lunedì 29 giugno 2009

Birthday in the garden

Today is my birthday...a long day on the beach with my children and then a family picnic in the garden...a nice and fresh evening after a hot day!

I'll have my party on Wednesday...I'm not very interested in birtdays anymore but...friends are friends and I like to spend my time with them...and not only with them!

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Lief Leuk & Anders ha detto...

Happy birthday, Vale!!!
Wishing you a very happy brand new year!

Greetings from sunny Holland...


Hilde Iren ha detto...

Hipp hipp hurra (norwegian :) for you!
Birthdayhugs from me to you!

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

I whant to give you many many hugs to you today and i wich you a very happy day.
Se you soon/Ingela.

dollystar ha detto...

Auguri, tanti auguri a te!

Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

Put the melody to it: Happy birthday to Vale, happy birthday to Vale, happy birthday to Vaaale. Happy birthday to Vale. Just in time... puhh! Hope you had a great birthday. We live Italian style here these days - too hot ;) Hugs

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison ha detto...

Hi Vale,
Joyeux anniversaire!

Thank you for leaving me the name of the grass, I will look for it.

Here's to your week being as nice as you are to others ;)

Something White ha detto...

All my best wishes for this new year of your life! Many congratulations and a big hug!! :D
I hope you spent a nice day yesterday and will have a good party on Wednesday.

PS. lovely pink and purple shades in your garden! It looks very sunny :)

ivanohe ha detto...

Happy birthday with my best wishes, and have a good time party with your friends on next wednesday . This corner of your garden is very nice and it must be fine to take a drink here . big big hugs. Cosette

Sunday Roses ha detto...

...Happy birthday to you an my best wishes....My Birthday was on 28.06...
Sorry, my english is'nt very good...
Hugs and kisses

Kerstin ha detto...

Happy Birthday Vale.. I hope your party will be a good time with your friend..
You have a lovely garden my friend...

I wish you the best week...
Hugs Kerstin

Madeleine ha detto...

OOh, a birthday party in your garden? Lovely. I love your garden, it is so beutiful. Hugs Madeleine

envilsenloppa ha detto...

Congratulations to you !
I hope you had a very nice day , yesterday !
I know to other dear friends who also have there birthdays yesterday , maybe there is only good people born that day ;-)
I feel like you , the older I get , the birthday with all things that comes with it , feels not so important any more . I rather enjoy others .
So have a new good year now and a fun party , wednesday !
Love /Lotta

Mamma Millan ha detto...


I´d hope you had a terrific day yesterday...and that you had many nice friends who celibrated you!!

as you said.friends are brithdays are the best time to ge together!!!!

have a lovely summer and a nice week!!!!

♥hugs Millan ♥

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

Happy birthday to you dear Vale :))))
May you have a wonderful day.

Hugs from Kari

Welkom ha detto...

Happy Birthday Vale!!
With lots of happiness, love and luck for the new year!
Big Bithday hugs, Anita

Fabulously french ha detto...

Bon anniversaire Vale!


Leeann x

Anonimo ha detto...

Happy Birthday Vale! I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends. x

manon 21 ha detto...

Bon anniversaire Vale,je t'envoie un bouquet virtuel d'herbes de mon jardin avec les dernières roses!


Bonnie ha detto...

Happy happy birthday.
Enjoy this special day and keep it cool on this hot day.

Diana Strinati Baur ha detto...

Happy birthday, Vale, a day late! You always are so kind and considerate to us. I hope you had a lovely day celebrating yourself. Be joyful in your life, because you bring joy to others. hugs diana

Mila ha detto...

Oh Vale..
I'm arrive late...I'm so sorry...
Happy Birthday my dear!
Many hugs from the bottom of my heart!
Mila :)

Flower Power ha detto...

Happy birthday, Vale!!
I hope you had a nice day with friends and family:))

What a beautiful garden you have.....its a dream:)

Enjoy the summer, and enjoy life!

Hugs from Norway.

white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale ;o)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Haaapppppyyyyy Biiirrrtttthhhhhhhdddddaaaaaaayyyyyy dear Vaaaaale
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!

Wish you a wonderful party and enjoy you're Party ;o)

Haertly Hugs Tine

piitis ha detto...

Happy Birthday Vale, a day late!

Beautiful garden...its a dream!

Many many hugs:))

anita ha detto...

Best wishes,and enjoy this day
Take a good time, and have a nive party with friend!
Many great hugs from anita

Modern Country ha detto...

Oh you should!! I mean, spend some good time with your friends, they love you and want to celebrate you!! Happy belate birthday my friend, I hope you had a fantastic day with lots of hugs and kisses in your wonderful garden!!!

Friendly, Aina

(Isn`t it hot where you live? We are almost melting, haha :))

BROCANTE ha detto...

Hello dear! So it was your birthday? A big hug and congaratulations from me! It will be a very warm hug too - we have about 30 degrees here in Norway at the moment.... You turned 25 years - didn't you ? :-) I stopped counting years at 27 - so I am still 27 - in my head.....

Federica ha detto...

Scusa il ritardo Vale! Buon compleannooooooo!!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful birthday in your fantastic garden!

Happy birthday darling!

Kari ha detto...

A bit late but the best wishes for your birthday.
I hope that you had a lovely day.
But a birthday on the beach is always lovely...
hugs karin

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

Happy Birthday dear Vale!

I´m singing for you... I hope you hear that...hihihi

I´m sending you my congratulations
even though its a little bit late...
I hope you will have a wonderful evening with your friends!
Hurra, Hurra, Hurra, Hurra!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Carissima Vale,
Meglio tardi che mai... Tanti auguri! Hope you had a long, sunny, relaxing day with your children on the beach - to be remembered! Bacione, Ingrid

Di Cuore ha detto...

augurissimi Vale!
deliziosissimo il tuo giardino!


La Flotte ha detto...

I'm too late but still I wanna wish you a happy birthday.
I'm not very often at my computer so i miss a lot of things.
Your pictures looks great, I think it was a very nice picnic.

And I love the bottle with lavender, the label is wonderful!
Vey nice and creative.

hugs Heidi

Anonimo ha detto...

Sorry !
I had not seen that it was your birthday. I send you a lot of kisses and wish you full of good things.BKcine

beigeetblanc ha detto...

Happy birthday to you, a bit late.

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

Happy Birthday... what a FAB garden for a party... ENJOY!!!

vosges paris ha detto...

Hai capito tutto bene ... anche se era scritto in Olandese ;)