domenica 24 gennaio 2010

Antique market in Versilia!

Back from an antique market in Versilia...

...a sunny day on the beach...

...the pier...

...old stuff under the sun...

...I didn't take a photo of our stall because of the low batteries of my camera...

...clams, tuna and any kind of food...

It isn't a very nice market, but we're satisfied of our sales and it has been the occasion to stay outdoor enjoying a sunny day!
For the suntan we still have to wait!
A nice new week!!!

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Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

HI Vale
Looks like you enjoyed the sunny weather.. there are a few interesting things in your images .. some desks that look like they could be interesting and the large scales!! always fun to look around a market..

Have fun.. xx Julie

Marge ha detto...

Dear vale,

Oh, what a beautiful pictures about beach!!!

That kind of antique market would be fun:) It is allways so fun to find something old and beautiful for example in a flea market.

I`m so glad for you, that you have been satisfied of your sales.

Your previous posts are so wonderful,too. I really liked the post of clock faces.

I wish nice and joyfull week, my friend!:))


Vianne ha detto...

Oh, dear Vale!
There must were many interesting and old things! And the beach...I like it:-)
I wish you a nice new week!

seasons of my house ha detto...

Oh Vala, I only saw a blue sky and the's all grey grey and grey over here :O( Send me some sunshine!
Ciao, Karin

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

I think there was still good stuff!! And with the sun and the sea you had a very nice sunday!!

Wish you a very happy week!!

With love, Ingrid

Magdalena ha detto...

seems to me that you have been enjoing your day...looks very interesting all those beautiful things,the beach...ahh...
lots of love
magdalena/Color Sepia

marionneta ha detto...

To je ale nádhery! já bych se tam blahem rozplývala a určitě bych nejméně půlku věcí "nutně potřebovala". Vale, děkuji za tvé stránky a přeji pěkné dny!

Laura ha detto...

It all looks wonderful to me! The sun, the sea, the beach, and all that old goodness! I bet your booth was the prettiest! Love to you, Paola and mother!
:) Laura

BROCANTE ha detto...

Beach at this time of the year? For us that is just a lovely dream. I had a short walk this evening but had to cut it short - it was too cold. You are really travelling all over with your stuff - lucky girl!

cat ha detto...

A sunny day???You're very lucky and I understand you profit of this day!!and your sales satisfy you: so,that's a very good day for you! I hope the sun will come to my country too!!perhaps tomorrow???!!!
We can dream!!
Your fotos are beautiful and give us the sun in our head and in our heart!
good night!

Antonia ha detto...

Hello Vale,
I think it's a beautiful market. Just a pitty that your batteries were low. And a sunny day, we have snow again today! Enjoy your week, big hug Antonia

Stella Pesci ha detto...

I see a lot of things I need from that market...including the beach!
Have a great week!

Silvia ha detto...

Ciao Vale, bentornata!
Che belle le foto del mare e del mercatino...Sono contenta che ci sia stato anche il sole, qui da noi nebbia e tanto freddo.
Grazie che passi sempre a trovarmi,
a prestissimo,

Lockas lilla längtan ha detto...


So wonderful with blue skies and no snow! Hope you had a wonderful day on the market.
Hugs Veronica

Desde mi ventana ha detto...

Il y a très interesant meubles.Vous avez passè un trè jolie jour.
Bonne semaine,

Fågel Blå ha detto...

And thanks for your comment in my blogg!!!!
I hope you had a wonderful day on the market!!
Have a nice week!

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Lucky you my friend.. I understand taht you enjoed the marked...

have agreat week..
husg Kerstin

Anonimo ha detto...

There were a lots of nice things in the antique market.

I'l can imagane that you enjoyed it

Have a nice week

Hugs Lena

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

hi Vale, The seroundings are beautiful.... The Ocian, looks nice. Hope you did some find....
Have a nice week . Hugs from Jeanette

Federica ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
che meraviglia le foto sulla spiaggia! Davvero una bellissima giornata.

Buon lunedì,

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Bord de mer et marché superbes.
Douces images que tu nous offres.
Bisous de belle semaine.

Nyanser av vitt ha detto...

Dear Vale
A sunny day...we have minus 8 degrees and a grey and cloudy sky. So many nice things...
Hugs Agneta

Lilla kullan ha detto...

So nice pictures Vale. In the first week of february you can se my home in Casa Chic.:-)
Hug Stina

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

Hi Vale, Even though you say that this isn't a very interesting market, it looks tempting to me :-).
Have a nice week too!

anita ha detto...

hello Vale
very lovely pictures!!
Oh beach and sun!!!It's very nice,
have a great evening!

A 2 Z ha detto...

Bonjour de Montréal,

Quelle vie idylique! Celle de mes rêves! Je retournerai bientôt en Italie probablement en mars. J'espère qu'il fera plus chaud.

Au revoir,


A home far away ha detto...

Anything for a sunny day:)

Have a great day
Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

Tracey ha detto...

Hello Vale! Oh how I would love to go to the market...on a sunny day!! It has been so cold and dreary here lately...and there are no markets for several months :(

Hope you have a wonderful week my friend!

:) T

liven ha detto...

I look forward to go to the beach!!
here is still wintertime....and snow!!

Have a nice week Vale

Rummet för välbefinnande ha detto...

Dear Vale, I nearly can´t breathe......
So many wonderful things on the market!
And when I see the metal labels - ahhhhhhhh! I love them!
I´ve said it before, but I´ll say it again - your blog is lovely!
Have a very nice day!
Hugs from Mia

Federica ha detto...

Un passaggio veloce per augurarti una buona buona giornata,

LENNU ha detto...

Hi Vale!

What a fantastic market! It´s allways so fun to find something old and beautiful stuffs.
I hope too....the sun will come to my country and warm weather.

Have a lovely day to you my friend!

maría cecilia ha detto...

Good morning Vale, so nice to see sun is coming back!!! I would have loved to see your stand.
(take care of the sun in your skin, it makes us older!!!)
Muchos cariños,
Maria Cecilia

mimmuli ha detto...

Lovely so mutch snow..cold..I miss so mutch summer..=) Have a nice day<3

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hello my friend, what a wonderful picture on the beach, I would like to be there. This is a lot of snow and cold. At the weekend there will be huge amount of snow again. What fun with the antique market. Hugs to you / Ingela.

Gaia ha detto...

hai proprio ragione, autocelebrarsi è la cosa migliore !
Mi sembrava di averlo riconosciuto il mio mare! tempo neve permettendo dovremmo andrae a viareggio questo we!
Buona settimana!