venerdì 19 giugno 2009


We have a lot of lavender at work and I pick some branches before the gardeners cut it off! I've used it to make some decorations...the same objects I decorated with rosemary...

...the zinc crown...

...the heart wreath...

...a small bouquet...

...and a very big one....

Some more lavander to pick in these days and some other decorations to make with it...I adore lavender scent and it's very relaxing...I'll spread it all over my home!
Happy week end!!!!

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Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

Thank you for comments at my blog :) It is great to have a good husband - and I appriciate every day. How beautiful with all the lavender. This year I bought many, and hopefully I can make som wreaths aswell. Of course, they will not grow so big as they do in Italy - but, I enjoy the little flowers aswell. Have a nice weekend. Hugs Hanne

Something White ha detto...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... I´ve no other words! :)
I would like to have some lavender in my pots, but the lavender I planted last year didn´t work out as it should be. Now I see everywhere in public places in towns and villages around lavender growing and sometimes I think secretly that I should go when it´s dark and pick some of those lovely flowers, hihi!!
Have a sunny weekend, see you soon;
love, Marjolijn

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Tu travailles magnifiquement la lavande !
Ce que tu réalises est vraiment superbe et original, j'aime beaucoup, beaucoup ...
Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une belle après-midi.

ZuccheroFilato ha detto...

Vado matta per la lavanda, ho più cespugli che mi invadono il giardino ma non mi dispiace !
Hanno invaso persino il mio blog!
Bell'idea, ormai non so più come smaltire tutte queste spighe!
Avete delle bellissime cose!

Anonimo ha detto...

Cara Vale,

Beautiful arrangements - as always!
I love the scent of the lavender as well. My dogs play around in the garden. They have a special love for the lavenders, come in with the perfumes all over, but leave the poor plants crumped. I will have to replace some of them for next year. Buon week-end e bacione! Ingrid

Laura ha detto...

Just fabulous! I love all that you have created....who can resist lavendar! Have a wonderful day my dear friend Vale!
Take care, Laura

G-style ha detto...

Hi Vale ,
how beautiful are your greendecorations again !!
I love lavander ........when the children were younger and they couldn't sleep ,then I dropped some lavander-oil on their pillows and most off the sleepingproblems went gone with the wind............
Wish you a very good weekend my friend ,
warm greetings from Gea

LillaFlisan ha detto...

I can almost feel the scent!

The crown is awsome!!!

Happy midsummer!



Kerstin ha detto...

Really beautiful Vale... end the smell , I can almost smell it here...
I wish you a wonderful weekend..

Hugs Kerstin
PS: Do you understand what i write in my blog... I feel you can...:O=)

Pien ha detto...

I love the lavender pictures!


Dreamgirl ha detto...

This is beautiful!
I can just imagine the sweet smell filling the room...

I hope your weekend will be sweet and sunny!

(P.S.Maybe you want to join my challenge at I think you probably make beautiful tables...)

beige et blanc ha detto...

Oh I love all these decorations with lavender, you must be very relax with this fragance.
Big hugs.

Lilla Blanka ha detto...

Hello Vale!

I love lavendel, and your creations looks absolutely gorgeous...! I can feel the lovely smell all the way to Sweden!

Have a noce weekend!

pat ha detto...

si sente il profumo fino a qui. Bellissima la tua lavanda
ciao Pat

jeanette ha detto...

it`s very beautiful vale, a gorgeous creation!

have a nice weekend my friend!

manon 21 ha detto...

je craque pour ta couronne!
si tu voyais les champs de lavandes en provence.....


English style ha detto...

What a beautiful creations you have made Vale !!!
I love lavender, and have lots of it in my garden !
Have a nice and sunny weekend !
Hugs Yvon

Dreamgirl ha detto...

Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I hope my little girl will remain a princess too... I actually hope that for all the girls I meet in my classroom!

Next challenge I'm sure I'll see you around;)

Have a sweet weekend!

white-vintage ha detto...

Good morning vale ;o)

i think, i can smell it ;o)

It looks so lovely..i don't now, which one was nicer...rosmarin or lavendel..i think they we're all beautifully ...

Heartly hugs tine

anita ha detto...

hello Vale!
Thank you very much for your comment,my son get right now!And I like your decoration with lavandel,your home must be like in Provence!!!the crown was very lovely!
Have a nice week end!

Mila ha detto...

I love your heart lavender Vale!
Have a sweet-smelling week-end my dear :)
Mila :)

Creations by Lisa ha detto...

Thank you for your comment :-) I love my greenhouse too. Ohh lavendel it´s a beautiful flower and the cent is mmm :-)
Have a nice sunday - hugs from Lisa

Delph57 ha detto...

these are just so BEAUTIFUL, love how you used lavander.

have a nice and werm week end
hugs from France

cata ha detto...

Absolutely beautiful and delicate.
I love lavender as well.

piitis ha detto...

Hei dear Vale!
What a beautiful lavanders.
I love all the treasures you have.

Take care
Hugs to you:)

Eikkala ha detto...

Hej! Mmm... Lavander... That is something I can´t get enough of.
Hugs Sari

Sue ha detto...

It looks beautiful and must smell wonderful.

Nyperosa ha detto...

Hello Lucca Lady.

Your house must smell
very good this days : )

I have just found out
the tower in Italia
that we want to see is in
San Gimignano, not Lucca.
Silly me : D
But of course, we will be
near by Lucca to....
So maby we will visit
your city to : )

Au revoir from a blogfriend
in Norway : )

Margie ha detto...

Vale, your lavender is so pretty, I loved the work with the rosemary, but I definitely love the lavender more. Your garden name is so pretty. Happy Summer Solstice. hugs Margie.

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Dear Vale.
the heart and the crown of lavender is very very nice.<3
I wish you a good night.
Sweet dreams!!!! :o)

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

The crovn is so beautifil Vale, everthing you do is always so nice.
Take care and hugs to you/Ingela.

Nyperosa ha detto...

Thaaank you : )

Tidsmästarinnan ha detto...

Ahh, you have a true treasure at your work!!
Here I'm waiting for my small lavender plants to start blooming... I have white lavender too, hope it will survive my inexperience :-)


My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

I just love the things you`ve been decorating with lavender :) Soo beautiful...

The girl in my garden is my grand-daughter Andrea :)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

Hugs, Kari

Patricia ha detto...

Your blog is very, very beatiful ! I adore lavender scent too...Big hugs from Argentina...Patricia

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello, How are you ? I think all is ok for you because you made many beautiful things on your blog. Here the weather is fine so I'm fine ! I give you a big kiss of BKcine

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello, How are you ? I think all is ok for you because you made many beautiful things on your blog. Here the weather is fine so I'm fine ! I give you a big kiss of BKcine

Roberta Granada ha detto...

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Gaia ha detto...

Dovevo immaginarlo che le gabbiette erano una tua passione vista la foto del tuo blog!!!

Non entriamo in elugubrazioni mentali sul significato di questa passione. Le gabbiette sono belle, con le candele dentro , i lumini . Appese ai rami d'estate per le cene all'aperto...

La corona e la lavanda sono un accostamento perfetto. Molto bello davvero!