venerdì 16 aprile 2010

A little gnome in my garden!

Beacause of my new passion for gardening, my dear friend Margherita gave me a gift from her holidays in France...

...the little gnome was boxed with brush and colours...

...I've waited for 8 months...I'm not very clever with little brushes....and finally I painted him!!! He's so funny and a bit kitsch...and he will have a special place in my garden!

I won Rosemary's giveay some weeks ago...I received these lovely cake labels yesterday!

Thank you Rosemary! I love them!!!
A great week end to you all!

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Fleurette ha detto...

Hello ma dearest Vale, your dwarf is super!!!Is it beautiful and funny gift:)) In your garden will be happy!!
Have a nice evening and weekend
Hugs Fleurette

It's me ha detto...

Hello Vale......nice labels !! you won....have a nice weekend you too with lots of sun.................and the magazines are on their way...........hugs from me...........bye!

di bianco e d'azzurro ha detto...

Ciao Vale, bellissime le etichette!!!
Con lo gnomo hai fatto un ottimo lavoro!!
Ti auguro buon fine settimana, Annamaria

~*~ saskia ~*~ ha detto...

Do give your little, cute new friend a big hug, Vale! So lovely to have him amongst your flowers...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Pierelantijntjes ha detto...

I love gnomes. Not that our garden is full with them, but I think there kind of funny. You painted this one very nice.
Beautiful labels you've won.
Have a great weekend,
Greetings Ester

vosges paris ha detto...

sometimes kitsch can be cute, like this little man ;)
Have a happy weekend.

Lynda ha detto...

just the right little bit of kitsch is perfect;), what a cute little man you got!!

Have a nice weekend!

Stella Pesci ha detto...

What a cute gnome...he'll bring lots of good luck to your garden (and you)!
Pretty labels, too!
Stella xx

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

You painted your gnome in wonderful colours! And you've got beautiful labels!!

Have a nice weekend! Many hugs, Ingrid

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Hi Vale!
He looks just like of Snow White's seven dwarfs! How perfect for your charming garden! I love Rosemary's sweet labels too...lucky you!
:) Laura

Amanda ha detto...

I think your little gnome is cute - he reminds me of the one in the movie Amelie :)

Desde my Ventana ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Well maybe a little kitsch but very funny and colourist.
Have a nice week-end

Patricia ha detto...

Hello Vale ! very nice the gnome...I like him...Pretty labels...Have a great weekend my friend...A big hugs for you....

Anonimo ha detto...

I ♥ your new header! and the bags you have the herbs in is beautiful.

the gardvord is actually a german thing. Don`t know why they had 'the small people' to watch over theire garden. We use them too, and in England you find them everywhere. Cute :)))

Have a wonderful weekend Vale.. hugs from me

Veronique ha detto...

I like this funny gnome, he looks happy instead of looking very serious ( watched a horrormovie years ago about gnomes, my god! :) so this one is very lovely with his sweet face!
Love the labels you've won, very very sweet looking!

a wonderfull weekend for you!

Huggs, Veronique

beige & blanc ha detto...

I like your new friend, I've got 2 in my garden.
Have a nice sunny week end.

seasons of my house ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Well your little man can be a bit kitch, but he makes me smile big time! He's cute.
I hope you can spend lots and lots of time with him in your garden. Enjoy!

liven ha detto...

It was a nice little gnome :o)

Wish you a happy weekend Vale

rosana sperotto ha detto...

I love gnomes! Very, very beautiful your blog! Hugs

@nne ha detto...

Hello Vale, he looks really happy to be in your garden. Love, @nne

Franse Lelie ha detto...

Hi Vale, what a nice friend you have..... You see a lot off them in Holland, also in Italy?
What a great pictures of your garden, here we have a beautifull weekend with lots of sun so the plants can grow!!!
Nice labels you have won, realy special, have a nice weekend, greetings from Jolanda

Roberta Granada ha detto...

Ciao, mi piace il tuo blog molto,
Sono dal Brasile, amo mestiere ...abbracci

English style ha detto...

Dear Vale,
Nice labels you have won!! and your gnome is a very friendly little man :-)
and what a beautiful flowers you already have in your garden Vale !!
here in Holland is the weather this weekend also very very nice !!
Big hugs

Johanna ha detto...

Le noeud de jardin, trop kitch...j'adore!!!
Bizou Vale. A bientôt.

anita ha detto...

oh your gnome is very funny!yes so kitch but In France we love it!!
have a good sanday!

Tracey ha detto...

Oh I love to garden and love all things garden related!! Great job painting your gnome Vale!!!

Hope your weekend is going great!

Hugs ~

:) T

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Oh le joli petit nain !
Je suis sûre qu'il attend Blanche-Neige.
Bisous du coeur (et rieurs)ma chère Vale.

Nyanser av vitt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
The snow never came.
Please check my lottery of one of the SWEETs bracelets.

carreco ha detto...

C'est très joli...
Belle semaine. Co

Lynda ha detto...

Hi Vale,

Feel free to join our "emaille op maandag"!!!;)
Wouldnt it be nice to do this worldwide???:D
You are more then welcome to join!


Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

you are a lucky wommen. i love your garden its a beautifull place to be in. Hugs to you my friend/Ingela.

elmundodetrapito ha detto...

hola vale como siempre nos deleitas con tantas cosa bellas vale que tu semana sea muy productiva con cariño moni

*Ulrike* ha detto...

I think your little man is so cute! I remember them from my childhood.