venerdì 19 marzo 2010

Milk bottle and father's day

I like childish side finds milk something heats when it's cold and restore when it's hot...

...I wanted a special bottle for it...I printed the label...and now my milk has a pretty bottle!
The letter biscuits are called quaresimali...they're a simple and traditional recipe in Tuscany for the time before Easter...made of sugar, cocoa and albumen...simple but delicious!

Today is father' day...

 this photos I was with my dad when I was 2 years old...

 he is not with us anymore...thank you papà've been the only man of my life who made me fly!
Have a nice and sunny week end!

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Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

I also like milk AND CHOCOLATE hi hi! What a nice pictures when you was a little child...but it's hard to miss a father.

Wish you a nice weekend! Big hugs, Ingrid

Diana Strinati Baur ha detto...

Lovely. Vale, a lovely warm (sweet) tribute.

Have a beautiful weekend. Lots of love from Piemonte.

seasons of my house ha detto...

What a nice words of you're father. I'm sure he will be proud of you. He made you fly indeed! Great pictures.
Yammie, milk and cookies.
How is it with your eyes, are they any better?
Ciao, Karin

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Hi Vale, Great pictures with you and your father. And a great idea with the label on the milk bottle it's cool. Thank you for your visit. Have a great day, Julian

nathalie ha detto...

so cute the picture with you dady and you....i BELIEVE you can flyyyyyy....
have a good day

nath from caribou

It's me ha detto...

Hi Vale

Nice words of your father !! But it is hard to miss him !!

My father is is also not with me anymore............i missed him every day of my life !

Beautiful pictures ! you can fly !! woww...........have a nice weekend to and enjoy ...i must go to the dentist my molar is broken yesterday eve.......snik..........

Hugs Ria

les creas de violette et potiron ha detto...

Superbe blog que je découvre, avec de très jolies réalisations, bravo !!

Anonimo ha detto...

What an absolutely delightful post Vale. I love your milk bottle, and the pictures of you with your father are really special. Thank you for sharing them. Buon fine settimana!

Something White ha detto...

That´s a very beautiful hommage to your papa and it touches me deeply! You put the words so nicely.
That milk will taste even better from such a pretty labeled bottle :D
Best greetings, love,

Anonimo ha detto...

Nice - thank you for showing us Vale :-)
I have bougt some small bottles with coffe-milk in - hmmm..;-)
Have a nice weekend, hugs Hege.

LENNU ha detto...

Hi Vale!
This post touches me, beautiful words.
Your milk bottle is very pretty.
Warm greetings, Lennu

*Ulrike* ha detto...

Things taste better if they are in pretty containers! I also like milk warm with honey in it!
Your father looked so happy holding you!

Vero ha detto...

Wonderful pictures of you and your nostalgic! Lovely...

I like the print on the milkbottle a lot! Looks very very good!
Nice cookies too :) Jammm

Regards, Veronique
and a wonderful weekend for you!

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Bella,
what a wonderful memory of your father....I often think, that we all looked the same...I might show you pictures of me, where I look like you....
We have the same bisquits in Germany...yummy....
best wishes

Stella Pesci ha detto...

Ciao, Vale...this is such a special post, and I know all of us (your friends and readers around the world) are sending you (and your Papa) very happy, loving thoughts! I love the picture of you flying, it's too cute!
Testing your wings??:))

And the milk bottle design is fabulous...another touch of beauty from you!
Have a happy, sunny weekend in your garden!
Stella xx

ozma of odds ha detto...

...such a sweet post to your father!
~ and as always, creatively visual! Love the easter biscuits.
xo, Rosemary
~ drop by and leave me your address so I may send your patisserie tags from Mr. Bunn:)

ale ha detto...

dear vale!!!! beautifull words for your dad!!!they sound so so sweet!!!!!!!in some part...sure he is smiling!!!!!!!!!!
l love your milk bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!muchos besos and have a weekend full of fun and joy and love!!!!

Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Vale, your photos with her daddy are very beautiful!
Is it very beautiful and touching!!!
Have a nice evening and very nice weekend
Hugs Fleurette

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Hi Vale,
This post is were adorable as a little girl and still are! I remember the kind words you had for your Papa when we visited and how you reassured Rob that a father is always so special to a girl...Your love for him was apparent then as now!
...and I love your milk bottle!
Take care,

Rostrose ha detto...

Dearest Vale, I LOVE the photos and your words to fathers-day, they really touch me! The only man who made you fly, that's wonderful! And you was so sweet! I think you liked milk as child, too - so it is perfect to drink milk on fathers day out of this pretty bottle!!! I really would like to drink a glass of milk with you (and to eat one or two of the letters ;o))
Lots of spring-hugs, Traude

vosges paris ha detto...

ahh that is so sweet of you to say that your dad made you fly ;)
bellissime foto
buon weekend!

Min Verden ha detto...

Hey Vale - I'm fine :) I wish you could send some of that Helleborus for me. :) One tips with sweet peas is to put them in some wather during night before you put them into the soil. Wish you luck. Hope you are well - aswell :) Have a great weekend!

Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...

A beautiful post Vale, I love your printed label for the milk bottle.

A lovely tribute to your dad. I miss my dad all the time, but especially when we have Fathers day, I lost my dad when I was 10, a long long time ago !

elmundodetrapito ha detto...

hola vale que bellos recuerdos eras una pequeña muy bella amiga que tengas una semana con bellos recuerdos con cariño moni

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
the milk bottle looks so good - the biscuits I like very much - we call them Russian bread - I like these baby pictures with your dad - such a beautiful reminder -
have a nice sunny weekend - hugs - Ruth

Anonimo ha detto...

sweet thought :)) sorry Vale.. there is no such men anymore..

have a nice weekend.. hugs :)

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Oh Vale
How absolutely beautiful your photos are.. such wonderful memories rich with love.. I'm sure your papa is proud of you.. xx Julie

Villa König ha detto...

Oh dear Vale what a lovely post!!! The old photos are so full of warm memories!!! And your photos are always so great! But I can't believe that you made the label for the bottle yourself :-) I wanted to ask you where you found such a wonderful milk bottle :-))) Can you give me a tip how you did it? Or are you selling such a label??? I love it! Wish you a great weekend! Hugs Yvonne

red ticking ha detto...

i love milk... and cookies... and chocolate... and this post is precious... i LOVE my daddy... xx

Kristin ha detto...

So nice words!!! (the milk bottle is so cute)Happy Sunday!


Anonimo ha detto...

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Corinne. ha detto...

Coucou Vale !
Un petit passage chez toi pour prendre de tes nouvelles !
C'est toujours un plaisir de venir faire un petit tour sur ton blog !!
Je l'adore tes mises en scènes sont très jolies!

Bonjade ha detto...

So lovely he gave you wings.....
Cherise it.
Nice evening

Lilla Kullan ♥ ha detto...

Lovely pictures, and I like that milkbottle very much.:-) Hug Stina

Desde my Ventana ha detto...

Hello Vale:
Thank you for your nice words. I hope that your eyes go a bit better.
Next April my brother and his wife will travel to Florence and they want to go to Lucca (my brother adores the opera and wants to see the place of Puccini's origin) . I would like to send you a little present;an you send the address of your shop in order that they could visit you??

donna baker ha detto...

Such a touching post. He was a fine father.

beige & blanc ha detto...

very nice picture of you and your daddy, a real treasure to keep.
Have a nice week

Tone ha detto...

Dear Vale... your pictures of you and dad are just adorable!!
Fantastic memories!
Put them in lovely frames on the wall - they are just LOVE...I am sure he was so proud of you. He is around you, I am sure....

Love from Tone

cat ha detto...

Dear Vale, your bottle of milk is now fabulous with this old label!! and this association with chocolate!! delicious!!
You are from Tuscany!! What a so beautiful country but unfortunately, I never go!!
The pictures with your father are very wonderful : I suppose it's you with him!! A lovely moment in your past!!!
Have a beautiful day! The spring is now here!!
Big hugs

Anonimo ha detto...

fine pictures.

Hilde Iren ha detto...

Such a sweet post about your papa! Love the pictures :)

- and the milkbottle is beautiful!

Today is a sunny day here, lovely - lovely spring - Im happy :))
Wish you a great week!
Hilde Iren