martedì 16 giugno 2009

Le jardin fleuri

I named my garden...I'haven't been very original in the choice!!! But it sounds easy...and it's easy to write too!!!

I've painted a wooden plate and I stenciled name and address...

...also on a zinc tray...

...on a bucket...

...and a laurel wreath on the zinc box...

What has been difficult for me it's been cutting the words on a plastic sheet! Unfortunately I've a bad calligraphy...It'd have been much easier writing on the zinc!
Now I've to buy more isn't very florid yet!

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Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

To print on the pots and boxes are so beautiful, you're so clever Vale and I am so inspired.
Hugs to you/Ingela.

C De-sign ha detto...

Hi, you have such a charming garden with so many nice details!!! And you also have the lovely climate of bella Italia!!!! Well I have had a buissy time, lot to do in my work, but soon I will have summerholliday!!! You have chosen a very nice name for your garden, and your signs are all so lovely! Well, you gave me a little inspiration....but at the moment my garden is a djungle............ well this weekend I have to work in it! Thank you very much for your nice comments, always nice to read! Enjoy your lovely "Le Jardin Fleuri" Hugs frm C

Marie-Ange ha detto...

L'idée est ravissante, la réalisation pleine de charme.
Tes zincs ainsi décorés et personnalisés sont exquis.
Bisous de très belle journée.

Christine ha detto...

It looks so wonderful, what you´ve stencelled! I like your photos,but I haven´t seen much yet, because I found your blog only a few days before. But I like it very much and you have got a lot of style!!!!!I like it very much!!!!
Go on

Kerstin ha detto...

I think its beautiful print...
Than you for your lovely greatings in my blog...
You are so kind.

Hugs Kerstin

Anonimo ha detto...


It is lovely in your garden. Soo decorative with the writing on pots and the wooden plate.

I love the naqme of your garden.

Lots of hugs

Ann-Catrin ha detto...

Godmorning my friend!!

Its so beatiful to print on pots like that..
and your garden its like heaven.. like in paradise


La Flotte ha detto...

It looks great!
I love painted letters, what a great idea to name your garden.
I use most of the time transfer paper to get the letters on the background, it's so much work to cut every time new stencils!
Or maybe i'm to lazy! hahaha
Your garden is beautiful.

Greets Heidi

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

You have been buissy... painting and planting.. so beautiful. Yor garden is speciakl... love it. have a nice Midsommer.. Vale. hugs Jeanette

English style ha detto...

What a good idea to name your garden, it looks very nice on your wooden plate, and your zinc "stuff":-)
Have a nice day !!
Greets Yvonne

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

It loooks great Vale :)
You are so kreative :)

I hope you are doing great..
have a wonderful day my friend :)
Hugs, Kari

Tone ha detto...

Of course you have to buy more flowers! haha...
You make nice things!
Why do you always stencil - why dont paint by hand?
But I must say you are clever - making the stencils by hand!!

Have a nice day - my roses are starting to flower in the garden now! - a shame that holidays are coming up!


Sandra... ha detto...

Vale, for me you´re very very original to decorate your home and making beautiful things!! I find this garden so beautiful♥♥
Have a nice day!!

ivanohe ha detto...

The name of your garden is very fine. I like very much your stencils on the zinc box. You give me an idea for hiding spots on my zinc box.
I spend lovely days in Provence. And the sun was here. See the photos if you want, on my blog. Big hugs. Cosette

lottens vita och gröna ha detto...

ciao my friend!

what a lovely name, i love the you have gave me an idea, hihi!

warm hug lotten

lavendel mio ha detto...

Your garden is so beautiful.
The prints on the zinc box are really nice!
Thank you for the nice ideas:))
Have a nice Thursday, hug:)

Mamma Millan ha detto...

Lovely blog you have!!!! hugs millan Sweden♥

Dreamgirl ha detto...

What a great idea. Your garden looks great!
I found you through Federica at Sweet as a Candy. She has a wonderful blog too.

Why don't you come visit me as well?
At I have a great contest where you can win a subscription to House Beautiful.
At I have a fun challenge for all bloggirls that like to decorate.

See you soon!
Greeting from Norway

Dreamgirl ha detto...

What a great idea. Your garden looks great!
I found you through Federica at Sweet as a Candy. She has a wonderful blog too.

Why don't you come visit me as well?
At I have a great contest where you can win a subscription to House Beautiful.
At I have a fun challenge for all bloggirls that like to decorate.

See you soon!
Greeting from Norway

Anonimo ha detto...

What a lovely idea. I think your garden will be just beautiful!

piitis ha detto...

Hei my friend.
The prints on the zinc box are beautiful.

You have chosen a very nice name for your garden.

You are very creative!

I wish you a lovely day!!!

Hugs to you:)

envilsenloppa ha detto...

I think you done a good job with the decorations , it looks soooo beautiful !
This weekend we are celebrating midsummer here i Sweden !
Have a good time you !
Hugs !

beige & blanc ha detto...

waht a nice idea, its looks really great.
Have a nice day.

Mila ha detto...

Hi Vale,
the sun's shining & your garden, is divinely beautiful :))!
'til next time,
Mila :)

Federica ha detto...

Ciao Vale,
che idea deliziosa!
Sono troppo invidiosa del tuo giardino! Ahhhhh!!!

Dreamgirl ha detto...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Sweeter Homes. You are now in the drawing!

I love your blog- I have this secret dream to learn italian and just reading it makes me sort of happy... So I'm adding you to my bloglist as well.

Have a wonderful week! See you soon;)

white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale,'s so amazing to see what do by you're self...;o)

It is perfect !!!

My Computer was not right a few days so i couldn't leeve a comment or something else ;o(

and the house...Hhmm..;o)
I don't now if it's getting real but i hope....and if not, - it's not so bad. we always have one ;o)

heartly hugs tine

casa nostra ha detto...

great work! i like it very much! and your findings on the antique-market are also beauties!

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

I'm soooo glad you liked my tour of Lucca... it is sooo beautiful... I hope I can visit some day for REAL!!!

Fabiola ha detto...

vale wauuuuuuuuu decoratig home it is beautiful,perfect!!!que tengas una linda semana faby kisses

BROCANTE ha detto...

I liked the wooden sign very much. They look very pretty among herbs.

Chic Little Shop ha detto...

Your wooden sign look great. I just had a quick look on your website and its divine..
Glad I found your blog.

x Julie from downunder

Fabulously french ha detto...

The name is simply perfect for your garden, cannot wait to see more photos.

Bon weekend,

Leeann x

Creations by Lisa ha detto...

It looks beautiful, and I liked the name of your garden :-). Glad you wanted to be in my competition, I wish you good luck.
Summerhugs Lisa

Mamma Millan ha detto...

Thank you for your visit!! Have a nice weekrnd!!!
Millan ♥

& massor av kramar
~~♥Mamma Millan♥~~

Something White ha detto...

You did a gorgeous job! I like those words on your zinc items. What kind of paint do you use to stencil the letters?

Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

Finally I have something YOU want ;) Same to you - have a nice week. Hugs.

Zaza Lombardi ha detto...


Anonimo ha detto...
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