sabato 18 aprile 2009


These are some of the treasures we found during our Easter holidays in France! old enamael lavabo...I love it!

...savon de Marseille and d'Alep...wooden baskets (used for fruit harvest)...a wire old tin...some new fabrics...

...a couple of china jars from Czechoslovakia (I found the translation...coffe and sugar!)...

 old metal box printed with a nice b&w toile de Jouy...

...old sewing folding shissors...

I've some more finds to show you in the nexr posts...some more items for my web-shop!

Have a sunny and warm week end!!!

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Hilde Iren ha detto...

The summer has finally arrived Norway as well! Im looking forward to a sunny weekend :)
- and your blog is full of treasures - I love the metal box with print... It must be a heavenly like experience to visit your shop in Lucca!
Lots of hugs from Hilde :)

Something White ha detto...

Lucky you! All those finds are simply great! I use every day Alep-soap, it´s my best soap ever. I like that special ´dry´ and basic - a bit salty - smell on my skin.
Enjoy your treasures and have a good weekend!

Laura ha detto...

Wonderful treasures! I love the wooden basket and the enamel piece especially.....the new fabrics are beautiful as well....My sister Lynn tells me she was in your village this past fall....she loved it and wants to take me there someday! Wouldn't that be fun?
Be well, Laura

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

O,yes this is realy som sweet tresaures.... love the lace´s and the boxes...
Take care Jeanette

Kerstin ha detto...

Wow I love everything..
Wish you a sunny weekend..
hugs Kerstin

Welkom ha detto...

Yes! you made a nice score!
Great treasures, i love the fabrics, and the wire basket, and the soap,..and,... o well i love everything. It would defenetly be a flea market i would have love to visit!!!
Big hug!

La Flotte ha detto...

What a wonderful finds, I like all of it!!
That was a great trip to France and you made lovely pictures!

Hugs Heidi

Creations by Lisa ha detto...

Marvellous things you have found. I´m so glad you wanted to be in my competition and you made such a nice link to me :-)
Hugs and good luck to you - Lisa

Alicja ha detto...

Hello dear Vale:)
What a lovely things! The metal box is just beautiful!
A lot of warm hugs from me to you:)

G-style ha detto...

Hello Valer,

I,m glad your trip to France had such nice results.
You've found great items for your web-shop ,I love the old box with toile de jouy print.

Wish you a great weekend with lots off sunshine !!
big hug from Gea

Bonnie ha detto...

Congratulations with your award. You really deserved one....such a nice pictures you made again.
Have a nice evening

Sandra... ha detto...

Everything look beautiful, but the box in toile de jouy is WONDERFUL!!
Have a nice Saturday Vale, hugs..

Naija ha detto...

hi have a nice weekend

Madeleine ha detto...

Hello! No Iam not having a baby yet. I wrote about young mothers. I think that young mothers are cool and strong. Did you like France? Hugs Madeleine

Heidi-anitha ha detto...

Lovely treasures!

Lucky you - i have also been on a market today.. i found some old and beautyfull too..:0)

I hope you will enjoy the weekend and this beautyfull sunny days..

Big hugs Heidi-anitha

Eikkala ha detto...

Lovely things you have got home with you from France. Have a nice weekend, hugs Sari

Tone ha detto...

We also have a lot of markets here in Norway during spring, but never with so many lovely old things as you show here!
Went to a market in Antibes once - and oauwww so many lovely things to buy!!
Today the sun shines again, my husband went golfing at seven this morning...! - and now I am ready for my garden. A lot to do!!
Have a lot of plans as always, have ordered many new roses - so things to do....have a nice day!

white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale,

what for wonderful items you found. my personal favorite was the egg holder. it looks so sweet ;o)

i saw it on friday but my laptop wouldn't work...he always say : no go!! *grrrrhhhhh*
But now everything is alright ;o)

wish you a nice weekend and a sunny sonday

Anonimo ha detto...

I Hope you had a lovelly vaccation. All of the items are wonderful.

Here in Sweden we have sun even if it is rather cold.

Hope you have a lovely week

Varm hugs

Marge ha detto...

Oh, you are so lucky! Simply, the finds are great!!! And so beautiful are your pictures again....,ah!
Happy next week for you!:)

Magny ha detto...

ooohhh...lucky,lucky,lucky you...Vale!!!

wish you a lovely sunday...
greetings from magny in norway

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hello Vale, so fine the enamelled soap cup and a fruit basket is, I have also the same fruit basket, i have painted my and has flowers in it.
Hugs to you./Ingela.

rosabeer ha detto...

Everything you found is so beautiful. I love the lavabo and the jars.
greetings Marja

C De-sign ha detto...

So many lovely things you have found on your trip to France! I too love your enamael beautiful..... It is always nice and inspiring to go away for some days.... I am planing my summer now and I do hope to go abroard... Well now we have to work in the garden as much as possible..... Do you have a big garden? Have a nice start on the new week! Hugs from C

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

this is the insanity which great things do you have found.I like the egg-basket and the box especially well.
Love greetings,

Moderncountry ha detto...

What a wonderful collection of brocante!! I love the look of your basket filled with beautiful Linen. The soaps are also very tempting :) I collect them myself, but I don`t have the real old ones. Lucky you!!

I hope the weekend was sunny!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Vale,many thanks for your visit on my Blog. Your store is so wonderful, I love it.I was no longer for you to visit, but forgot I did not. Have a nice week
Hugs Tanja

Fabiola ha detto...

hello friend lucky to be able to show that these antique containers for sugar are very nice so I would love to have some. here in chile it's hard to antique shops is a very expensive greeting faby (:

Anita ha detto...

You must have had a very nice trip going home whith such beautiful treasures.Simply great.So are the pictures !Anita.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg ha detto...

beautiful immages!

I really have to appollogize to you for not getting back any sooner, but we were in paris and had also lots of guests...

re the links, I have on the right side of each blog a list with links, where I link to other people's blogs.æ perhaps you wanna do the same. i have asked my IT-guy to put you in and I also sometimes have a guest blog or feature other people's links like here:
as you can see, you are featured here as well.

on the more serious side, perhaps this might interest you:
love, Sarah sofia

English style ha detto...

Beautiful things you have bought Vale !!
i love your basket for eggs :-) i bought one by Peet (Naiif nostalgie)

have a nice week
warm hugs Yvonne

Espirito Campestre ha detto...

Dear Vale
I love antique shops... shame we don't have them here in Madeira.
you show beautiful pics of what you bought..
Glad you had a great holidays...and lots of fun!!

Elins tittskåp ha detto...

Hello Vale, now I´m back from my love holiday in Tuscany, tired but very content with all that wonderful vievs och places to visit.

I can see that you also had a nice time during your holiday finding very lovely things to take home. Hugs and have a nice time in the sun. Birgitta

Sandra... ha detto...

Hello Vale.. if you want, you can try to make the dragonfly.. is so easy!!!
Thanks for your lovely comments♥♥
Have a nice day!!

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
I am back from holiday, too.
You found so many wonderful old things in France....I can`t stop watching them!!!
When we come to visit you one day, I want to see them all in reality....*lol*....
And when we leave you must count them....better, before we come....;-))))
Best Herzblatt Wishes!!

dollystar ha detto...

ciao Vale, stare qui mi riporta al mio mondo e sogno... riesco a provare la soave franganza di lavanda..Amo ogni immagine, ogni idea, veramente sei una grande donna! ancora una volta: COMPLIMENTI!
bacini Dolly

piitis ha detto...

Dear Vale!
Everything is so beautiful!!!
I like it very much:)))
Hugs to you:)

Anonimo ha detto...
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