mercoledì 10 marzo 2010


Little linen projects for busy days...

...pampilles with monograms and Marie Antoinette...

...linen labels with holy images...

...angel wigs with lace...

 collection of little lavender pillows...

...hand-made details for LC!
I've a little problem with my eyes...they water because of wind and I cannot spend too much time in front of the pc!
Thanks for all your nice messages!
Happy day!!!

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Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

I hope the problems with your eyes are soon made beatuiful stuff for LC!

Wish you also a happy day!

Warm regards, Ingrid

Diana Strinati Baur ha detto...

Take care of yourself Vale.

We all love your eyes because we get to see the beautiful things that first are visible to you.


big hugs from very snowy piemonte.

Silvia ha detto...

Ciao Vale!
Le immagini che preferisco sono quelle di Parigi e quelle più sbiadite, sei troppo brava!
Riguardati per gli occhi,
baci Silvia.

Tone ha detto...

Hi Vale!
Understand your eyes are not as you wish. - hope it turns out well! here we go again...another spring...and you show your blooming garden and valleys, and I have 1 meter of snow in my garden.... cry cry!!! :-) - I am SO in the mood for real spring!!!
Fantastic flowers in your garden, - enjoy them!
And Vale...take care!!
Hugs from Tone

Anonimo ha detto...

Beautiful work Vale!:-)
I have to look in to you EVERY day ,
you are such an inspiration to me:-)
Have a nice day, hugs Hege.

@nne ha detto...

Wish you the best. Your creations are - in one word - beautiful. Hugs, @nne

nat la fée angevine ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Your lavenders pillows are wonderful I do like the one with the Eiffel Tower and the 2 last one !
I do like your linen labels too.
Enjoy your day and take care of you.

Chani ha detto...

They are soooooo adorable, every and each one of them! May I ask if you use transfer paper or another product to get your pictures on the fabric? I'm experimenting too at the moment...
Hope your eyes will get better soon! Isn't it windy at the moment... and if I remember well, there's always a lot of wind in the hills of the Toscana (anyway: I ENVY you!!) :)
All the best,

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

My dear Vale,
your things are so nicely. if the package has just received.
I have written a mail to you.
Completely lots of love,
see you soon,

delphcotecuisine ha detto...

so lovely and cute as alaways.
take care

big hugs from France

seasons of my house ha detto...

I love the labels! Take care
Ciao, Karin

Anna ha detto...

Queste immagini mi piacciono davvero tanto!!

Anonimo ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.
Stella Pesci ha detto...

I love these new lavender pillows...especially the ones with color images. Very unique!
Your garden is so inspiring...that camellia tree is beautiful. I'm looking forward to your gardening updates as Spring progresses:)

Rest your eyes...hope they're better, soon!
Stella xx

Laura@trendinozze ha detto...

ma queste tags sono adorabili!
Prigi, gabbiette, ali d'angelo... wow

sharon ha detto...

Beautiful things you make, I love the tags. Take care of those eyes, your sight is too precious

sharon ha detto...

Beautiful things you make, I love the tags. Take care of those eyes, your sight is too precious

sharon ha detto...

Beautiful things you make, I love the tags. Take care of those eyes, your sight is too precious

Villa König ha detto...

Hi Vale,
hope your eyes will be ok soon!!! Your labels are great!!! I like them a lot! Hugs Yvonne

It's me ha detto...

This is so nice vale !!!

The magazines are on his way to you !

Have a great eve and get well with your eyes...........

Greetz and hugs Ria

Desde mi ventana ha detto...

I love litlle bags with birdcage.
Vale,take care
Big hugs,

Sharka ha detto...

Hello Vale, I admire your pampilles, I love it! And print on textile is lovely too. Have a nice days and if will be better:-*

piitis ha detto...

Dear Vale,
Your lavander pillows are beautiful.
Take care, Vale.

I wish you a faboulous and sunny week!!

Big hugs

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Vale!

I have knitting soo much so my time with the computer has only been a minimum.

You have made soo lovely lavender pillows, soo cute!!!!

Hug Lena

Chani ha detto...

Hi Vale, I haven't tried acetone yet either, but I guess that must be difficult! I have transfer paper, but I'm just looking for a way the picture isn't shiny or thick. Just plain printed. I guess the product you used has this simple effect, no?
The rosemary cone is so sweet, btw!
Love, Chani

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Hello Vale,
Everything you make is beautiful...those tags, the lavender bags...the rosemary cone...all so professionally done and perfect in every detail!
I hope that your eyes are better need a nice long rest!
Take care,
Laura :)

junkdreams ha detto...


Fågel Blå ha detto...

Hello Dear Vale!
I love your lavenderbags so lovely!
Take care!
Many hugs to you!

Chani ha detto...

This is exactly what I wanted to tell you about, I heard about this product too, and it seems so easy and great outcomes. I'm sure you have seen the tutorial on the internet too (if not, I will try to find it again for you... it's somewhere in my 10000 favorites). Isn't there someone who could know what the Europan equivalent of CitraSolv is? This would be perfect. I guess there has to be something like that here too, it seems to be a simple cleaning agent...

cat ha detto...

hey Vale!
You're right!! that's unbielievable!! we seem to have the same idea at the same day !!!
How to say that I like what you made and create here!!!All is beautiful and the subject too!!
Have a good day!
Big hugs!

beige et blanc ha detto...

very nice little linen project, very romantic.
have a nice day.

Ele ha detto...

Dear Vale,
so wonderful your tags of paper and linon and the cone just wonderful!

Always a pleasure for me to come and see your handmade things

hugs and kisses


C De-sign ha detto...

Hi Vale! So many beautiful things! You are so clever! Ad your wonderful with the blue violets, we have still snow!!!!! Hope your eyes will be better! I have found out that I want to spend less time at the computer! It takes so much time....and now I want to have energy and time to create things I have cut down..a little! Well wish you a nice day! Hugs from C

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Ciao Vale
How gorgeous those lavender pillows are.. I bet they smell divine!! All your pieces are lovely!

Have a great week xx Julie

Anonimo ha detto...

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*Ulrike* ha detto...

All of your projects are so pretty, and I'm sure the aroma is wonderful!
Hope you have a great rest of the week!

liven ha detto...

Nice always!!
Take care Vale....and a happy weekend for you :o)

Kom Achterom ha detto...

What a nice site
i'll follow you
my english isn't verry good but i'll come back and visite your site
Your eastern things are verry nice
greatings Yolanda

carreco ha detto...

All these achievements are beautiful like your staging.
Good health and good evening. Co

Amanda ha detto...

I love those sweet lavender pillows and the labels. What a lovely idea.
(And your garden looks so lovely!)
Hope you're feeling better soon!

ivanohe ha detto...

Vos réalisations en linge ancien sont magnifiques et très inspirées. La simplicité est toujours ce qu'il y a de plus chic. Amicalement Cosette

Belle Brocante design ha detto...

Hi Vale! So nice those linnen labels & sacks... You make wonderful things.

Take care,

Anonimo ha detto...

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Fata Sabrina ha detto...

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