mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010


I'm fixed on boxes, crates and's strange because I'm not a tidy person, but I'm fascinated by small containers...

 there are some of them I use for LC's storage...

...I keep inside the materials I use for my creations...ribbons, laces, buttons, brushes, wires, scissors...

...I repainted, stenciled or covered them with paper I printed in b&w toile de everything is few days...a mess again!

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Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

The favourite Vale,
a little box more nicely than the other.
I am inspired.
You really have to improve in appearance of a talent things.
Lots of love and a comfortable Abned wishes you,

Stora och små drömmar ha detto...

I just love you´r box´s If you don´t whont them anymore you can send them to me hihih I just love things like that hihih Hope you have a nice day tomorro hugs Jessica

beige & blanc ha detto...

Your boxes are really nice with their stencil? I am looking for some but I can't get one nice, I ll do like you customize it.
Have a nice evening;

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Your boxes are so nice, you're so creative!!

Have a nice evening, Vale!!

Warm regards, Ingrid

Irma ha detto...

Hello vale,

Your boxes are really nice i love it.
You have made them so beautiful i like them all.
Thank you fore the inspiration.

Greetings from Irma xxx

Stella Pesci ha detto...

Ciao, Vale...I love boxes, too! I can't resist when I find a new one, especially if they have an old patina or unusual design to them...and they are great for storing other little treasures. I like your toile-covered box...the only thing about storing stuff in boxes...trying to remember what is in them!
Stella xxx

The Joy of Nesting ha detto...

Greetings Valentina!

You have done a wonderful job repurposing your boxes. Like Stalla and you I LOVE boxes from the very tiny to the large trunks. My family and all my friends know this and are always giving me little worn boxes that I love to mend and give new life to!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Vale, these are amazing box! I love your style:))
I wish you a wonderful evening and the rest of the week!
Hugs, Fleurette

lottens vita och gröna ha detto...

ohhhh lovely, you are an artist! like the box alot with the K!!!
warmhug lotten

Marge ha detto...

Hih, hih...I`m not so tidy person, too;))
But your boxes are so great, maybe in these boxes my things would be in order a moment;))

Big hugs,

English Vintage ha detto...

I adore storage, your boxes are quite lovely.S x

Rostrose ha detto...

Your boxes are wonderful, dearest Vale! (I also have a "boxes-tick" ;-) LOVE THEM!)
Hugs, Traude

anitag ha detto...

oh very lovely boxes!!!
I adore the colour and stensils!!
your very creative, when find you time for make all of it!!!
have a nice evening!
hugs anita

seasons of my house ha detto...

Hihi, but a nice mess i guess :o)
They look pretty, and you can't have enough boxes!
Ciao, Karin

Desde mi ventana ha detto...

I like boxes too.Yours are very nice.I like all of them.

Good evening and have good day tomorow,


junkdreams ha detto...

So love your boxes Vale...they are adorable and your photos (as always) are stunning!

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Theese boxes are rally amazing... are just a creative lady...

Hugs Kerstin

Laura ha detto...

I don't believe that you are not tidy! Everything you show here on your blog and from what I saw in pristine and beautiful! I love your painted and papered boxes and can't wait until I can start getting myself organized at home here too! Thanks for the inspiration on stylish storage!
Take care Vale!

Mila ha detto...

Buondì Vale :)
ogni scatola è un piccolo incanto !
I tuoi pizzi & pennelli devono essere compiaciuti di cotanta elegante "alcova" :)!
Mila :)

annashusidingtuna ha detto...

The boxes are just so qute(proabably spelled wrong) really a god idea!!!
Warmhug Anna

Federica ha detto...

Oh Vale these boxes are sooo pretty! Love the colors and the stencils!
Always fantastic things!
A nice day to you,

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi there!

Lovely inspiation! You've made beutiful boxes.

I'll really need inspiration this time of th year!

Have a nice day!

Hugs from Lena

Petit Coterie ha detto...

Vale, I just love your little boxes! Always such a joy to visit your blog. May 2010 bring you many blessings.

xxx, Michelle

Bonjade ha detto...

It looks all like a box of dreams...
Speechless such beauty....

Anita ha detto...

Hello Vale,Like your boxes.Always handy to put stuff in,and looks nise too!What I find so great of you is that you really have your own style.I would recognize it instantly.Always the right color and nice stencils.Keep on doing that, I'm a fan and find it inspiring!Greetings ,Anita.

Anonimo ha detto...

What absolutely delightful boxes Vale. Well done.

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Boites à secrets, boites à rêver si délicates et raffinées !
Bravo Vale tes créations sont délicieuses.
Bisous du coeur.

LillaFlisan ha detto...

Just popped in to whish you a nice weekend!



Anonimo ha detto...

SO gorgeous!!
You are really talented:-)
Have a nice evening, hugs Hege.

Silvia ha detto...

Ciao Vale! Io invece terrei anche le scatole vuote... in soffitta sono piena, penso sempre che un giorno ci troverò qualcosa da infilarci!!!
Le tue sono una favola, le mie sono con i soliti cuori, nastri, pizzi, fiori, e ... orsi!
Le tue sento che non mi stancano proprio!
Buon week end,

elmundodetrapito ha detto...

hola vale que buenas las cajas no sos la unica acomodo todo y al otro dias el desorne total es normal esas cajas son un lujo te dejo cariño vale si te gusta en mi blogs te dejo una estampilla de la amistas esta al costado monica

maría cecilia ha detto...

Perfect and beautiful repurposed boxes, Vale.
Maria Cecilia

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Hi Vale
Well I think I am hooked on these also...!! I have a few old wooden cigar boxes and wooden chocolate boxes I have saved since childhood.. I actually stained one of them and it came up wonderfully...

have a great weekend.. !!! xx Julie

Vårt liv i norr ha detto...

Just wanted you to know that I've stopped by. :)
It's my first time here.
You have a very nice blog!! :)


Tone ha detto...

........some will have to learn med how to stencil on fabric. In only 20 days, I am off work, and my new life begins!
Today I have bought 12 kilo fabric, linnen, cotton...wool...
I am SO excited, just cant wait!

But these days........I`m about to turn mad, all the work I have to do so I can leave and make sure the next woman in my chair gets a nice flying start....

Love from Tone, - puh...!

Barbara ha detto...

Ciao cara Vale!

Come stai?
Sarai anche un tantino giù di batteria ma la tua creatività e la produzione danno sempre e costantemente splendidi
Questi bauletti sono deliziosi...

Ti abbraccio!

bikim ha detto...


Hilde Iren ha detto...

Hi :)
- love the beautiful patterns on your boxes!
Happy weekend to you too Vale :)
Hilde Iren

Anonimo ha detto...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it