lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Monday enamel post

This's my second Monday enamel post....Irma is the author of this nice idea...she truly has a faboulous collection of enamel ware...I've not so much so I don't know how many posts I'll be able to do! Still problems with my pc...I don't know what happens...I've tryed to solve the problem, but I think I'll have to ask for an expert...the problem is that surely I won't have it for a few days!

...these enamel coffee pots belonged to my great-grand mother...

...they're chipped as you can see, but this isn't a problem for me...I don't like perfection...

Some new roses and wisteria from my garden...they both are very delicate, but nothing lasts for ever!!!

A nice and sunny new week for you! We'll have rain the following days!

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LENNU ha detto...

How beautiful enamel coffee pots.
Your roses and wisteria are very romantic and soft - lovely.
A sunny new week for you Vale.
We had a faboulous sunny day!
Warm hugs, Lennu

liven ha detto...

Lovely enamel !!! I love enamel things.....specially old things !!
I hope you will find out of your pc problems!!!!
Have a nice week Vale :o)

Pierelantijntjes ha detto...

What a beautiful enamel coffepots!! I've never seen these before.
The flowers are also beautiful. No, nothing lasts forever, but don't forget to enjoy it, while we have it.
Whising you a great new week, and hopefully some sunny days.
Hugs Ester

Anonimo ha detto...

Beautiful enamel pots.. scandinavian enamel is not so decorated as south european enamel.. and its hard to find such pieces her..

Your roses is so romantic :)) I love the pale color..the other one I don`t know.. have to look it up at the internet.. but I take for granted that it smells wonderful:))

Hope your PC will be okey.. it`s to expensive to buy a new one!

Have a nice week.. see U around soon I hope:) hugs from rainy Tromsø..

Anonimo ha detto...

I just have looked it up.. do you have a hole tree of this.. in your garden??????

I have seen this in Spain but it was lilac.. didn`t know the name..

It says that this can be put in a cold area too.. that means I can have the Wisteria in Denmark:) and maybe even here in Tromsø:)) and maybe I will:)))

Hugs again :)

Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima ha detto...

Ciao Vale! Come va? Bellissime davvero le caffettiere..che tesoro prezioso! Bacioni, fRA

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Dear Vale
Love your enamel ware.. I only have a few pieces myself and really wish I had kept all my mothers old pieces...

Have a lovely week and good luck with the pc problems.. xxx Julie

Desde my ventana ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Beautiful and delicate images.I like roses and white wisteria ( not very commun in Spain).
Have a great week,

ZAIRA ha detto...

Adoro quelle caffettiere!!!E sono perfette così, con quella patina di antichi giorni e caffé fumanti...

Something White ha detto...

Those enamel pots are very charming with the flower-prints! Once I saw some of those pots in a local antiques-shop and I was quite shocked to discover that they cost around 85 euros each!
But maybe it was some special enamelware, I guess.
Have a good week, best regards,

di bianco e d'azzurro ha detto...

Ciao Vale, queste caffettiere smaltate sono meravigliose!!!
Penso che per te oltre a piacerti esteticamente hanno un forte valore affettivo!!!
Bellissime le rose e il glicine, il tuo giardino sarà un incanto...
Baci Annamaria

Lynda ha detto...

Hello dear Vale!!!! I'm sorry to hear your computer is still not feeling well ;)...please get it repared, we don't want to miss out on much:).
(pssst....if you do one pot at a time, you have two posts;)))))
They are lovely!!!! And the story behind it is even more special!
I will link you on Irma's blog, so that more enamel lovers will come over!!! I'm sure that veronique from "een sneller kloppend hart"will pass out after seeing your pots!;)))
Now I have to run around like a madwoman because I didn't realize that it's monday already!!!:D....

Bye for now!!!
and uhm....we also have rain,....o well!!

Love Lynda

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Lovley Vale, Have not seen enamel ware.. with roses before. Stunning is my best word. Hope you vill salve you computerproblem... love Jeanette

Anonimo ha detto...

Beautiful enamel pots,
- so romanticly decorated!
Have a nice start of the week Vale - hopefully sunny!
Hugs, Hege.

Gypsy Purple ha detto...

Isn`t this lovely!!!!

gewoon gezellig ha detto...

They are beatifull!!!

justwendy ha detto...

Hello Vale,

I have never seen these coffeepots before. They are so pretty, I realy like them. I think we have to go, to France and Italy more to find these lovely thinks.

I also like your flowers, enjoy them. Thank you for charing this with us.

good luck with the computer.

lots off love wendy

Amanda ha detto...

Hi Vale, I love your coffee pots. I collect old enamelware too, but have never seen anything quite like these. Happy week.
Amanda xx

Stella Pesci ha detto...

Beautiful coffee pots...the painted roses are so romantic! Lovely flowers from your garden...I don't often see white wisteria...I like it!
Have a great week,
Stella xx

Fågel Blå ha detto...

Hello oh so lovely coffepots,I love them, and so lovely pictures!
Have a nice week!

La Dolce Vita ha detto...

I agree, chips are not a problem! i always say I charge more for the chipped pieces!!! these are stunners!

It's me ha detto...

Hello is raining here for three days now !!

I hate it !! we have a guest dog !! dor a whole week !! and now i sitting inside the house with three dogs................beautiful enemal !!!!,.......i love the roses!!

Have a nice monday..........hugs from me Ria

rosabeer ha detto...

Beautiful your enamel coffee pots. Not only for the flowers but also because they belonged to your great grand mother.
greetings Marja.

"Een sneller kloppend hart ♥" ha detto...

Hi Vale!
You say you don't have much enamelware...but what you have is totaly gorgeous!!!! I am so in love with these flowery things...the fiddles look wonderful on the have to come and visit my blog, I have one almost the same...but different ;)
I bought it last year very cheap and I'm enjoying it every day..

Have a wonderful week!

Huggs, Veronique

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

I love your enamel, lovely!

Many hugs, Ingrid

Irma ha detto...

Hi Vale,

I'm totally in love with your enamel, so beautiful and the flowers on it.
These are items to dream, and thank you for showing us.
They are very careful with specially pointed out.

Greeting Irmaxxx

Belle Brocante design ha detto...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for the lovely pictures of your treasures!

X Annemiek

Johanna ha detto...

Ma grand mère avait la même cafetière!!! J'adore!!

Johanna ha detto...

Ma grand mère avait la même cafetière!!! J'adore!!

Bonjade ha detto...

Oh but these two are really georgeous....that imperfection makes it just perfect.....
Nice evening

maría cecilia ha detto...

Oh Vale, how pretty!!!!!! I just felt in love with them, love all that has flowers on it, and oh with roses much better!!!!
I have some coffe pots pretty much the same, but I love, love, love yours!!!!!
Maria Cecilia

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Hi Vale! what a verry pretty post today. And I luv the white wisteria and roses just beautiful. Have a good day...Julian

Marie-Ange ha detto...

J'aime tes images d'un romantisme et d'une douceur inégalés !
Bisous de belle soirée.

Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Vale, Your email pot are very beautiful and romantic!!!
Email pot they have beautiful drawings of flowers!!!
Nice evening and week:)
Hugs Fleurette

rosenresli ha detto...

Oh I love these coffepots especially because they are decorated with roses. So cute and pretty.

Our garden is very new and last year we planted 2 violet wisterias and they survived our winter! Now they have green leaves but I think we must wait some years before they are blooming.

best greetings,

Nat la fée angevine ha detto...

Hello vale,
So nice enamel coffee pots Very rare to find those with lovely flowers.
Good luck with your PC Sure you will get the solution soon.
Kisses nat

Chines à Gaillac ha detto...

Tes cafetières sont magnifiques.
Bonne semaine.

Min Verden ha detto...

It is so beautiful Vale :) We still have freezing nights here - it goes so slow. Hopefully I will have some roses in July ;) Have a nice week, send us some of the heat. We need it for the flowers and for our bodies which is deep frozen after a very long winter. Hugs

Patricia ha detto...

Hello dear Vale ! very nice your post !!Beautiful flowers...
Nice week for you my friend...Hugs...

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

Hi Vale, Wow, That's the prettiest enamel I've ever seen! The coffee pots have such a lovely shape and would be even beautiful in plain white. The pretty flower patterns are the icing on the cake. Gorgeous!
Have a great day!
Big hugs,

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hi Vale, and good morning. I´ll just spreed the rose pedals out on a flat surface and leav them for a cuple of days... Good luck Jeanette

Kleine-creative-Welt ha detto...

Dear Vale,
the enamel pots are a dream - so beautiful delicate flowers - and your bouquet is fragrant - so nice to view
- have a nice day - ruth

Ali @ Betty and Violet ha detto...

These are beautiful coffee pots ~ I love the floral decoration and so special as they belonged to your grandmother!

Have a lovely week!
Ali x

Anonimo ha detto...

nice pots!

cat ha detto...

white wisteria in your garden??? I like it and roses too!!
For this day it's cold like in your Country but with the sun : that's unbelievable !!!! lol!!
Have a good day my dear Vale !
Lot of beuatiful creations more !
Big hugs

beige & blanc ha detto...

your enamel coffe pots are so nice and surely bring you lots of souvenirs.
Have a nice day.

Regina ha detto...

hi vale,
your enamel coffe pots are so pretty
your roses and wisteria looks so
romantical.Here is it grey and cold
Have a nice week,
hugs Regina

Mila ha detto...

Hi Vale :)
how pretty items!
Good luck for the computer ;)!
Have a great week
Mila :)

Corinne. ha detto...

Coucou ma petite Vale !
Merci pour tes visites sur mon blog et pour tes gentils messages, cela fait plaisir !
Tes fleurs sont magnifiques
Je t'embrasse

Burlap Luxe ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Burlap Luxe ha detto...

Thank You Vale for stopping by my place. It is always a joy to see that you have stopped by. Thank you for your comment I value what you have to say!!!

Your site is always a breath of fresh air and very peaceful...

Bella, Bella!!


Min Verden ha detto...

Well, I beat you again in the weather report. Today we had over 5 cm. of snow and a really "Christmas show" outside. I can't belive it! So you see, I am still waiting. Luckily I didn't bring my dahlia out this weekend! Have fun - "see you soon". H.

Prillig ha detto...

Thank´s for your lovely comment!

I love those pots, you have there. The colours are beautiful and roses too.

Your blog is a big inspiration, thanks a lot, my friend.

Hugs britt

anita ha detto...

oh your enamel pots are so lovely!
what a nice picture, so shabby!
we have lot of wind and rain too in France!!

Känslans väg ha detto...

I agree with you - the roses are delicate!!!!
When I see the enamelpot with roses I think of Greengate.... Have you seen their products?
Wish you a nice week Vale!
Hugs Mia

vosges paris ha detto...

Grazie, e tanto sole anche per te ;)

vosges paris ha detto...

Grazie, e tanto sole anche per te ;)

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

How beautiful your enamel pots are and to think that they belonged to your great grandmother! I love that you have them and treasure them. Your garden continues to produce the loveliest of blooms...I am sure that is because of your kind and loving care!
Be well sweet Vale!

Rita ha detto...

Ciao Val, sai che mio marito per 18 anni ha lavorato con la porcellana= baked on enamel? io sono sempre affascinata da questo tipo di porcellana. Ho alcuni pezzi originali ed altri che Deano (marito) mi ha colorato rosa=pink. Come passatempo ripristinava le cucine del 1954...o'keef&merit, la mia prima cucina=stove era bianca con pomelli rossi, la seconda verde acqua, poi una rossa coca cola ed adesso prima di vendere l'azienda me ne ha regalata una buttercup gialla. Just wanted to share. Saluti dalla California Ciao Rita mammabellarte

envilsenloppa ha detto...

They are so lovely , and fun that they once were your grandma´s, love things with a history .
Have a lovely springtime !

MARY PERNULA ha detto...

Hello, your enamelware is so lovely, I have never seen anything like that here in the states. Thanks for showing us. XO MARY

Zaza Lombardi ha detto...

Beautiful flowers.

Anonimo ha detto...

Good evening Vale.

have to write a comment on this post.. blogger is impossible to night:(

I`m telling a dentist story today.. three of my teeths are in a realy bad condition and it cost a hole lot of money to repair:(

the reason is when we where children, the dentist here in Norway went crazy with their tools.. and destroyd them.. a lot of people my age is having the same problem..

trying to joke about it where my dentist says that she have to but on three crowns and I replay.. woh.. my teeths are going to be royalties :))Lucky me..

I don`t feel lucky at all:))

the last part is that my daugther is not feeling well and we hade to see a spes. medical to night. She have to much stress and her stomach became a problem. She has got some medicin and we hope she gets better:)

Have a good night and sleep tight;)

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Valentina,

thank you sooooo MATCH.
I have your Givaway.
It is sooo wunderful.Ilove ol the thinks.

you kan sie it of my Blog.

greatings send you Conny

Anonimo ha detto...

Felicitaciones !!!! Es un verdadero placer pasear por tu blog. Me atrae mucho la delicadeza y los tonos pastel.
Un saludo grande

Anonimo ha detto...

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