter! Im sorry that I havent comment anything for a long time but my family have been ill a long time :/ but now everybody start to be okey =)

It would be nice to meet someday!?



I wish you a nice stay in my beautiful region ! yes I live in the French Riviera ! I wish you a very good & relaxing easter Holidays. Enjoy ! Take care, Hugs

Fabiola ha detto...

all you have very nice especially the red eggs are my favorite flowers smell like I have a tree outside my house in spring colors of yellow soil kiss faby

amaryllis ha detto...

HAPPY EASTER my frienad

English style ha detto...

Dear Vale,

ENJOY your Break !!!
With lots of sunshine !
Lovely photo's you have here, these eggs are so beautiful !
Happy Easter

warm hugs Yvon

Anonimo ha detto...

Hoi Vale, those pink eggs are wonderful ! Did you make them yourself? And how did you do it ?
Wishing you a Happy Easter or as we say it: Vrolijk Pasen.
Greetings, Janneke.

Margie ha detto...

Happy Easter Vale, thank you for leaving your lovely comment and wishes on Margie's Crafts. I hope you have a fabulous time on the Riviera (my spiritual home), and I also hope that the Easter bunny brings you some lovely treats. hugs Margie.

Ele ha detto...

My dear Vale,

enjoying your wonderful flowers and Easter desorations I whish you a Happy Easter too and a good and relaxing time on the French Riviera.

Take care and have all my best


Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Have a nice trip and a Happy Easter. Your flower arrangements are so beautiful.
Many hugs to you/Ingela.

belle-blanc ha detto...

hey Vale, wish you a good trip and happy easter, best wishes Mira!

belles choses ha detto...

Hello Vale, since you are going to France: Joyeues Pâques!! I know the French Riviera from several holidays and must say I simply LOVE it.
Have a great time, Angelika

Sandra... ha detto...

Enjoy these days Vale!!
Happy Easter!! Hugs..

Diana Strinati Baur ha detto...

Hope you have a lovely break, Vale! Sometimes just the change in scenery revives the sense of inspiration.
Buona Pasqua/Pasquetta.....

a.o. ha detto...

Buona Pasqua, cara Vale, e felice vacanza.

"Kantriina" ha detto...

Ooh, Your trip to French Riviera sounds wonderful!
Happy Easter to You too Vale :)

Warm hugs,

MariaK ha detto...

Sounds so sunny, looks so lovely! :)

Ann-Catrin ha detto...

Hello my friend!
oh so bestufully pictures.. i really love the makes med happy!

i hopa that you have a nice weekend on the frensh riviera


Tone ha detto...

Have had big problems reading and commenting on your page....hope this 12th try is ok...
Thought of you when I heard the news about the earthq. in Abruzzo - do you have relatives in the area?
Hope you have had a nice trip to France??
Love your eastern eggs on the blog! -

Moderncountry ha detto...


I hope you are having a wonderful, fun and relaxing time at the French Riviera!! I am sooo jealous! ;) I hope you take a lots of beautiful pictures to share.

Huga Aina

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

LOVE this post! AMAZING!!! I hope you enjoyed your Easter!

Marianne ha detto...

Thanx for visiting me! Hope U enjoyed the holidays, sounds nice to spend it in the sun in France, will we see pictures?? ; )

envilsenloppa ha detto...

I hope you have a marvelous time at the riviera , with good food and nice weather !!
I adore your lovely easter decorations they are so inspiring !!
Sad that the easterweekend has ended , I must try to remeber your good ideas to next easter !!

Something White ha detto...

That sounds very good: French Rivièra...!! :)
Maybe you´re already back in Italy and I hope you had a lovely time there!
Those eggs with red pictures are so beautifully decorated, very nice indeed. Great pictures anyway. I wish you some more good Easterdays.
Love, Marjolijn

Galleri Hönshuset ha detto...

Hi my friend. How are you?

How was your trip? Or maybe you are still there? I´v had the perfect leave ever. The sun has been shining for two days, and I´v been working in the garden...I just love it!
There´s still much work to do, but I don´t mind =)

Did you find anything from the flea market? Can´t wait until you show us some pictures from your trip.

Take care/ Sunny hugs from Pirre

Marge ha detto...

I hope you had lovely trip!:))
You have so beautiful pictures here again! I`ll follow your beatiful blog!
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Marge

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the riviera...
Perhaps you´re already at home?

white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale..

no problem...two for you ..

did you now a shipping service that don't takes so much money for shipping? I search for you ;o)

heartly hugs tine