lunedì 31 maggio 2010

Monday enamel post

Today is Monday but I don't see any other enamel posts on the blogs! Anyway I haven't other ready posts so I show you three old enamel jars from my collection...

...they have been bought in a flea market in Amsterdam many years ago...

 is not my favourite colour, but together with's better...

...I use them everyday for sugar, coffee and tea...they are on the shelf of my kitchen!

A Summer week end spent on the beach...this week will be shorter at work because we have holidays on Wednesday for the celebration of the republic...
Hope you had a nice and relaxing week end!
Happy new week!

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Mitt hvite hus ha detto...

Lovely boxes...I like the coulor...

hope you`ll have a great day... her in Norway its a sunny day...

Hugs Kerstin

Home and Lifestyle ha detto...

Beautiful enamel jars from the Netherlands....I like them!!

This weekend we had a lot of rain, but the next days the sun shines a lot...I hope so! Enjoy Wednesday during the celebration!

Many hugs, Ingrid

Bonjade ha detto... also have the dutsch language in your home.....
Oh so decorative:))
Love it....Love Amsterdam.....
Lovely week

Lynda ha detto...

Hi Vale,

I think we are to busy, complaning about the rain and surching for some sun!!:)
We had awful weather, BUT...the promised us 24+ degrees at the end of the week!YEAH.......we are happy because our youngest has her birthday on saterday, and she and her sister celebrate together with 8 can imagine that I'm happy.....there is no room for 10 girls in my little house;) we have planned an outdoor activity!!! SUN SUN SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week no enamel for me:(.....can't find anything.....we have been busy last week so now everuthing is out of place.....(read: a mess;)).
but I shared sunshine today.....also nice or not??;)))

Celebrating the republic??? tell me more...I always like to know more about foreign festivities!
Tell us!!:)

Big Kiss!!!


Nyanser av vitt ha detto...

They ar lovely Vale.
Have a nice Monday

Tallulah's Antique Closet ha detto...

Hello Vale, They are a nice collection of containers. I like the color also. Thank's for stopping by. Have yourself a good day....Julian

manon 21 ha detto...

J'aime tes boites en fer de cette couleur,avec ces fleurs blanches c'est ravissant.

Bonne semaine


di bianco e d'azzurro ha detto...

Ciao Vale, che carini questi barattoli, sono diversi dai soliti barattoli che si trovano in giro!!!!
Tiauguro buna giornata e ti auguro un buon 2 giugno.....baci Annamaria

Flaviana ha detto...

Io sono una segreta ammiratrice dei tuoi enamel posts!! fatalità ne ho postato qualche foto anch'io oggi solo che non sono proprio MIEI.. quindi non conta :-)

Buon inizio di settimana!

It's me ha detto...

Hello Vale...........what a beautiful Dutch jars !!! we have these also in our shop !! nice nice !!

Hope your week goes very well...........i am of to Danmark over two days.............yeah !!!

Hugs from me ....Ria

nathalie ha detto...

ohoh so nice...
like always


Something White ha detto...

Beautiful greens! :)
I do have a green enamel bucket like this.
With love, Marjolijn

Laura @ 52 FLEA ha detto...

Hi Vale,
I think the green and white look lovely together and it is nice to have them in your kitchen! I hope that your weekend is relaxing and sunny at the beach!

Fleurette ha detto...

Hello my dear Val,It are very beautiful old enamel boxes of food!! They have a beautiful green color!
Have a very nice evening and new week:)

@nne ha detto...

Nice enamel boxes from Holland. Hugs, @nne

Anonimo ha detto...

:) never seen anything like this before.. liked them :)

hope you have the sun back and enjoying summer :))

hugs from me in the rain:))

All Seasons ha detto...

I have post another post today, sorry it's not enamal. Take a look and see...
I like you beautiful green bucket and....from Holland!!!

Have a nice and beautiful new week, enjoy.

Hugs from me to you

bijzonder-oud ha detto...

Those jars are beautifull!! Green isn't my colour either, but these are verry nice!! And you've made beautifull picture's of them!!

How is the weather in Lucca, is it better now?


rosenresli ha detto...

Oh Vale,

what a treasure! This old green jars are absolutely lovely. I love the colour and the old bookstaver on it. Wonderful!
You can be lucky to found such beautiful enamelware.
I tokk a look around and have seen only another enamelware post today, from "a sneller kloppend hart".
Good luck for your hunt on treasures!


Hem o Hav ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Lovely enamel buckets, nice green colour! Have a nice week! Katta

Marie-Ange ha detto...

J'aime cette couleur, je la trouve très raffinée.
Bisous du coeur

Karin ha detto...

I understand you enjoyed your weekend too! Holiday on wednesday, I hope my husband knows that, he left for Italy this afternoon for his work and is planning to fly back on wednesday. Hopefully he will get some work done that day :)
A great week to you Vale!

Rosor och Spetsar ha detto...

I think the enamel jars are charming,and yot know that I like everythig whit text on, and as you say green and white is nice together.
Take care

Desde my ventana ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
I like green with the white flowers,lovely color combination.
Always you show very beautiful images
and creative arrangements.
Nice week to you my friend

Sorry,I'm a bit

Cloé ha detto...

Que belos potes ! Lindas fotos ! Abraços

rosenresli ha detto...

Dear Vale,

thanks for your nice comment.
The black dog and the white dog are both mines and the grey dog with the short coat belongs to my girlfriend. They are all Yorkshire Terriers and mine´s are now 3 years old and they are littermates.
They are very funny, intelligent and very sweet, they love every people and dogs.
My dream dog is a dogue de bordeaux, but this is at the moment not possible because I have not enough time for such a big dog.
We love our little boys very much and the belong to our family as very beloved pets.
I would have a little cat too but my father-in-law is highly allergic to them and he lives in our house.
I think a cozy home needs animals and they brightened our lifes in a very sweet way.

lot´s of best greetings,

Anonimo ha detto...

i love the color you choose! Very good job. Kisses

~*~ saskia ~*~ ha detto...

Love those pots, Vale. That shade of green is just lovely. Have a happy Tuesday. xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ ha detto...

Love those pots, Vale. That shade of green is just lovely. Have a happy Tuesday. xx

paola ha detto...

Ciao Vale! Ma com'è possibile che io non fossi ancora fra i tuoi numerosi sostenitori? Corro subito ai ripari!
baci paola

monique ha detto...

Ciao, beuatyful the green enamel. And your blog is also. I'll like italia. But i'll never saw brocante in Italia. I'm glad to find it here.
Have a nice week.

Calou ha detto...

I like these enamel jars ... Green isn't my favourite colour but with white it's so nice !!!

Marianne@Songbird ha detto...

Those cans are very nice! I agree green is not my favorite color either but with white the look very good.
Can I ask which rose it is you showed a few posts ago. The lusch, pale pink ones? They are gorgeous and I am looking for some new roses to plant.

Sharka ha detto...

Dear Val,
thank you very much for your visit to Ma Maison Blanche! I also like to stop at your blog for inspiration! Crates and boards are awesome and vintage green bowls are great! I want to spend the weekend at the beach with us is so cold :-(. Have a nice day, I send many greetings!

Anonimo ha detto...

I`m like you Vale,
- I like blue better:
BUT these jars are very charming!:-)(and very practical)
Love your photoes as well - they are always an inspiration.
Thank you so much for your nice comments to me , I appreciate it so much!
Hope the sun is shining where you are my friend ,
hugs Hege.

carreco ha detto...

I just returned from Amsterdam and I have not seen such pretty pots ...
Kisses and good beach. Co

maría cecilia ha detto...

Love your enamel cans, Vale!!! I don`t see many of them around here.
I have asked Irma about "Emaille on monday" but she did not answer... yet!
Anyway, we can still post our lovely enamelware whenever we can, as always!!!!
Maria Cecilia

Carolina Zumsteind - Gabriel Wuhler ha detto...

I really adore each of the objects you show in your blog unfortunately we are too far away but I wish we were nearer.....I would have the oportunity to have most of them at home! Congratulations!!

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hallo Vale. First I want to thank you fore your allvays lovley commentes.. You make my heart smiling... And nr:2.... This was a absolutly favorits among jars... the colour green with nice golden and white decor... Goes to the topp och my favoritlist... The summer is finaly here... The kids are leaving the scole.... and the nature ambrace them... love this time... Dont vant to go to bed... just sit outside and here the moskitos bzzz.. and relaxing... have a nice weekend.. hugs from Jeanette

Amanda ha detto...

I love these very much! Hope you're enjoying the short holiday week.

Julie@beingRUBY ha detto...

Hi Vale
Love these enamel jars.. fabulous colour!!! and your chalk boards in the previous post are fab too...

Have a lovely day off on Wednesday... Hope it is sunny! xxx Julie

Mammka ha detto...

Hi Vale!
Thank you for your rows! How good are the old things and old cafes?
Your blog is beautiful!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" ha detto...

Hi Vale, You have a great collection of enameled items! These jars are pretty! Isn't it wonderful to bring back home such great souvenirs from a trip?

solene ha detto...

ils sont magnifiques ces pots - je trouve qu'ils ont un côté moderne et ancien à la fois ... j'aime beaucoup
douce fin de journée

Maliva`s verden ha detto...

Thanks for your comments on my blog...I love your style too;o)