mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010

Sweet breaks!

I'm very busy at work now and for the next weeks...I'm in charge with educational services at the art foundation where I work and for the next months we'll have many workshops with children from 3 to 15 and not so much free time...

...I like working with kids in a creative way exploring the paths of contemporary art...but when I come back home I've few energies for doing something else...

...and when I'm tired, and not only, I need sweets...

...I found the recipe of this milk jam on the web and I made it...

 the classic way and adding dark chocolate...
Not very good for the diet, but perfect for the mood...fortunately I haven't problems with the scale...not yet!
Thank you for all your messages....I promise to visit all of you as soon as possible!

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Tone ha detto...

Hi friend!
Good luck with all the children!
I think your days of work seems perfect!
I have never tasted the things you made here - but one day maybee you show us the recepie?
Have an energic week!!
Hugs from Tone

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Hi Vale,

You have a busy programm, I'm happy you like the things you have to do! And I have problems with the scale hi I will not make the recipe!!

Have a nice day!

With love, Ingrid

Vianne ha detto...

Dear Vale!
The "confiture au chocolat" must be so yamy :-) I see you, when I´m tired and don´t have mood, I don´t have any inspiration for my creation too...but on the otherside, sometimes it is a perfect relax between "busy days" for me.
Have a nice (and less busy) days!
Hugs :-)

Bleudelavande ha detto...

Ciao cara, buona fortuna con i bambini, io che lavoro ogni giorno con loro ti confermo che ci vuole molta energia!!!!!Quindi i miei complimenti se, quando torni a casa, hai ancora energia per creare quest meraviglie!!!! Scherzi a parte, bellissime foto!!!!
Buona giornata mia cara

manon 21 ha detto...

c'est bon pour le moral ces délicieuses confitures.
bon courage Vale



seasons of my house ha detto...

Haha Sweets for Sweets! Enjoy after a hard days work you need some sugar! Sounds yummie. See you next time Vale, good luck with all those kids! Karin

LENNU ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Who care the diet...hih...must be delicious.
Have you lovely day with children.

Warm greetins, Lennu

Desde mi ventana ha detto...

Je travaille aussi avec enfants de 4 et 16 ans et je comprends bien comment tu te trouves quand tu arrives chez toi; mais il vaux la peine par les résultats de et par la relation avec eux Tes images comme toujours .. un cadeau pour la vue.



Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

I can understand that you are tired after a day with such small children. The noice level seems to be rahter high!
Lovely jams you have made!

Barbara ha detto...

Ciao Vale,

questa golosa confettura mi sa che la provo proprio!
Buon lavoro e...a presto!

Un forte abbraccio

nat la fée ha detto...

Good luck for your very interesting job even if heavy!!
I can understand your writings on the milk jam bec how to say that this is a little bit my weakness.
When I begin I never know when I will stop !!!

Federica ha detto...

Mmmmmmmm they look delicious!
Who cares the diet! That chocolate milk jam seems to be fantastic!
Have a nice day darling,

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Hello Vale,
the work with children is inspirational - I love it to see their red cheeks, their joy and concentration - it makes me happy too - all the best for you - Ruth

vintage girl at heart ha detto...

Yummy!!! The milkjam looks wonderful. What is the recipe?? I've never heard of it before??
The kids can zap your energy alright.. they have an endless supply of their own too!!
Have a Blessed week!

Laura ha detto...

You will never have problems with the scale Vale! You are so beautiful and slim!!...It sounds like a fun job to be working with the children on these art projects...but I certainly know what you mean aboout energy after working long days....The jams look chocolate? yummy!
Have a great day!

mimmuli ha detto...

Ciao=) Workshop whith kids I have done that too, its nice and kids relly enjoy art, colours. Olallaa you antigue market..stumming! I wish I could be there.. Have a nice week, hugs from Mimmuli

Stella Pesci ha detto...

Ciao, Vale...something sweet is the perfect anecdote for busy days, and your homemade jars look so pretty and tempting! Chocolate is one of the major food necessities for a healthy life ( my theory)! Good luck with your workshops!
Stella xxx

maría cecilia ha detto...

Vale, hope you enjoy very much your time with the kids and when you come home at night have a sweet spoon of your confiture de lait ("manjar")... I love manjar and many nights, late at night, I have to take lots of spoons of manjar.
So bad you didn´t found any bargain at the flea market.
Muchos cariños,
Maria Cecilia

junkdreams ha detto...

Gorgeous photos Vale....good luck with the work project!
happy day.

Tracey ha detto...

Ha, I am the same way...when I get tired I turn to sweets! Your images are so lovely!!! I recently tried stenciling on an old galvanized bucket, but it didn't turn out so good so I just wiped it off right've inspired me to try again!

Happy Wednesday Vale!

:) T

Bonjade ha detto...

Oh this looks delicious.... I also would love to make this, do you have the recipe....?
Good luck with the workshops and children.......
Nice evening

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Hello Vale..

Good luck with all the children..

Lovly photoes.. I need also some sweet when I`m tired..

Take care my friend..

Hugs Kerstin

cat ha detto...

C'est quoi exactement de la confiture de lait au chocolat????
Magnifique mise en scène et je craquerais bien aussi pour ces bonnes et jolies gourmandises!!
Tu réalises vraiment des choses variées et formidables!!
Bonne soirée

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

Hi Vale, I can't really imagine the taste of milk jam but it sounds intriguing, especially with the chocolat addition! Enjoy the work with the kids!

Have a nice evening!


Pia ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Seems I´m tired all the time, when I´m doing nothing else but eating sweets- at work and after work!

What a place the antique market!!!!

Hugs, Pia

Anonimo ha detto...

Grazie mille per la tua veloce risposta! Spero di poter venire presto a Lucca.

liven ha detto...

Nice things!!!
Take care and remember you have to relax too!!

English style ha detto...

You are very busy doing al that workshops ! i can imagine that you need some sweets :-)
enjoy it !
have a nice day
Hugs Yvon

Federica ha detto...

Buongiorno Vale! Non perderti il mio giveaway!

Stora och små drömmar ha detto...

I just can imagine what a wonderful job you most have to bee abel to work with kids. But I can understand way you need some sweets to, the jam look so good. Remember to relax to and good luck hugs jessica

Desde mi ventana ha detto...

Today I have received the prize HAPPY NEW YEAR of hands of Berta, authoress of the blog TOILE DE JOUY .Now I have to transmit it to other 7 blogs ,and I have chosen yours between the 7. I hope that you accept it and do not suppose any problem.
Thank you for all your commentaries on my blog, they have been a source of joy and encourage for me while two months that I take among you.
A big hug,

anita ha detto...

hello Vale!
very lovely pictures!!
It's god for moral,HUMMM, it's like delicious !!

ALEXA ha detto...

I invite you to my blog to pick up awards

elmundodetrapito ha detto...

hola valentina que delicia se ven tus dulces endulzan el animo y la vida y descansa estas muy atarida con tantos proyectos te dejo mucho cariño tu amiga de argentina

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hi, Sorry it´s a long time sins I had the pleasure to take a peak on your site. So many nice things I mist. Have a good time with your woorkshops and the children. If I was a cild, I would love to atend to you clases. The milkjam is it lemone in it???? I lowe lemone curd! hugs from Jeanette

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

HI Vale!!
Well for once I am the opposite and taking an extended break from work.. The art education program for children sounds fascinating... It's good to give children a chance to experience other worlds...

This chocolate spreads looks pretty darn good too!! I'll try to resist!! have a fabulous weekend.. xx Julie

Federica ha detto...

Thank you for entered my giveaway.
Good luck!

Rostrose ha detto...

Hi, "Sweetie" ;o) - sounds great!
I also love to work creative with children (lots of years it was my "main profession") but understand very well that you need energy afterwards!
Warm Honey-Chocolata-Hugs, Traude

ale ha detto...

hola vale!!!!!l know is tired but how exiting and creative is to work with kids can show us some photos of that moments...l love,we call, dulce de leche!!here we use for all the cakes,and desserts,and ice creams,and with merengues...and...and.........l wish you a happy weekend and a wish of a lovely rest!!!!muchos besos vale!!!!!!

Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Vale, I love your confiture de lait au chocolat!!!!
It are perfect pictures!!
Have a nice evening and nice week-end

Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Vale, I love your confiture de lait au chocolat!!!!
It are perfect pictures!!
Have a nice evening and nice week-end

Fleurette ha detto...

Vale, I'm sorry I pushed the wrong key:))