giovedì 8 aprile 2010

Metal hook and cross

Last finds at the antique market...

...white paint and numbers for the old metal hook...

...white and grey patina for the metal cross...

...a little game of images with the linen wings...

I finally painted my garden chairs and tables... made little creative projects and worked in the garden...but I hadn't time to take photos! Long days at work and little free time!
Thanks to old and new friends to join my giveaway!

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Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Your finds at the antique market are great, enjoy them!

Wish you a happy day! Many hugs to you from Ingrid

Anonimo ha detto...

I wanted to send you a loving greeting...Hugs Tanja

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hi there Vale, so lovly things.. Love the cros. isít for holy wather? Love the erly pfoto of the madonna under the trees. Marvoulus.
Enjoy your week. hugs from Jeanette

Pierelantijntjes ha detto...

What beautiful findings you've got! I love the way you restyled them. Love the white and grey patina for the cross. And the bags on your banner are also very beautiful.
Have a nice day,
Greetings from Ester

Verbena Cottage ha detto...

i am very happy to find your comments in my blog. i have always admired your blog and everything you post here. thank you so much! take care, pleasure to meet you! maryann

Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima ha detto...

Ciao Vale! Grazie per il tuo commento...peccato che tu lo abbia lasciato prima della pubblicazione del post di ieri sera...altrimenti avresti trovato una bella sorpresa per te. Vai a vedere.... baci,

Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Wow... so beautiful founds Vale..
I like everything..

Hugs Kerstin

Anna ha detto...
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Anna ha detto...

Passare a trovarti è diventata una piacevole abitudine...mooolto piacevole!!
Ti abbraccio, Anna.

Camilla, Casa de Bach ha detto...

Beautiful finds -as always! Ill really would like to go to those markets too...

Have a nice weekend soon!

Love Camilla ;)

Desde my Ventana ha detto...

Wonderful finds!!I like so much the firts photo,the little lavender bag.....

Have a nice day,springtime is there??


Chines à Gaillac ha detto...

Jolie patine.
Et trés jolie mise en scène sur la patère.

Rummet för välbefinnande ha detto...

Hi there,
Hope you have had a pleasant easter.
I took some days off and just enjoyd life. It was really nice, but now I´m back again.
Such a wonderful metal-cross - wow!!!!! And the hook. Love it!
Have a wonderful week and take care!
Hugs Mia

It's me ha detto...

O Vale ............that metal cross is soooooooooo beautiful !! i 'am i love..........i love it !!!...can you put it in a box and sent it over ??? haahahahahhhahahh!!!! lol lol .........and that metal hook so nice you find that !!

Have a great sunny day..lots of hugs from me.........ciao !

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
oh I love this metal cross - it´s soooo charming -
you found such wonderful things on antique market.
Big hugs - Ruth

di bianco e d'azzurro ha detto...

Ciao Vale, che meraviglia l'appendino, bellissima anche l'acquasantiera!!
La ghirlandina è di erica vero? La trovo molto romantica!!
Baci, Annamaria

Tanja's living ha detto...

Nice pictures!

Have a nice day!


Villa König ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
your new funds are so great! I love the cross, it's fantastic! Big hugs Yvonne

Vianne ha detto...

Dear Vale!
Your antique hook and the cross are sooo beautiful!!! It is really great scoop:-)
Have a nice days!

Stora och små drömmar ha detto...

Hi Vale SChool takes all my time now so a am sorry that I doint have time to look in your blogg as much as I like to, As alway you have wonderful foto. I hope you have a nice time in the spring Take care Hugs Jessica

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Bella
I always love to see all your painted things like the the old metal hook.....and I absolutly love your view out of your office window.....
I always remember all the little Madonna statues we discovered during our stays in Italy....
And they all had fresh flowers...always!!
Lasciati abbraciare

Giulia ha detto...
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Patricia ha detto...

Dear friend !! very beautiful !! Have a nice week !! Big hugs for you !!

LENNU ha detto...

The old metal hook is so beautiful, I loooove it!

Lovely weekend!
Greetings Lennu

LENNU ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
manon 21 ha detto...

Belle ambiance!!

bon weekend


Anonimo ha detto...

Beautiful things Vale!:-)
Have a nice weekend,
hugs Hege.

Tone ha detto...

Lovely stuff!!!

I enjoy days in the garden, fantastic weather coming up this weekend - and I am doing gardening all day long. Too bad all the roads here I live need new waterpipes, so it looks like a total mess in front....hate it.
But the backside of the house looks nice :-)

I saw a kamelia-tree yesterday, but I didn buy it, I dont think it would stand the cold here in Norway during winter. Too bad - its fanastic. Also want a magnolia - we`ll se...!
Have a nice weekend!

liven ha detto...

Hei Vale!!
Nice things!!
This weekend it's a antique marked in our town too :o) I will go there sunday I think!!

happy weekend for you :o)

Hilde Iren ha detto...

Hi Vale
- beautiful things!! And I love your photos in the past post, lovely spring!
In a coupple of weeks Im off to Bergamo - jobtrip, looking so forward to visit lovely Italy for the first time!
Happy weekend and hugs
Hilde Iren :)

Nyanser av vitt ha detto...

Dear Vale
So nice things you have found.
Garden work....feels like far away here. So much snow still..
Have you joined my competition?
Hugs Agneta

Villa König ha detto...

Hi Vale,
thanks for your lovely comment! If you like to have such a mini greenhouse, I can try to get one for you. I am not sure whether they will be still sold, but I can try it. Hugs Yvonne

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Ciao Vale
I've been out of action lately so have missed a few posts... I love the Madonna statue in the previous post... and what beautiful gardens she is surrounded by... Hope you are well and have a wonderful weekend.. xx Julie

Desde my Ventana ha detto...

Yesterday I received from my friend Marie-Ange REVER AU SUD an invitation to participate in a game between blogs.Hoy is my turn to choose new players and I have chosen you to participate ..... only if you want and it looks good.

Lilla Blanka ha detto...

Ciao Vale!

Lovely finds!
I really like your photos!

Have a nice week my friend,

beige et blanc ha detto...

the cross is just so nice, and i love your pictures.
have a nice day.

Calou ha detto...

Full of inspiration !!

Anonimo ha detto...

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