mercoledì 27 maggio 2009

Gardening 2!

Gardening today! It's now very hot...more than 30° and I'm very busy at work, but I like to work in the garden in my free time...I still have to bring here lots of things...chairs, table, lamps, accessories...

...the grass is growing up but it's still far to be a lawn...

...some lemon flowers...they've a marvellous scent...


...purple Solanum...

I've to buy some other flowers and pots and to hope that sun and water help the grass to become a green it looks like a leopard!
Thank you for all your nice comments! They make my days!!!
It's only Wednesday but...have a nice week end!!!

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Something White ha detto...

Such a lovely setting in your garden with the white and blue furniture! And that zinc tub is one of my favourite garden-items as well: country-style in its purest form! :)
When can I come to have a cup of cappucino here with you?? :D
Take care, I´ll be back soon,

casa nostra ha detto...

your garden looks very cosy with nice colours. the ornaments you've bought on the flea-market are very beautiful. 30 degrees?! i wish we should have that temperature here.

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hello Vale,you making nice in the garden its so soothing and fun and it becomes so beautiful . 30 degrees hot! Here it is almost hurricane. You have so nice in your garden. Hugs / Ingela

jeanette ha detto...

30 degrees is to hot for me, i like 22 degrees...what a beautiful rose do you have. your garden looks very nice vale. enjoy the wetter and your moments in your lovely garden.
hugs, jeanette

Marie-Ange ha detto...

L'Italie cet après-midi et ce soir je découvre les si douces et tendres images de ton ravissant jardin !
J'adore ta façon exquise de le mettre en images.
Bisous du soir.

amaryllis ha detto...

Hello...30 degrees!!! I can say that we definitely don't have that here..
very nice flowers and.. I think that you soon will get a greencarpet :)

have a nice evening

English style ha detto...

Hello Vale,

what a lovely corner at your garden!! i like the beautiful blue/purple colours, very cosy

In Holland it is is raining, storm and thunder, what a difference !

enjoy the lovely temperature in Italy !!

warm hugs Yvonne

Inspiration i vitt ha detto...

Hello again, I write a book about interior design, Shabby Chic, French peasant romance romantic homes and homes in white. The book contains more than 400 photos and it is a large sumptuous book. It is almost ready to be printed.
Many photos are from my home an many other bloggers home.
Hugs again/Ingela.

Herzblatt ha detto...

Ciao Bella!!!
Come stai??? Your flowers look bellisima.....:-))
I love blue and white...This summer I have all my planted flowers in these colours...and some yellow ones...
Stami bene

Tidsmästarinnan ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.
GundaM ha detto...

Tank yoy for nice comment ;) My english is bad but i look to your beautyful pictures;) Tanks

Have a nis day tomorow!!

G-style ha detto...

Hello Vale ,
there went something wrong when I was writing my comment and wanted to place it on your blog , so all the eliminated comments are mine.....sorry...

I wanted you to know that I like your garden very much already but I can understand the amount of work you must do overthere.
I love the chairs and little table and ofcourse the white flowers in the zinc pot too.
Finally I want to thank you personally for your always so nice comments on my blog , it feels so good.
Big hugs from Gea

rosenresli ha detto...

This corner in your garden looks very pretty! I like your stools and pots for the flowers very much. I wish you a wonderful gardening-time and send my best wishes from germany again.

Hilde Iren ha detto...

ai ai ai - its raining outside - or more precise: its stormy! and when you show us pictures like this I almost faint of longing for the summer and sun! But the rain here will make it really green and flowery when the sun comes out so no tears really...
Big rainy hug from me :)

dollystar ha detto...

Ciao Vale, qua c' é sempre un tocco di raffinamento ed eleganza anche con i vasetti, sei stupenda!

Catherine ha detto...

Your Garden looks so beautiful & inviting! I love that you painted one chair blue & one white~so eye catching! Also the pretty blue plant in the pot, not sure what it is, but it's gorgeous, I'm always on the look out for blue flowers! And that purple Solanum..haven't seen before but that is a stunner! Lovely captures!
You have a beautiful up coming weekend too! :)

Laura ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Blue and white garden chairs! My favorite color is charming and inviting and your flowers are so lovely...thank you for giving us a peek into your pretty garden! Have a restful night and a great day tomorrow!
Your friend, Laura

Creations by Lisa ha detto...

Thank you Vale for your lovely comment :-) It makes me happy :-). Your garden, wow It´s amazing. I wish I had a garden like yours....I only have a tiny balcony, but someday I hope I will have my own garden to manage.
Warm hugs - Lisa

Kerstin ha detto...

Hello VAle..

You garden is so beautiful... the . I like the colours you use.. I really like your stile... I wish i could come too visit you.. 30 *`s it has been cold and raining...

Have a wonderful day my friend..
Hugs Kerstin

Mila ha detto...

Hi Vale!
a really intersting trip into your corner of simply adorable! Your photography is really wonderful!
Have a beautiful day!
Mila :)

beige et blanc ha detto...

your garden is son nice and romantic with this table and chairs. You are lucky with the weather.
Have a nice day.

Bonnie ha detto...

Oh please send us this lovely wetter.
What a beautiful pictures from your garden...and the roses, oh I love those.
Nice day

Federica ha detto...

Ripeto non è un semplice giardino ma un parco meraviglioso! Quelle seggioline sono deliziose!!

B E L D E C O R ha detto...

Dear Vale,
your gardenstyle looks verry lovley, and the "leopard" ist unseen.....
Be happy about the 30 degrees, here it is only the half and rain is comming again.....
Enjoy your day in the garden...
Great hugs

Cecilia ha detto...

Ciao Vale, in questo momento non ho il mio computer perchè è infestato da virus, per il momento mi hanno lasciato un portatile con pennetta alice mobile, libidine! Connessione veloce! Per quello che adesso mi sfogo a scrivere, vedere, ecc.. Il tuo giardino mi sembra proprio bello! Faremo "scambi culturali" di talee, piante, ecc. Baci, Cecilia.

Romantiska Hem ha detto...

Such a lovely and nice setting in your beauty garden I liket the idea with the white and blue furniture! Hug/ Petra

piitis ha detto...

Hei Vale!
Your garden is so beautiful.
White and blue chairs is pretty.
Ohh 30 degrees!!! You are lucky....

Warm hugs:)

LillaFlisan ha detto...

Can't belive you got such a lovely wheather.

Here in sweden we're still waiting for the warm winds. The prognosis are that the "summer" will come next week!

I rally hope so because today we only had 10 degrees and rain!!

Lve your photos!!!



Madeleine ha detto...

Hi Vale! Yes, the flowers was for my mother. =) I must say, the garden is lovely. Love it! Hugs Madeleine

anita ha detto...

What a lovely garden you have,with chairs and table,flowers in the pots of zinc,very romantic inspiration,I like it,with warm temperatur!
Have a great free time and profit!
Hugs anita

mayeul and co ha detto...

Ravissantes photos avec toutes ces fleurs ! Ton jardin est très joli avec cette mise en scène sur la table... Zinc et fleurs font un duo charmant !

Randi ha detto...

Hi Vale!
First,thank you so much for yours kind words to me,it`s so kind-hearted!!
Yes,it`s so bad at so many people lost theirs job`s in this day`s...very sad!! Yes,please link to my blog you Vale,it`s nice.And I link to your blog;))?
And wow Vale,what a nice garden you have,lovely!And a beautiful/pretty flowers,nice color.And all your enjoyable stuff...sukk! But,it`s truly...30*!!? Shit,it`s to hot:))Her come the sun no to-day,but here have raining in 4 day`s good to see the sun agin:-))But here are only 15* :-))
I hope I hear from you my friend!!
Well,then I will request you a nice and varm evening and weekend,hug you vell!!
Big hug from me,Randi

Marge ha detto...

Oh, it so lovely!!!
Faboulous country-style!!
I like it very much!!

It was hail shower here in Finland last sunday!! Fortunately it was short! Now it is clouding.
Have a nice weekend for you!! :)
Hugs, Marge

me and alice ha detto...

Hello Vale!
Wow what a beautiful garden!!!! Lovely and warm weather you have!! In a few weeks I´m going to Cyprus!! It´s going to be lovely and warm too!!!
No it´s not my shop. It´s a nice shop in a village nearby!
Have a nice weekend!

Ann-Catrin ha detto...

Hi my friend!

Your garden look like paradise..
The colours is fantastic..
Oh my good 30 degrees.. thats hot.. Her in Sweden we have 20 its warm for us

warm hugs

Sandra... ha detto...

Wowwwww Vale.. I like this garden decoration, it´s wonderful!
I´m a little "down", but I hope I will be better soon :)
Have a nice weekend, hugs♥♥

Malin ha detto...

Thank you so much for your kind answer:)
Of course you can add me:) I`l be glad to:)
I have already added you on my list:)

hugs Malin

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest ha detto...

Oh Vale, I just love your little garden spot with the blue and white chairs. I worked in my garden a bit early this morning. I change things around all the time just like I do inside my home. Have a super great week my friend. xo Lynn

Fifi Flowers ha detto...

LOVE these garden shots! I could sit there for hours!