lunedì 22 marzo 2010


I had my metal you remember??? Well, this's my linen label time!

...they're filled with the lavender of my garden..

...I need simple and quick projects now...

...I work in my garden most of the time...

...I still have to repaint tables and chairs...

...and my free time is limited!

I made linen labels for LC too...

...I'd like that all my fabric creations could have a personalized I've to make much more ones!

I'm preaparing my first's a very long time I want to do it, but I'm always so insecure...I'll take the photos and post it in the next days!
A nice new week to you!

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nat la fée angevine ha detto...

Hi Vale,
So nice creations!I do enjoy a lot !
Very nice linen labels.
Have a nice week

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Hello Vale!
I am here with Lynn in Florida and we have been talking about you and Paola and our wonderful visit last September! I love your linen must tell me how to do this....maybe I could be successful if it is really as easy as you say! Have a wonderful week!
xoxo Laura :)

It's me ha detto...

Hello Vale.

Wonderful these labels and bags.....lovely wreath,..i recgonize.........hihihihi!!

How are your eyes?? enjoy working in your garden.have a nice week !

Did you reed the magazine??

Hugs from me..........

carreco ha detto...

Hello Vale
These labels are all more beautiful than another.
Good gardening. Kisses. Co

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

I also love your linen label time, the results are so good!

How lovely...a give away! I am waiting for your next post now!

Sleep well!

Hugs, Ingrid

anouk ha detto...

Lovely labels, they are simply gorgeous!


Desde my Ventana ha detto...

Always charming and beautiful Vale.
I will speak with my brother and them I wil @mail you.
Have a great week,

Magnys Lille Krinkelkrok ha detto...

your peronalized tags are beautyful...
thansk fo your greetings to my blog, and tjansk for the e-mail... it will be , but I dont know when...!
have a nice spring, you have godd temperatures, I guess..

Villa König ha detto...

Your labels are so beautiful and full of creativity! I also love lavendel! It smells so good and I like to put some little pillow between the bedlinen. Thanks for the wonderful photos!!! Hugs Yvonne

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

They are beautiful Vale :)
Thank you so much for your visit on my blog. I`m so happy whenever I see you have been visiting me :)) I`ll try to get better myself ;)

hugs, Kari

ozma of odds ha detto...

...Vale ~ those linen tags are oh-so-lovely!! I can't wait for your giveaway! xo, Rosemary
p.s. I'm so glad you stopped by! I need your address so I can mail your patisserie tags from Mr. Bunn's giveaway for posting on your sidebar! :)

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Lovely creations you made...

I love your photoes,,

Lucky you... You cab work in the garden.. The snow is gone and we can do the same very soon..

take care

Hugs Kerstin

Lilla Kullan ♥ ha detto...

Have a great tuesday my friend.:-) Hug Stina

The Sobbing Settee ... ha detto...

Beautiful labels! Just started making these myself .... boy, do I have a new addiction ;-)

All the best,

Fabulously french ha detto...

Vale, they are gorgeous!

Bon courage a toi,

Leeann x

Anonimo ha detto...

Those labels are amazing Vale. Well done.

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

Your linen labels are wonderful! Inspires me to do my own, for my handicraft... hmmm I have to think about that!

nathalie ha detto...

its very nice vale...One more time...I's so cute

have a good day

nath from caribou

Bonjade ha detto...

Oh they are so georgeous.....
How do you make these so lovely...?
Do you have any tips.
Love it.
Nice evening

Chani ha detto...

Dear Vale, if you knew how much you speak from my heart! I'm SO crazy about labels too at the moment! In fact, I've already made a few lavender sachets too! Yours are really adorable, and the labels are beautiful. I know what the graphic is hehe :) , you chose perfectly well! I just LOVE your style!
All the best, Chani

manon 21 ha detto...

tu as raison c'est la "label mania"
j'adore les tiens.


Chani ha detto...

My dear Vale, I will definitely mix the styles! Everyone gave me this advice and this was what I wanted to do in the first place. So let's shop!
Hm well, I asked a few friends to bring Citrasov from the US, but that will take another two months and I hope that they will do so... until then I have to wait and I will probably use the transfer paper some tim. Are yours made with D.? They look perfect, not shiny at all. Oh I really just LOVE them! I wish I could start my fabric printing projects right away... the possibilities would be endless.
Love, Chani

anouk ha detto...

I like your blog very much, I have a present for you in my blog. Have a look!

Gaia ha detto...

Giusto in tempo per il tuo primo giveaway!

Sono nel tunnel della rete e non solo! Ti farò vedere presto
un bacio

red ticking ha detto...

i love these!!

kt ha detto...

hello vale,

while i was off the italian connection, spring seems to have already come to your place.

pretty flowers! and yes, you are lovable print-a-holic!

thank so much for not forgetting me ;) and have a great week!

ciao, ciao,


beige & blanc ha detto...

very nice linen label, I really like it. I am also working in my garden after this awfull winter the garden is in ea mess.
Have a nice day.

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Oh my Vale
these are so beautiful... just lovely. you are such a clever girl!! Have a lovely week xxx Julie

ALESSANDRA ha detto...

wonderfull wonderfull wonderfull creations!!!

Val ha detto...

J'aime particulièrement ta période lin,elle t'es d'une grande inspiration créatrice!

BELDECOR by Bine ha detto...

Dear Vale,
I dont't have to say that your work is gorgeous as always... and what a coincidence, I've also made last weekend a few of linen tags for some new projects...
I'm looking foward for your giveaway
Wishing you a delightful day
Warm hugs

Hem & Hav ha detto...

Lovely linen prints, with lavender inside they are "creme de la creme"!! I like your personalized tags! Have a nice week! Hugs from Sweden, Katarina

liven ha detto...

Always so beautiful projects Vale:o)
And lovely pictures!!
Happy wednesday :o)

guja ha detto...

Ciao Valentina!le adoro anch'io ^-^!!!

LENNU ha detto...

Hi Vale!
I like all of them. Gorgeous job.
You are always working on something personal.
Warm greetings, Lennu

Magdalena ha detto...

Hi Vale!
Your linen period I like a lot.Your tags are very beautiful...working in the garden, how I would love to do that right we still have a snow...but I really hope for the spring...
Lots of love

Kari ha detto...

What a lovely linen labels you have made..
And you're milk bottle is also lovely too see..

You,re pictures off you,re daddy are also a treasure ..

Hugs Kari

Rummet för välbefinnande ha detto...

Vale, you are simply the best!
I have been working so hard with my new location for a long time and I´ve not had so much time for blogging. But now I felt that I wanted to visit you and send you a couple of words - and what do I see???
The most fantastic linen labels.....
Ahhhhh, they are so wonderful, and the small ones with your LC on it........ I just love them.
Home much does it cost if you send me one off those fantastic lavenderbags with a little linen label that it is handmade from LC? I feel so happy when I see them and they really went straight to my heart.
The lavenderbags are all fantastic, but I think I´m most fond of the one on the second or the fifth picture. Can you send it to Sweden?

Take care and a big hug to you!

lavendel mio ha detto...

Hei Vale!
Lovely pictures!!!
So beautifulls labels you have made!
Have a nice veekend, hug Hanne

Marge ha detto...

Dear friend,

You have done very good job!!! I like them! Oh, you can work in your garden, I can just dreaming;) In Finland is still a lot of snow, but it is melting all the time;)) Dear Vale have a good time in your garden, I`m sure, it will be beautiful! Hugs, Marge

Marge ha detto...

Ps. I looked at your previous post and I "had to" come back and say to, how lovely posts, so beautiful, especially father`s day post!!:)So warmly!!

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Hi Vale, Nise bags and filled with the scent of lavendar. Im afraid to pick mine I just love the way it looks. Even when a breeze blows and the bees like the taste of it too. Have a great day. Happy Gardening. Julian

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Oh yes I forgot to tell you that im on the hunt for a primative bird cage like yours on your header. I need to go hit the flea markets earlier in the morning to find one.....Julian

Something White ha detto...

I just have one word: B E A U T I F U L !! All the rest is my admiration in silence! :)

Kim from The Sheep's Nest ha detto...

Beautiful Blog. Wonderful giveaway treats! If you are willing to ship to the US then please put my name in the drawing. Kim

Eva ha detto...

Wonderful giveaway. I started to follow your blog some months ago And it is always inspiring.
Tonight I will put your drawn in my blog's sidebar