domenica 5 luglio 2009

Summer fragrances and tastes!

I have a large amount of lavender...all picked up in the cloisters of the foundation where I work...

...and a lot of lemons...a scented harvest from a friend's garden ...

...she hasn't a plant of lemon but a very big tree....

I 've made some biscuits with lavender and lemon peel...a recipe found on the web...they are delicious with coffe and tea...iced tea of course!

I've a lot of rosemary too...I made some salted biscuits with parmesean and rosemary...great for aperitive!

May be I didn't choose the right day to's so hot...

 I've something delicious to taste during my breaks and to offer to friends in the garden!

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Modern Country ha detto...

The biscuits are a perfect little gift to serve for friends on visit!! And what a joy to be able to pick bundles of fresh Lavender like that. I guess your home smells wonderful!! Don`t you sleep better too? I have a Lavender plant at my casement window board, and with its lovely scent I am convinced that I sleep better :)

Have a new beautiful week!!


Marge ha detto...

The biscuits are allways so tasted!!

And your pictures are allways so marvellous and sensitive!! I enjoy them very much!! Now i`m going to look at your pictures at peacefull, because I haven`t seen them for a long time:)) ( I have been on holiday;))

Have a nice week for you!
Hugs, Marge

Fabiola ha detto...

ohhh lucky to have that wonder about your work here do not sell just so beautiful lavender flowers without leaves is a good sentence but write the recipe for cookies .....kisses faby

Margie ha detto...

Oh My Vale, those biscuits are amazing and you present them so well. Thank you for leaving the lovely comment on Margie's Crafts and your name will definitely be in the hat for the giveaway, best of luck. Hugs Margie.

abeachcottage ha detto...

oh wow to be able to get fresh lavender like that, I just bought some from the internet and was very disappointed when they arrived and were stale

biscuits look delicious


Kämpegården ha detto...

How greate to have a friend with lemons, here in Sweden it's hard to get a big lemon tree like you discribe. Wonder why? ;)

Have a lovely start of the week!

Rejane Batista ha detto...

Very beautiful! Congratulations to you blog! Bye!

kt ha detto...

hi vale,

oh, speechless.
rosemary biscuits?

looking sooooo yummy!
i wish i had one.

ciao, ciao,


Anneli ha detto...

I enjoy your garden photos! It is raining and quite cold here with us today, and times like this I would be more than happy to come to southern latitudes::!
You seem to have a bunch of lavender that grows with you - I just love the scent!
You can bake cakes in the warm weather - I am impressed! Personally, I get nothing done as soon as the sun turns out ...
Wish you a nice week!


Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hi Vale, raindrops keep faling om my head... is that not typical... I hav harvest som of my lavendula as vel... but I´m not the baking typ of girl... spare me som of your nice cake... please. Hugs Jeanette

English style ha detto...

Goodmorning Vale,

Your biscuits look delicious, and presented very well !!!
and what a lot of lavendre you have in your garden, just great !! it smells so lovely !
Have a nice week !
Big hugs Yvonne

Lantliv ha detto...

Hey di ho,
here I am from the deepest forrest of Sweden- Småland!!
Today it`s raining but`s nice..Never been here on your blog before, but I can tell it`s not the last. You have some lovely pictures, makes me dreaming away..
Have I nice day,
cheerio Anne-Lee

Marianne ha detto...

Absolutely lovely! I can allmost smell the fragrances : ) Hope you enjoy the summer, wish you all the best for your holiday!
Hugs from Marianne

B E L D E C O R ha detto...

Hi Vale,
ohhh, your lavender decoration looks verry nice, and i think i can smell it....
I also love the taste of fresh lemon iced tea. The recipe of the biscuit seam to be a good idea.
Have a great week

Mila ha detto...

My mouth's watering :)))...pls could I have a lemonade with the biscuits?
'til next time
Mila :)

anita ha detto...

I would like a coffe and aperitive, with all these biscuits!He must be delicious with parfum from Italy,and with the sun!!
Have a nice and sunny week!

Bertina ha detto...

How wonderfull you combined the lemon and lavender to make biscuits. Your pictures have such a nice atmosphere and the biscuits just look delicious.
We are intending to go near San Remo in Italy. We have never been in that area, so we are very anxious to go there.
I wish you a lovely summer and all the best.

vosges paris ha detto...

Sono comminciate le vacanze ;) cosi trovero un po piu di tempo di leggere il tuo blog ;)I biscotti con rosmarino mi sembrano buonissiomo

Ti saluto

Mamma Millan ha detto...

Hello again!!!
You make sooo wonderful things whir the lavendel..sweet biscuits!!!I Just looove youre blogg!!!! So happy that I found it!!!!

Hugs hugs hugs Millan♥

Federica ha detto...

Those biscuits seems delicious! Your pics and your ideas are always great!

Randi ha detto...

Hi Vale!
Thanks you so much for your loveely and kind words to me!
And it`s very sad that you dont understand exactly what I write in my blog.But I write I have lost my job`s befor the boutique is bankrupt,and it was I so must dispose of all the ware in the boutique.That was so much stress for me,I was alone. But no I have the much better,it`s ok no!:))
And you,so lovely picture you have from all your lavender stuff! Your biscuits seems are so clever to make stuff from your garden!!Yes,lavender it`s a lovely plant.Smell very good,and also taster good!
I hope the sun shine on you!Here is so nice weather,it`s summer:))lovely!
Have a nice day,weeks and still a nice summer!
Many hug`s from me!

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao bella.....
Hmmm....the biscuits look wonderful!!! Please can you invent a computer, where I can put my hand into the screen to try them...*lol*....
That would be great. Then I would take some of the lemons...lavender and of course my loved rosemary!!
I am not allowed to imagine, how wonderful the salted biscuits together with parmesean and rosemary taste....This time no cocktail...this time an aperitive!!!
Lasciati abbracciare

Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

Same with me boring comments - but may I say: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ;) Have a great evening Vale. Nice that your rose are feeling better. Remember to give water, not often and little but as a big spender (of water). Hugs

Stora och små drömmar ha detto...

I just love your photos, and here it have been raining today so can you send some sun over here.
And it is so nice to see you commenti on my blogg. love jessica

Delph57 ha detto...

yummi, these look so delicious and love your heart of lavender.

have a nice and warm day
hugs froms France

Creations by Lisa ha detto...

What a lemontree, it surly is a tree :-). Mmm your biscuits seem delicious. I would love to sit in your garden and taste your biscuits. Happy birthday to you, a bit late...I hope you have a nice birthdayparty today
Warm hugs Lisa

Ele ha detto...

Dear Vale,

summer is my favourite time, because of lavender and all the wonderful fragrances...
Did you make lavender cookies, I will do it too!

Have a nice day
hugs and kisses


Sandra... ha detto...

Can I take a biscuit?? emm.. 2 or 3?? Jaaaa :) I imagine the taste of these biscuits, mmmmmmmmmm
Lavender and lemons, a nice combination♥♥
A beautiful day for you Vale! Hugs♥♥

prinsesselinn ha detto...

beautyfull pictures;)

pat ha detto...

ti scrivo solamente per mandarti tanti e poi tanti cari saluti e tener sott'occhio il tuo bellissimo blog

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse ha detto...

Lavender and lemon biscuits sounds wonderful. I was just saying to my husband I which I had a good biscuit recipe. No calories of course.Lol
Beautiful post!

Patricia ha detto...

This combination is perfect ... I love the lavender and can feel the perfume of the lemon... The cookies meet very rich... I will Try not to take the entire container to me to my blog!!! Jaja! Excellent Val... Good life for you...

Magdalena ha detto...

Cookies!!..realy nice blogg you have here.
I will be visiting you more times.
Best wishes
Magdalena at Color Sepia

Anonimo ha detto...

Your biscuits look so golden and delicious...I think I can smell them from here ;)

Bellamere Cottage ha detto...

I love your's simply lovely.


ivanohe ha detto...

Hello, and thanks for your recipe of biscuits. I'm going to cook them with my little daughters during their holidays in my home next week.
It's always a pleasure to come on your blog. Wonderful lavander, so smelly. Good week my friend. Cosette