sabato 3 ottobre 2009


Today in my mail-box a nice surprise from my friend Mimmuli...

 exciting opening the parcel and finding such lovely stuff!
An old little old photo wich such important men...a so nice bookmark, threads in natural shades, a so pretty card, candies and a delicious chocolate...I immediately tasted it! Mmmm....
Thank you Mimmuli! I appreciate your nice gift! I sent you mine, but be patient...
Italian mail is usually a bit slow!!!

A market week end for me and Paola...hope to sell and...why not? Also to buy!
Happy week end!

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Mila ha detto...

What a wonderful and sweet :) surprise you have received!
Italian mail is slow Vale? No.. it's no true is simply a turtle ;))!!
Have a lucky market my dear!
Mila :)

liven ha detto...

Hei Vale!!
What a nice surprice!! Lovely things!!!!!You are so lucky :o)

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Vale
Many thanks for your loving words.
I am always very pleased about your visit. I wish a happy weekend.
Hugs Tanja

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

What a lovely gift. I love the photo of 'important men', vintage photos have a way of letting the mind wander. Have a great weekend. Julie

Anonimo ha detto...

Lovely gifts.. especially the chocklade:o)) I love chocklade:O))

Have a nice weekend my friend..hugs from me

mimmuli ha detto...


Im so glad you like it=))

have a nice saturday<3



Rostrose ha detto...

Ciao, Vale - wonderful gifts you have got!!!
Warm regards, Traude

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Bella
oh la la....what a nice parcel. I suppose I must send you a parcel, too!! Next week my husband and me have to tidy up the "soffitta" will take us weeks....and I said to my husband, that perhaps we could send all the "casse" to my Italian friend Vale....*lol*....every day a big "cassa" full of the stuff of our last 25 years....:-))
What do you think about it???:-))
And when we send every weekend one parcel then they will arrive until the end of next year and you are very busy the next 15 months..:-)))))
If you want to have it all in one,a big big "autocarro" will come to you one day....and we will have a very clean and wonderful empty "soffitta"...*lol*...
What do you think about my excellent idea???
My husband mentioned, that all the stamps for the parcels are too expensive, so we decided to bring the "casse" in the lorry by ourselves..:-))))

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

Wonderful gifts and you deserve it all :))
I love chocolate ;)

hugs from Kari

lottens vita och gröna ha detto...

hello my friend!
such a surprise wooooooow lovely things only!!!
i wish you all the best, warmhug lotten

Bonjade ha detto...

Such a lovely gift.
I guess you really deserve this.
Nice evening

Corinne. ha detto...

Coucou !!
Je vois que tu viens de recevoir de très jolies surprises !!
Te voila bien gaté !!!
C'est toujours avec plaisir que je viens me balader sur ton blog, je l'adore .
Je t'embrasse et bon W.end

Petit Coterie ha detto...

Hi Vale, What a wonderful gift from your dear friend. Thank you for stopping by my blog, always so nice to hear from you.

xo, Michelle

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Hello, dear Vale,
what nice package of such a nice friend. I love everything so dear-fully....... ohhhh and chocolate also so with pleasure.
I owe you all for your dear comments even if I at the moment not with every post a comment with you delivers. If the stress becomes again less. I also have to blog again more time.
It greets you completely herzlichts,

Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

Hello Vale. Hope you sold a lot of things on the marked :) What a lovely surprise. So many nice things to enjoy. Have a nice sunday. Hanne

anita ha detto...

ciao Vale!!
Oh what a nice gift you have!!Hum with chokolate, a pleasure!!
Have a great week end !!

English style ha detto...

Enjoy your beautiful gifts !!
have a nice Sunday !
Hugs Yvon

amaryllis ha detto...


It's always nice to get a surprise gift... and so lovely and chocolate too wow..

Have a nice week

mayeul and co ha detto...

"Saison des couleurs chatoyantes, du crépitement des feuilles qui tombent, de la cueillette des champignons ou des mûres... L'été est fini mais l'automne est si beau ! Au royaume du symbolisme, la saison est rayonnante..." Alors prends en plein les yeux cette semaine !
Que du bonheur dans ta boite à lettres !

~~♥ Mamma Millan ♥~~ ha detto...

Sooo lovly gifts!!

hugs Millan ♥

elmundodetrapito ha detto...


zinkbaljan ha detto...

Hello my friend! Imagine what fun it is to get gifts! Have a wonderful day! Hug

Hemma på Landet ha detto...

So much nice things.;-) Hug Stina

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Se sont envolés vers toi de bien jolis présents ...
Moments magiques de l'amitié ...
Bisous du coeur.