venerdì 23 aprile 2010

Last projects

Some of my last simple you know I spend most of my free time in the garden and I've not so much time for new creations...this winter has been so long and hard that I now feel like breathing open air...

...I made the two decorative boards from wooden tablets...

..they have urns and topiary subjects...

...I used image transfer because unfortunately I cannot paint...

...same technique for the devotional candles....I haven't electricity in my garden, so I need to have a big amount of candles...I'll decorate them with a lot of different images!

Nothing creative during this week...a big pipe in the kitchen was broken down...a lot of water in the kitchen and chaos...plumbers, bricklayers and in the next days the painter...I had to move everything from the kitchen and then I'll have to move everything back!

Thank you for all your nice comments on my previous post...I'm happy you liked my little bed!!!
Have a nice and sunny week end!!!

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Pierelantijntjes ha detto...

Your boards and candles are beautiful. I decorate candles too, you can't get enough of them, and it's very decorative.
I also create less things now. It's nice to go outside and enjoy the good weather.
What a bad luck you had in your kitchen. I hope it's all well now.
Have a great weekend,
Hugs Ester

Anonimo ha detto...

there is nothing like candlelight in the garden.. a lot og them :))

It seems like U enjoy gardening :))

Yes, this winter has been hard for everyone. Hope we all will have a great summer!!

Hugs from me

Känslans väg ha detto...

Transfer image...... Very nice indeed. I sat here with my coffee and when I saw your creations I nearly had my coffee in my throat *big smile*
You are a fantastic source of inspiration Vale.
Yesterday I held my lovely linen lavender bag in my hand and I sent you a thought of gratefulness. It makes me feel so happy and just by holding it in my hand I get a lot of inspiration. So today I hope I´m going to create some new things.
Wish you a nice day and a lovely weekend.
Take care :) :)
Hugs Mia

Bonjade ha detto...

Oh so great....real art, although you had not painted this....a real artist......
Do you iron this on the board? But how do you do this on the candles?
Love it, love it.
Take care and nice weekend

Rosor och Spetsar ha detto...

I love your candles and boards,so lovely and the colors are so soft.
Enjoy your garden, I long to the next weekend when I am free, then I will wok in mine.
Have a nice weekend

Anonimo ha detto...

Yes this winter has beesn hard all over...,
- but now it`s spring !!:-D
You are such an inspiration with the things you make Vale!,
- what a clever idea with transfers!
Love both your tablets an the candles:-)
Have a nice(sunny!) weekend,
hugs Hege.

MiaMaria ha detto...


Your boards and candles are wonderful!!!!
And I love your bed in the romantic....

HAve a nice weekend!

La Flotte ha detto...

Hi Vale,you've made nice boards!
I really thought you've painted them, they have a very nice old look.

have a nice weekend!


Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Dear Vale!

Your boards and candles are beautiful! And I's time to be in the garden! This weekend we will have some sunny days, so I hope to be a lot of time in my garden too!

Have a sunny weekend! Many hugs, Ingrid

It's me ha detto...

Hello Vale

Beautiful painted boards!! you make of them...........!!

So nice ,beautiful colors!! good done!!

The sun is shining here.........i go outsite with the dogs now............have a lovely sunny day ...hugs from me........

seasons of my house ha detto...

Nice done Vale, looks great. It's a beautifull day here, but I suppose I'll find you in your kitchen, with your head in the cupboards :o) Good Luck!

di bianco e d'azzurro ha detto...

Ciao Vale, magnifici questi dipinti!!!
Sei stata molto ingegnosa nel realizzarli, come si dice "necessitate virtute", bellissimi anche i ceri votivi, le immagini applicate li rendono più suggestivi!!!
Adoro i giardini illuminati solo con fiaccole e lanterne, hanno un qualcosa di magico!!!
Ti auguro una buonissima giornata, Annamaria

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

Hi Vale, Your boards look fantastic! It's a great idea doing that with image transfer. I can't paint either.
I'm sorry to hear about the broken pipe in you kitchen.
Have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

Desde my Ventana ha detto...

Hi Vale,
very artistic and beautiful images.I like your idea so much.
Have a wonderful,rest and sunny weekend,

manon 21 ha detto...

j'aime beaucoup Vale,en plus elle dure longtemps ces bougies.

bonne journée


sharon ha detto...

Your boards are so pretty, I thought you had painted them. Aren't we all longing for candle-lit evenings in the garden.

Lynda ha detto...

.............dear Vale;)...such a shame you live SO far away, otherwise I would invite you over for a cup of tea/coffee...and I would have told you to bring THAT BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*GRIN*...its BEAUTIFULL!!!!! I dont have any pictures in my livingroom, simply because I cant find anything I like......but I like workshop please;)!

What badluck in your kitchen!!!!! I dont know what the weather is like overthere but I hope is you can open some doors, and let the air in.....take one day at the time.....things will be repared, and this is you chance to choose maybe an other colour???;).
Are my positive comments helping:D.

Whising you well, sun and love,


ps...monday is "emaille op maandag"time;))))dont forget!

La Dolce Vita ha detto...

just beautiful!!

@nne ha detto...

Sorry to hear you had a lot of chaos this week. Anyway, thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures. I wish you a nice and peaceful weekend, @nne

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Oh....sorry to hear about the broken pipe! But once again, your talent amazes...I can just imagine the garden with all the candlelight! You are such a romantic Vale!

Prillig ha detto...

Your boards are lovely, you are a big inspiration!

I saw your little bed, it´s beautiful and just perfekt in your garden.

Have a nice weekwnd, my friend.

Hugs britt

anita ha detto...

Oh Vale,Im December I have similar problem in my kitchen!
Your pictures are georgeous!I love topiarys!!
have a nice week end!

Chines à Gaillac ha detto...

Tes transferts sont superbes.
Et j'adore aussi le lit du post précédent.
Bon courage pour ta cuisine et bon week-end.

cat ha detto...

ooh!! Vale these pictures are so beautiful and we can't see the transfert !! what a good idea!! and so gorgeous !!!And the same for thes candles!! with religion theme!! I like all what you create!!
Good luck or courage for the kitchen!!
Have a beautiful Week-end!
Big hugs

nathalie ha detto...

i found you very creatif...thats very nice

have a nice we too

nath fro caribouuuuuuuuu


Tone ha detto...

Dear Vale
Dont say you are NOT CREATIVE...! - Gardening is high creativity :-)
I am sure your garden will look beautiful during summer!

I think I have started to be a bit allergic to something out in the air,... - trees or something, I am feeling bad this weekend. But still, gardening!

have a nice weekend!

NicNacManiac ha detto...

Oh my blog and all of your creative endeavours are just breathtaking!!
Happy Weekend xOxO Nerina

Mimmuli ha detto...

Ciao, my fried, How are you..?

I hope fine. Wonderful atmosphear in you pictures, I like it a lot.. Have a wondeful weekend<3

Hugs !


Anonimo ha detto...

Hi! I love your blog and i love Italy. I´m spanish and i have a blog of restauration of furniture. I´m going to put a link in my blog to yours. I hope you are agree. Kisses

G-style ha detto...

Hi vale ,
glad to be back again, thank you for your warm welcome-words!
I had a little time-out but now I want to enjoy all those nice blogs again and yours offcourse as one off my favourites.

Your garden is wonderfull with that old bed off yours .
All your older posts are nice too , I love your creativity.

See you next time , warm greetings from Gea

Rostrose ha detto...

WOW, Vale, your creations look wonderful!!! Like a summer-breeze!

Lots of Hugs, Traude

C De-sign ha detto...

Hi Vale! So many beautiful things you make....alays so nice to look at your pictures!!!! Lovely!!! And so nice to hear that you have had a break on the beach......well I like to be there too!! Have nice week at work, I am right now in a project with children reading books... a lot of nice work as you can understand!!!! HUGS from C

elmundodetrapito ha detto...

hola valentina tu siempres con cosas tan bellas vale que tengas una dule semana con cariño moni

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

HI Vale
Well that's must have been a nuisance with the broken pipe... but your decorative boards looks lovely... and so does that sweet bed in your last post.. so much family history and it graces your garden well....

thanks for your lovely comment.. hope the week is good to you.. xxx Julie

~*~ saskia ~*~ ha detto...

Your boards are beautiful, Vale. Love your arrangement too!
Wishing you a great new week and a happy Monday! xx

daniela rota nodari ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
che meraviglia questi vasi medicei e
le tue foto!!
buona serata
kisses :)


irma ha detto...

Bonne idée de transferts sur ces panneaux!